You Were Always Mine

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Going to Kill Him


Oh boy, is he pushing my buttons today. What is his deal? I just want to hit him in his smug, handsome face. I can see he is enjoying this. See the twinkle in his eyes. I’m not sure what he is up to exactly, but my heart tells me it isn’t an evil game he’s playing. Especially since I can see Patty, and the others looking over at our table in both confusion and disdain. So, what is it he is getting at exactly?

Before I can say another word, I can hear another tray sliding along our table to my left. When I look up, I can see my best friend Diamond sitting next to Aquarius with a baffled look on her face. I know she is just as confused as Ashlynn and I. Normally it’s us three and Davie sitting together.

“So…what’s going on guys?” Diamond asks in her mousy voice. She’s getting better though. The last year that she has been hanging out with me she’s become more vocal, and not afraid to have more fun. I love the girl. She’s my kindred spirit. We found out over the summer that my cousin and her mother were good friends back in their high school days.

“I’m not sure, why don’t we ask Aquarius.” I stick my chin in his direction, making his smirk grow into a full-blown smile. He is quite good looking I have to say. I’ve always thought that, but since we had our own groups of friends all throughout school, I never acted on anything.

“Just wanted to try something new today. So thought I’d sit with Tilly.”

Diamond slants her brown eyes my way, looking at me full on. I can see the questions growing there.

“Well now you have, so you can go back to your usual table, and your usual stuck up friends now.”

“Man, so much hostility and anger. I can help with that.” He says as he gets more comfortable in the seat.

“I don’t need your help. I’m not hostile just honest. The anger comes from my background for personal reasons if you really must know. Personal reasons that are none of your business might I add.” I know I sound haughty now, but I’m not in the mood to care.

“I know all about the reasons. You’ve had a rough time growing up, but like I said I am here for you.”

“What? How the Hell would you know anything about it?” I know I’m suddenly standing from my chair and all eyes are on me, but I cannot help it. The man is infuriating.

“Uh, that’s my seat.” We freeze, and all our eyes turn to the voice that just came from behind me. Davie is standing there. He looks a little hurt, as though we asked Aquarius into his seat.

Before I can say anything to him, Aquarius is rising from his seat. “It’s all right, I have things I have to do anyway.” He starts to walk away.

Davie takes his seat, Diamond and Ashlynn are both sitting there in stunned silence, and I’m just about to sit back down when I hear my name whispered near my ear.

I turn to look and come face to face with Aquarius. He’s so close I can smell him. He smells good. I swallow down my nerves and roll my eyes, so he doesn’t see just how turned on I’ve suddenly become.

“Sit with me in study hall in two periods. We can talk.” He lightly touches my hand with his, smiles, and walks away to put his tray away. Then, instead of going to his table to sit with his friends he walks out of the cafeteria all together.

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