You Were Always Mine

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She Never Changes...Good


She’s adorable, she thinks she can scare me off with her “attitude.” Yeah, right I know how to handle her moods. What’s funny is she thinks I’m here for her best friend Ashlynn. My goodness is she wrong. I’m here for her and only her. Never even been into Ashlynn although she still doesn’t believe me about that even in the future.

“I don’t want to touch anyone, or stare at anyone’s ass except for yours.” I can see by the drop of her jaw, and her heavily breathing I surprised her. In our future it wouldn’t, but of course we are married. Right here, right now, everyone thinks I’m so far up Patty’s ass, anyone would be surprised I’d be into anyone else.

Well now she knows. Although by the way she lifts her jaw up from the floor, and slits her eyes, I know she thinks I’m goading her. She’s about ready to lay down the law. In only a way Tilly can.

“You asshole,” at my growing smirk I can practically see steam coming out of both her ears.

“You think this is funny? Well, I don’t. This is the one time during the fucking day I get to be myself and have a good time with friends. Now you must come in here, sit at our table, and try to get a laugh with your slut posey over there.”

“Wow, such language. Does your mother know you speak with such bad words?” Oh yeah, I hit the mother lode. She is going to ream me a new one. I know this is pissing her off but knowing what I know about this woman she likes it. She wants to laugh; I know she does. Can see it in her eyes. I wonder how much longer she can pretend to be mad. Hmm…I think this will be more fun than I anticipated.

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