I'm Not Letting Her Go

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Off Limits


I stand with the guys as we watch the jeep that I left my woman in drive off. I watch it go all the way down the road and turn left. I smile at the knowledge that her grandmother is friends with my grandfather. That could work in my advantage. Between the three of us she doesn’t stand a chance getting away from me. Not that she ever has the slightest to begin with.

I’m one stubborn man, I go after what I really want and desire. Always getting what ever it is that I want. And for some strange reason, I want her. Not that she isn’t beautiful, there’s just something about her that grabs my attention. I have met and been with many beautiful women, but none of them even compared to her.

“So, you really want her huh?” Andy asks from beside me.

I look at him out of the corner of my eye. Lifting my eyebrow, I give him my full attention. He must see something held in my eyes because he bends over, holding his stomach laughing. All the rest of the guys stand there looking at him. Judging by their faces they are wondering if he’s all right or out of his mind.

“Man,” he stands back up wiping his eyes. “You’ve got it bad. I have never seen you this way over a woman, but it’s going to be a lot of fun watching the chase.” He speaks.

“And it will be a chase you know that right?” Donny cuts in.

I look over at him, “I mean this girl isn’t like all the others. She isn’t going to bow down to you or drop to her knees in front of you. You’re going to have to work for her.” He’s telling me what I already know.

“You think I haven’t already pieced that together?” I ask incredulously.

“Look, I know I’m an asshole, and I don’t apply myself in the confines of this school, but I’m not an idiot.” I wave my hand in the air.

Before anyone else can say a thing, I dismiss them all with my back, walking to my car. “I only mention it because of who her grandmother is.” Donny yells at me.

“Yeah, she said she’s friends with our grandfather.” I yell back.

I swear I love my cousin like a brother, but sometimes he pisses me off like no one else. He’s always been the reasonable one. Trying to keep me on the straight and narrow. Keeping us both out of trouble. Especially, because we are next in line to rule our family empire.

“She’s not only that.” Donny says grabbing my arm and swinging me around so I’m facing him yet again.

Cody and Andy are standing behind him, getting ready to break us apart if the situation calls for it. Wouldn’t be the first time, they know how I am. I don’t like being touched, and the last time someone grabbed my arm to gain my attention I swung at them without hesitation.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” I look to his hand that he still has placed on my arm.

Gradually he removes it, says a quick sorry before taking a few steps back. Giving him a nod, that’s the only reassurance I give him to let him know his actions are forgiven. “Now explain what you mean by she’s not only our grandfathers’ friend.” I say once again folding my arms over my chest and staring my cousin down.

“What’s her grandmother’s name?” He asks.

“She called her Grandma Bee.” My face must convey both my question of why he’s asking me this and my annoyance with him.

Quickly he says, “her name is Beatrice.” His eyebrows raise as he looks at me, as though I’m supposed to know what the hell that means.

“She’s Beatrice Annie McCluster.”

Once he says her full name it all comes back to me. Everything our grandfather told us about his best friend since birth. How they used to share the crib during naps. How he protected her on the playground from bullies. How when they were teens, she was the wild child always getting them into mischief.

He told us how they lost their virginity to one another when they were fifteen years old. He thought she would be the one to stand by his side and rule their father’s legacies, but she took a different route when she was eighteen, and although he was furious with her, he never once stopped loving her.

“Oh shit.”


“What? What is so significant about her grandmother?” Cody asks.

“She’s basically the one that got away. To make a very long story short.” Donny tells him.

“Okay, so she got away, and now they are friends. What the hell is the big deal?”

“The big deal is he’s still in love with her. Her grandmother and anyone in her family is under his protection.” I tell them.

“Meaning what exactly?” They both ask in unison.

My cousin and I look to one another. Leave it to me to fall for a girl that is completely off limits. “It means that if he goes after her, fucks with her, and discards her like all the others. He’ll be on our grandfather’s shit list.” Donny smirks at me.


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