I'm Not Letting Her Go

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I’m not sure what he’s thinking about, but he has such a grip on the steering wheel his knuckles are turning white. It’s making me a little nervous, with the tightness of his body, the hard lines along his face, how his lips are in a straight line. What ever is on his mind cannot be good.

Not to mention, he’s driving like a maniac. It’s a good thing we are on back roads because he’s going twenty over the speed limit. Is he in that much of a hurry to get rid of me? I open my mouth to ask him that, but he beats me to it.

“It’s not you, I just thought of something with my family, and I know I need to get home to discuss it before I figure out what I want to do within the next few days.” He says.

“Okay,” I drag the word out, “you’re being off. You sure everything is all right?”

He laughs at my question.

“Am I all, right? That’s a good question.” He says to himself.

I wait a beat, but when he doesn’t answer I ask, “you going to answer for me?”

He looks at me out of the corner of his eye, and dismisses me completely, looking back to the road. We stay silent for the remainder of the ride to my house. Once we make it to my grandmas farmhouse, I’m so grateful we made it back safely I completely dismiss the fact that he already knows where I live.

Once he throws the truck in park, I don’t wait another second, I unbuckle, and swing open my door. Making my way around the truck, I make it to up the first step, but am grabbed from behind. He wraps his arm around my middle and lifts me into the air, dragging me back against his body. All my air is coming out of me in a whoosh.

“What are you doing?” He has his face buried in my hair, sniffing me.

After a minute, but what feels like an eternity I whisper, “you’re scaring me.” My words have his body freezing. He’s standing as still as stone behind me.

“I’m not trying to. I just…” His voice breaks off.

I have a feeling something big is going on, but I don’t understand what it is. I want him to tell me, to explain what he’s feeling in this moment. Something tells me he doesn’t know how or he’s not ready. So, to show that I trust him, I relax my body against him. Lifting one arm I swing it behind me, wrapping it around the back of his head, I hold him in place.

He takes that as permission to continue his exploration of my neck. I’m not sure why, but the more he plays with my hair, breaths lightly on my neck, the more turned on I become. My breathing is picking up, and it’s almost as though he knows how he’s making me feel. I hear a light laugh against the back of my head and can feel his lips grow into a smirk.

I close my eyes and enjoy this moment in time together. Moving my head to the side, I give him full permission to do whatever he wants to me. Taking his hand he drags my hair to one side, lays it along my shoulder, and lightly kisses my neck. With each feel of his lips, my body grows excited.

He hums before he finally speaks. “Have you touched yourself since you arrived here?” His question makes my eyes pop open.

“What?” I whisper.

He laughs against my neck, before bringing his tongue out to lick the entire length of me, “you heard me.”

His question makes me feel something I shouldn’t. Excitement! I have never told anyone when I have played with myself. I haven’t told a soul about how at night I make myself come multiple times. How the last couple weeks it’s been his name flying out of my mouth with every orgasm.

I try to step away from him, but his hold on me tightens. Not to hurting me, only making sure I cannot escape him. “Answer the question.” He whispers in my ear before sucking the tip into his mouth.

A moan makes its way out of my mouth, and before long my hips are gyrating against him. If he keeps this up, I’ll have an orgasm here, out in the open, in his arms. Where my grandmother can see it all. The last thought has me stopping my movements, holding my breath, and trying to calm down.

“I’m not releasing you until you answer my question.” He speaks.

“But my grandmother could be watching.” I tell him.

“Don’t care.” He grunts before attacking my neck with his lips. Only this time he’s more aggressive.

“Please, I don’t want her seeing this.”

“Then, answer my question.”

We are both silent for a moment. Our rough breathing being the only thing you can hear. “If you don’t answer me soon, I will not be held accountable for my actions.” He says against my neck before he bites down, making me moan even louder.

On second his one hand is in my hair, the next its slowly making its way down my body. I know where the destination is going to be, so I give him what he wants. “Every night.” He releases my neck with a lick.

“Every night I touch myself, with visions that it’s you instead. Your hands along my body. And every time I orgasm, I scream your name in ecstasy.” I answer honestly.

He groans against my neck, as I feel him getting even harder against my ass. I didn’t think it was possible, thought he had grown as long as he could, guess I was wrong. “You have no idea how much I want to take you right here, right now; consequences be damned.”

“Consequences.” I whisper. Thought it was low enough so he couldn’t hear, but his next words tell me he did.

“You have no idea what could happen to me if I do.” He kisses my neck one last time before he releases me.

I turn to face him as soon as I’m free from his hold. “What are you talking about?”

He places his hand along my cheek and smiles at me. “Soon. I will tell you everything soon.”

“Go inside,” he nods his head toward the house.

I give him one last questioning look before turning and walking into the house. Grandma calls out to me, I tell her we will talk later, as I make my way up to my room. I need a moment to get myself together. I may need to help myself release before seeing her. He got me so wet I’ll need a shower for sure.

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