I'm Not Letting Her Go

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Will Not Be Ignored


I couldn’t help myself; I knew she was planning on coming to the library during study hall. I tracked down her friend Leslie, and she told me she was coming here, so I walked with her to the library awaiting my prey. Sure, enough about five minutes after the bell rang in walked my Scarlett.

Looking all flustered and pissed off to see me talking with another girl. The fact that it’s her friend I can imagine only made it worse. So, I did what I normally do, I rubbed a little salt into the wound and had my fun. I flirted with her friend, all the while not listening to a word Leslie said. No, my entire focus was on the pissed off redhead at the door.

I watched her out of the corner of my eye the entire time. When I saw her signature eye roll and seen her head for the books on the far wall, I couldn’t help myself, but to end the boring conversation with Leslie and start in that direction. Sure, enough there she was at the end of the aisle, looking up at the books on the shelf, searching for a specific one.

I leaned against the shelf, with my arms crossed studying her a moment. She looks beautiful, but I cannot help feeling there is something there. Some sadness everyone around her is missing. I plan to get to the bottom of it and find out what happened to her, and if I can rectify it in some way. Preferably with my fists, I can be quite persuasive using them.

She freezes in one spot and looking up at a shelf a little too high for her to reach. Evidently, she found the book she was looking for. I make my way over to her, and once behind her I reach up and take her hand. Feels like my skin is on fire whenever I touch this woman. The hairs on my arm stand at attention, and I can’t help myself, I move my body so it’s lush with hers. Crowding her into the shelf, I get another whiff of her hair.

Shaking my head, a little, to clear the thoughts so I can focus, I move her hand and reach for the book she was trying to grab. When I bring it down between us, I see what the book is. It’s an old one, and one we were assigned in English Literature last year. My brows furrow, with confusion, as to why she would want to read this if she isn’t assigned it.

She ignores my questioning stare and makes her way to a table in the back of the library. If she thinks she’s going to escape me she has another thing coming. I will not be easily ignored. With a huge smile on my face, I follow her to the table, and take a seat across from her.

When she makes it clear by the dagger stare, she sends my way that I’m not welcome, I make myself comfortable. I stretch out my legs, making sure my foot hits hers in the process. She huffs and opens her book, begins to read, and starts her process of ignoring me. She quietly asks if I have somewhere else to be or someone else to torment, when I tell her that there is nowhere else, I would rather be, she mumbles something along the lines of how lucky she is.

I have to say I agree with her entirely. Everyone should feel the greatness of my company. Knowing she wants to ignore me to the best of her ability; I knock my foot back and forth under the table. Once I feel where hers is, I snag it between my feet and drag her foot closer to me.

Causing her to drop the book on the table, her eyes shoot to mine. “Let go.” Her words are meant to threaten. What I’m not sure, but something tells me if I don’t release her, I’ll find out. Game on!

“I don’t think I will. I mean hey I’m very comfortable just as I am.” I shoot her a wink.

“I mean it, this is not funny in any way.”

“Do I look like I’m laughing?” I ask her with my eyebrow raised.

She tries to yank her foot back to her side of the table, but I refuse to release her. I need to get under her skin, I don’t know why, but something tells me if I keep it up, she’ll eventually get to her breaking point. That’s what I want, what I crave from this woman.

“What is your problem?” Her hands are on either side of her body, and she no longer looks pissed off, only exhausted.

“Come on, you just met me this morning, and what did I do to make you want to torment me?” She tilts her head to the side studying me. I go to speak but she cuts me off, “I mean you barely know me. All I did was not flutter my eyelashes your way when you were being a grade A tool. Is that why you won’t leave me alone?” She’s getting so worked up, her nostrils are flaring at me.

I tilt my head to the side studying her back. She has a point, what is the deal with me? Why do I feel this need and possession over this girl? This girl I only met this morning. I’ve known her a total of six hours. What is it about her?

“Well,” She huffs.

