I'm Not Letting Her Go

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She’s looking up at me with so much sorrow in those beautiful jade green eyes of hers. She’s looking right through me, deep into my soul. She sees the same broken soul as hers. “I lost my mother when I was four years old. She took her own life when I was four years of in my parents’ bedroom. I was the one that found her.”

She gasps in shock, as fresh tears build behind her eyes. “I’m so sorry, that must have been difficult for you.”

Not able to talk past the sorrow building in my throat I nod at her, showing her I acknowledge her words. I bring her closer to my body, and we stay like that holding one another for a little while longer. Until finally, she steps back away from me.

Seeing the wet spot she left of my shirt, her face turns beat red with embarrassment. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to cry on you. I…” her voice breaks off as she looks down to her feet.

Taking her by the chin, I lift her face up to look at me, “it’s not a problem baby girl. You can always let loose with me.” I hope she can see how much I mean those words. In many different ways, but for now, I mean with if she needs to break down. I will be here for her through it.

“Thank you. I hadn’t cried about it yet. That was my official break down I suppose.” She says as she makes her way to the tree, and sits down by my legs. Looking up at me she pats the spot next to her, so I take her up on the offer. Sitting down next to her, I place my hand along her knee, no knowing if I’m going too far, but not being able to help myself. I need to touch her, the feel of her beneath my palm keeps my beast side calm.

“So tell me about your life. And before you start I don’t need to know about all your fuck buddies. I don’t want to know about your man whoring ways.” She points her finger at me.

I laugh out loud at that, “what do you want to know?”

She shrugs her shoulders, “what’s your family like? I have heard how they are powerful, rich, and run the town, but what are they like? Do you have any siblings?”

She’s looking at me, and her questions throw me off. This isn’t something I’m used to from anyone. No one cares to really get to know me. All they want is my cock or my money. The power that comes with both, never knowing who I really am.

“Well, you know about my mother. My father is a hard ass and in charge now. He’s kind of the alpha.” Realizing what I said I back pedal, “The head of the family.”

“I know what you meant. I can see the alphaness runs in the family.” She smiles at me.

If only she really knew. I think to myself. “Yeah, I guess it does.” I laugh it off.

“No siblings. Both Donny and I are the only children. Both brothers had boys, which is good in our family. Means the legacy will keep going and someday we will be in charge of the family and our business’.”

She nods like she understands. “What about you, I’m pretty sure you’re an only child. What’s the rest of your family like?”

“You now know about my mother, hence why I had to move here with Grandma Bee. You met my grandmother, she’s a spitfire. Big time, she isn’t one to take anyone crap.” She gives off a laugh at that. The more I see her smile, the more I hear her laugh, I fall more and more for her.

“Don’t really know my father. He’s always away working. Can’t even tell you about him. Seen him a handful of times in my life. That’s it, there’s our neighbor Benji, he’s like family. Known him since he was born. Don’t have too many other people in my life.”

She gives me a sad smile when she looks at me again. “You seem sad about that.” I tell her.

She shrugs, “yeah, it can get kind of lonely. Always wondered what it was like to have a big family. I wouldn’t mind someday perhaps having a big family of my own.” She looks at me pointedly.

The look she’s giving me, her words, are making my heart rate speed up. The more I am around her, the more I can see her having my pups. Being my future, my forever. I stand up quickly with the thought.

“You all, right?” Looking down at her I see her brows are furrowed in confusion.

“Yeah, just realized the time. Should take you home before your grandmother comes looking. Don’t want her to request my head on a platter because your late.”

She laughs at that. I reach down and help her up, except I use my full strength and she shoots off the ground so fast she falls into me. Our mouths are so close together, if I move a hair down, I could kiss her. I keep looking down at her lips, I want to kiss her more than anything else in this world, but I know it would be a bad idea to do that again.

Forcing my eyes up, I see hers are open wide. “You really are strong. You must work out a lot.” She whispers.

I inwardly flinch at her remark, “Yeah all the time.” The lie comes out feeling like acid on my tongue.

What I really want is to tell her what I am, and who I have a feeling she is to me. But I am too afraid to do that. Not only can I get in a lot of trouble for it, but I have a feeling her grandmother is keeping a very big secret from her. That news should come from her not me.

I will be sure I tell her to do something about that when I get Scarlett back. I know if I use my authorative voice she will have to obey. With that thought, I reach for her hand and drag her back to my truck. I need to get her home fast, so I can get this mess figured out.

Deep in my soul, I know what she is, if she’s full like me, or half I’m not quite sure on. But I will be getting to the bottom of it all. Her grandmother and I will be having a nice long talk. I just hope that my grandfather doesn’t kick my ass for threatening his friend.

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