You Were Always Mine

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Study Hall


I know she is going to be stubborn and try to find a way to get out of study hall. Luckily, I know her well. So, I already have a note to get out of here too and get to the library. Sure, enough when I walk in there she is with her nose in a book. Some things will never change.

I smile to myself as I make my way over to her and pull out the chair across from her to sit. She doesn’t look up from her book, but by the way her body goes rigid, her hands hold onto the book a little tighter, and the fact her breathing has picked up. I know she knows I am here.

“What in the Hell do you want?” She asks without looking up.

“I thought I made that clear already, huh, baby, baby, baby, what to do with you?”

This makes her head whip up so fast, and before I know it, she’s looking into my eyes with fire in hers. “Don’t ever call me baby. I am not, nor will I ever be your baby.”

My head goes back, and I laugh hysterically. I can’t help myself, not only is she cute when she’s mad, but little does she know in about six years I will be her baby. Bringing my head back to look at her, I wipe the tears that have developed in my eyes. I’m laughing so hard.

“Whatever you say, Tilly, but I know otherwise.” Oh, that did it, she’s beyond pissed now. All the tell signs are there. She makes fists with her hands, she’s squinting at me, and she’s now breathing so hard through her nose I can hear her when she breathes. Unfortunately, for her she doesn’t scare me, even when she’s pissed beyond belief.

She takes a few deep breaths; I know she’s calming herself down before she speaks. I’d say it’s because she doesn’t want to yell at me, but I know the real reason is because we are in the library.

She opens her eyes, looks at me and I know she will start to speak. I just know it’s going to be a lot of talking on her part. So, I kick back my feet and put my arms behind my head and wait for her to let me have it.

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