“I don’t know. All I can say is you caught my attention. There’s something about you.” I stare off in thought.

“I caught your attention, so you won’t leave me alone. That’s all you can say to me?” She asks incredulously.

Not knowing what else to say I give her a nod of my head. There’s silence for a moment. The two of us at a standstill. We are just sitting at this table, in the back of the library, looking at one another. Each trying but failing to figure the other one out.

“Look, I’m sorry that I thought of you as an asshole this morning. I had no right; I mean I don’t even know you. I just thought you were being rude, and to be honest I cannot stand people being mean to others for no reason.” She speaks.

Her apology has me flabbergasted. I never would have expected that to come out of her mouth. “You don’t owe me an apology. I was being an ass. In my defense she deserved it.” I shrug my shoulders.

She lets out an inaudible growl in her throat, “just when I try to be nice to you. I swear, you have to say something else that makes me want to…” She slams her hand over her mouth and her eyes are looking around everywhere but at me.

Now I’m intrigued, so I release her foot from under the table, and stand up. I bend down and crowd her space with my body over the table. “Makes you want to what sugar? I emphasize the little nickname I gave her this morning because I know she hates it.

“Stop calling me that.” There’s the fire in her eyes I’ve grown to love today. She stands up too, and now our faces are mere inches apart.

“What do I make you want to do to me?” I whisper.

Visibly I can see her body shaking. Whether I’m making her nervous or excited I’m not sure. Perhaps both?

“Nothing, you make me want to do nothing.” She whispers quietly, just as the bell rings.

Without looking my way, she picks up her bag, holding the book close to her chest she walks a couple steps away. Before she gets out of arms reach, my hand is on her arm, and I’m dragging her behind me. Back to the bookshelves, where we can be hidden from prying eyes.

“What are you doing? My grandmother will be expecting me soon.” She says to my back. But I don’t stop, no I continue going until we are well hidden in the back of the library. Swinging her body around, I have a hold of both her arms, and I walk her back towards the shelf.

Once her back is touching the shelf, I release her and place my hands above her head, on each side. Caging her in, and now that I have her right where I want her, I can take my time.

“She’ll wait for you.” I say, not knowing if it’s true, and not giving a fuck if it is. She drives away I’ll give her a ride. Give me an excuse to see where she lives anyway.

Her breathing has picked up, and her eyes are on my chest. I don’t like it; I want to be able to see those beauties. Pinching her chin, I bring her face up, so we can make eye contact. Only problem is, she must have been expecting me to do that because her eyes are closed.

“Open your eyes beautiful.” Not sure what possessed me to say that out loud, but it’s the truth. This girl is the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on.

She does as I say, and as soon as her Jade Green eyes meet mine, all the oxygen whooshes out of my lungs. She’s battling something, I can see it hidden within. Knowing there’s a good chance she won’t want to talk to me about it yet, I bring my mouth down to hers.

Beginning the kiss as just a light touch of our lips, I pull back to look at her. I don’t think she knows it, but her hands are scrunched into my shirt. She’s holding my body to her not trying to push me away. That gives me so much pride, and euphoria, and I’m not entirely sure why.

“What do I make you want to do baby girl? I ask her. I’m dying to know, anything about what my actions and words make this girl want to do to me. To know how I affect her just as she does me.

She visibly swallows, then says “you make me both want to slap and kiss you.” We look at one another for a pause. As her words sink in, I know what I want her to do.

Bending down, so our lips are centimeters apart I tell her “Go ahead baby girl. Slap me if you feel the need to.” Her eyes shoot up to me. Her brows are furrowed in confusion.

“You want me to slap you?” She asks me.

Giving her my best conniving smile, “if it’ll make you feel better.” I speak. Then, “but make sure it’s a good one, I’ll only allow one.”

“Then what will you do?” I barely hear her words.

Moving my face into her hair, I find her ear and suck the tip into my mouth. I hear her breath hitch, “then I get to have my fun baby.”

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