You Were Always Mine

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Time to Get Facts Straight


Okay, I have officially had enough. I came into the library hoping he wouldn’t find me, and to have some peace and quiet. Now I think it’s time I tell him off once and for all, so he leaves me the Hell alone. So, he can stop playing whatever game this is, and go back to his dumb friends.

“Listen, Aquarius,” he just gives me a smug smile when I say his name, boy do I want to hit him. “I understand maybe you’re having a boring week or something. Not sure what your angle is here, but you and I are not a couple. Nor will we ever be. Heck, we aren’t even friends, so this whole thing you’re playing at today is pointless.” He sits up like he’s getting ready for more.

“Now, why don’t you stand up, walk out that door, and go find Patty or someone. I don’t have time for this. I am reading, and if you must know everything, we only have a couple months left of school. Then we are out of this Hell hole thank goodness, and we won’t ever have to talk again. Hell, since you’re going into the military, we will probably never see each other again. So will you please, please leave me alone.” I hate begging, but if it’ll get him off my back then I’ll do it.

I just can’t take anymore tricks, or cruelty from these people. I’ve dealt with it my entire life. Which is why I developed a thick skin and decided years ago that they wouldn’t stop taunting. So might as well give it back to them tenfold, and make it count. Which is why a lot of people call me a bitch. However, I wear that name proudly. I have worked years to acquire it.

We are both quiet for a few moments just looking at one another. I don’t know what his next move will be, and that puts me on edge more. Normally, I know why or in what way someone will do the bullying for their own fun and enjoyment. However, Aquarius, has never done anything of the sort before. So, I don’t know how to handle him. Not to mention the fact it breaks my heart a little bit because I always thought of him as one of the nice ones.

After, he stares me down for what feels like forever he says, “what are you doing this weekend?”

I must have a baffled look on my face because he laughs. The bastard laughs. I just laid out all the information for him, was as clear as I could be, and he asks what I’m doing this weekend.

“Well, it’s prom weekend.” My tone says it loud and clear. I may as well have added the ‘duh’ on the end of my answer.

“Yes, I know but I also know you aren’t going to our senior prom.”

“How did…”

He cuts me off with, “it isn’t important how I know the details; I just do. So now what are your plans.”

I sit back in my chair, cross my arms over my chest before saying, “if you must know I’m going to the casino with my parents. Figured it would be a lot more fun than prom. Since I already went last year, had that experience, I’m good. Especially, since this one sounds like too much drama.”

He nods his head and gives me a look as if he knew what I was going to say already. How is that possible?

“Skip it and come over to my house. We’ll go swimming in the pool.”

I can’t help it; his suggestion is absurd. We aren’t friends, and I’m not going to go over to his house. A place I have never been before might I mention and hang out with him like we are. No way, no how.

He must see my answer because he smiles, stands from his chair, and walks over to my side. I don’t know why but my heart rate accelerates, and my body is suddenly covered in goose bumps. Why does my body react this way at his proximity?

Seeing what his closeness does to me, his smile grows. I can see that same twinkle in his eyes as from lunch.

He bends close to my ear and whispers, “see you tomorrow Tilly.” Before I can ask what, he means, he’s already turned and walked out the library door. What is up with him? I never agreed. I’m going to the casino; he can swim alone.

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