You Were Always Mine

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Casino Ought to be Fun


Well, it took some convincing, but my dad finally caved. He’s going to take me to the Turning Stone Casino. Told him he can play at one of the tables if he wants, I’m going on the hunt to find my wife. She has no idea I’m coming for her, but I am. When has she answered me about the pool question? I knew she’d find it absurd. I just had to push her buttons. Always love to.

I knew with my ways; my dad couldn’t say no to me requesting to go to the casino. Took me a while last night, but he caved when I said I had money saved and would pay for it all. He said fine, so here we are on our way. It’s going to be bittersweet when I see the look on her face, at seeing my presence here at the casino.

It takes us about twenty minutes to make our way into the casino. It smells badly of cigarettes, and there are so many people in the area. Luckily, I know she will stand out because of her red hair. There aren’t many redheads here, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

Sure enough, after walking around for about fifteen minutes, I spot her at one of the machines. I can’t help, but smile. This is going to be fun. Can’t wait for her to imply I’m stalking her, and for her to yell at me. Then, get even more upset with me as my smile grows the more, she yells.

I walk up behind her; I see her mother sitting next to her. Looks like she may be losing some by the way she’s biting on her lip, and her nose is scrunched up.

“How’s it going? You are winning at all?” Her hand stops midair, and she slowly turns to face me.

“What,” she rubs her eyes as if to make sure she’s not seeing things, “what are you doing here?”

“Figured, didn’t have much to do. So thought I’d come to hang out with you for the day.” I give her my most genuine smile.

She is stuck in a stunned silence, so I turn my body and place my hand out to her mother. “Hello, I’m Aquarius, I go to school with your daughter. I’m currently trying to get her to spend some time with me, and to get to know me more. She is stubborn though, but I’m persistent. So, I’m sure I’ll ware her down soon.”

Her mother just laughs and introduces herself. She doesn’t have to I know exactly who she is. However, she doesn’t know that yet. As Tilly, stays silent and watches me interact with her mom, I can tell she is getting annoyed at the situation.

“You mind if I take her with me for a bit?” I ask her mother. She smiles and tells me go ahead. I take Tilly’s hand, while she’s still silent, and we walk away from the machine.

Today is the day I will get some information out of her. Today is the day we will interact more, and by the end of the night I will have her seeing I’m not such a bad guy. Hopefully, soon she’ll be in love with me.

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