I'm Not Letting Her Go

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I spent the rest of English period ignoring the stares of the guys in our group. Specifically, the most infuriating one of all. How dare he speak to me in that way in front of everyone. Luckily, as soon as the bell rung, I was able to pack away my things and make my way out the door without him following me. Apparently, the teacher needed to speak to him.

Doesn’t stop his goons from following me though. I can feel their stares on my back as I’m walking down the hall. I make it to my locker with enough time to spare changing out my notebooks. Luckily, my last period of the day is a study hall, I have plans to go to the library, pick out a good book and lose myself in the pages.

Just when I think I’m completely in the clear, I see two large arms on each side of my head next to my locker door. I don’t have to wonder who it is, there’s only one man in this entire school that has searched me out all day. His body is at my back so close I can smell his cologne. He smells like the forest after a nice rainstorm, and all man.

He brings his face down to my head and sniffs my hair. Apparently, I am not the only one that cannot get enough of the other’s smell. “So, you think you can ignore me sugar? That’s not good manners you know.” He says into my ear.

“I never claimed to have good manners and stop with the calling me sugar. It’s a bad nickname.” I grumble below my breath.

Without thinking about my actions, I turn around and face him. Big mistake, his face is only inches away from my face. His lips and mine are a breath away from one another. Very bad decision, especially when he is looking at me like I’m his main course he’s planning on having.

“Back up now.” I do what I can to make my voice firm. Hopefully, he will understand I need space. Right here and now, away from him. I don’t want to do anything else I may regret today.

“If I don’t want to?” He tilts his head, that sexy smile of his on his luscious lips.

“I don’t care what you want. It’s not always about you. Believe it or not sometimes a girl needs a reprieve from you.” He looks confused at my words.

While he’s contemplating what I said, I duck down beneath his arm, and walk away as fast as I can. I know I won’t get far, but any space between us is good. Within seconds, I hear his footfalls right behind me, he’s not running to catch up. It’s almost as if he wants to see where I’ll go and then make his move.

I walk to the classroom where study hall is held and stop just outside the door. “You going to follow me all day?” I don’t turn around to ask him.

Not needing to, I know he’s right behind me. I can feel his essence. It makes me dizzy with need. He says nothing though, leaving me hanging in the wind. I know what he’s doing, he’s ignoring my question, no me entirely. Doing what I did to him just moments ago.

Shrugging my shoulders, I take a deep breath, open the door, and walk in. All eyes are on me as I am standing in front of the entire class. The teacher that oversees study hall calls me over, and I discuss with her how I have permission to go to the library. She agrees and sends me on my way.

Before I make my way out, I catch the blonde barbie and her crew shooting daggers in my direction. I turn to her head on and stare her down. Conveying you may be the queen B, but I’m not afraid of you in the slightest. My eyes are telling her to bring on her worst, I can handle it. Hell, I survived losing one of the most important people in my life, I can handle some spoiled rich chick that thinks she has a claim on someone she clearly doesn’t.

When she rolls her eyes and looks away, I know I won that battle. One down, a thousand to go until graduation. When I make my way out of the classroom, I look right and left, no sign of Declan or his friends. Good! I need a break for a bit, catch my bearings.

Takes me only a couple minutes to make it to the library, and when I do, I’m not at all prepared for what I see. There’s Declan talking with Leslie, and she’s giggling up a storm. Touching his chest, his arm, telling him how funny he is. I don’t know why but my vision turns red for a moment.

No, I will not play this game with him. He wants to flirt it up with a new acquaintance of mine so be it. Have at her, we both know he will get bored with her after he has what he wants and move onto the next bimbo. Shaking my head, I remind myself that little tidbit.

Ignoring both, I make my way to the opposite side of the library. I need to find a good book, one that can get me out of my head. I need a good distraction, so I look for my favorite one around. Gone With the Wind, I know most people find it completely boring, but it was something my mom and I read together. Then, we watched the movie and discussed our favorite parts.

Which characters we loved and which we hated. I just need to feel close to her in some way right now. I get to the section I know it will be in when I get the feeling I’m not alone. I don’t have to look to know who it is that’s coming closer and closer. My body already knows when he’s nearby. This is not a good thing. I need to be careful with how I am around him. I don’t know much right now, but one thing I do know is I cannot fall for the bad boy of this school!

Lifting my arm, to reach for the book, it pauses midair when he touches my hand with his. It feels like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket. I don’t know why I get that feeling. Why whenever he touches me the hairs on my body stand at attention, or goose bumps form along my skin. Why when he gets close, almost with a caress, I lose all sense of my body, and it feels hard to breath.

He gets the book, brings it down between the two of us and eyes it. His brow is raised when he looks at me. “Isn’t this kind of old for you to be reading. I mean I remember it being boring as hell.”

Just like that he’s back to pissing me off. “Well, I suspect there are many books that bore you.” I say to him as I snatch the book from his hand.

Making my way down the aisle of books, I get to the desk in the library and hand the book over. I watch as the librarian stamps it, I give her a polite smile, and make my way to the table furthest in the corner. Conveying to anyone around that I want to be alone.

Apparently, everyone but Declan gets the message. Before I can open the book to the first page, the chair across from me is being pulled out. He sits his big body in it and crosses his arms behind his head. Spreading his legs out under the table, he taps my foot with his. Causing me to glare at him, which of course makes him smile. He’s clearly enjoying himself.

“Do you mind? I kind of just want to read and be done with this day.” I give him a pointed look holding up my book.

“By all means go ahead.” He smiles and waves his hand in my direction. Before placing it back under his head.

He closes his eyes, and we sit like that for a good couple minute. Him looking relaxed, without a care in the world. Me glaring at him in annoyance. “Don’t you have somewhere to be? Or someone else to torment?”

“Nope, right where I want to be. With you.” He says calmly, eyes still closed.

“Lucky me.” I mumble while opening my book and trying to ignore the infuriating, laughing man sitting across from me.

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