I'm Not Letting Her Go

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Little Bit of Truth


Releasing her and allowing her to leave my sight when I’m in this state, instead of laying her down, spreading her open and sinking myself deep into her body was a very difficult task for me. It’s taking all my self-control not to run after her and do just that. The state her body was in, she would let me too, and she’d enjoy every second of it.

Instead, I walk back to my car, getting ready to head to my grandfather’s house for a little chat. Before I even open my door, I hear the screen door open once again, my hope is that it’s my girl, but the smell tells me I’m wrong.

Turning around I come face to face with her grandmother. We stare at one another for a moment, before I decide fuck the consequences. I slam my door back shut, and make my way to the porch. Once I hit the first step, I expect the older woman to run back into the house. Cowering in fear, but she straightens her shoulders more, waiting for me to reach the last step. Taking me head on.

“You know what I am?” I ask once there is only a few inches away from our bodies.

“Of course I do. I’ve known your grandfather my entire life.” She says as she makes her way to the porch swing a couple feet away. She sits down, turns her body my way, and encloses her hands on her lap.

“You sure seem calm for someone that has a lot of explaining to do.” I tell her.

She smiles at me, this older woman, who lets face it if I wanted I could hurt her with one swing. The mood I’m in I almost want to. My body is wound up so tight with sexual frustration.

“I knew this day would come once she started school.” She states.

My brows furrow in confusion, “how could you possibly have known that?” I ask.

She gives off a little laugh, “oh young one, if you only knew what I am capable of.”

I take a deep breath of air, sniffing through my nose. I don’t smell even the smallest scent of wolf on her. “What are you? I know you aren’t human, they have a distinguished scent.” My fists are at my sides, tightening into fists with each question I ask. I hate being in the dark.

“You know about the Fairies I presume?” Her question throws me for a loop.

“Your Fae?” It cannot be, we don’t associate with anyone other than our own kind, and the occasional human here and there.

“Yes I am, an Elemental Fairy to be exact.” She answers me with pride.

“There are different kinds?” I have to ask, because my history on Fairies isn’t much to go on.

She laughs out right at my question, “of course there are. My kind can control the elements of the earth. Along with a few other tricks that you don’t need to know.” Her eyes light up with mirth.

“So your granddaughter, Scarlett, she’s a Fairy? So why do I feel like marking her as mine whenever I am around her?” I ask more to myself than her.

“She’s part Fairy, a very small part.”

Her words have me raising an eyebrow. I fold my arms over my chest, and give her a nod to continue. “I married a wolf shifter, and we had a beautiful son. Who fell in love with another female wolf shifter. He wanted to be a part of her life so badly, but my realm is in a state of war. He felt it was his duty to his people, my people to fight with them.”

“That’s where her father is now?” She nods her head giving me my answer.

“She doesn’t know any of this. Her mother wanted her to be a normal human, not have the expectations that come with our worlds. My son agreed, and I allowed it, being as I felt she’d be safer in the human world.”

“So, she knows nothing of our worlds?”


Then, a thought enters my mind. If she knows nothing of our worlds she doesn’t even know who she really is. “How could you all do that to her? Do you know how much damage you can do to a wolf shifter, if they haven’t a clue who they are. That could be why she smells only human to me, because you have damaged her beyond repair.” My hands fall back to my side.

I have to keep reminding myself who this lady is. That she is under my grandfather’s protection and I cannot harm her. “She wasn’t showing any signs of changing, we felt perhaps the Fairy blood that runs in her veins was over powering her wolf shifter blood, so it became safe for her to live amongst the humans.” Her grandmother stands from the swing, walking over to me, my body locks up.

“You don’t know how powerful that girl really is. She don’t know, none of us do. But we knew she was approaching her eighteenth birthday soon, and once her mother died, we felt it safe for her to come here. Learn what she is, and to learn who she can become. She can learn all the things that we haven’t been able to teach her.”

There’s silence as the two of us have a stare down. Each one of us refuses to break eye contact first. Hearing the shower upstairs where Scarlett’s room is, I know it’s only a matter of time before she makes her way down here. I don’t want her to learn any of this with me in this state.

Knowing it’s for the best I decide to break contact and walk myself down the porch steps back to my truck. My hand is on the knob when she speaks again, “I know what she is to you, you forget I had a mate once too. I know we need to tell her, your family and mine, soon. Because the full moon is in one week, and your wolf will come for her.”

I don’t say another word to the woman too afraid I’ll flip out on her. That I’ll take all this built-up sexual tension and rage out on her. Instead, I open my truck door, slide into the driver’s side, and slam the door closed. Starting the truck, I feel her looking at me. Sure, enough looking up to her room, I see she is looking down at me, with a huge, satisfied smile on her lips.

It doesn’t take a genius to know what she had just done in the shower. Thinking of me, that her hands were mine. I was the one touching her, making her come. Making her feel so good, I’m sure she cried out, the sound of her moans echoing off her bathroom walls.

With that thought, I give her my wicked smile, nod my head at her. Conveying with my eyes alone that soon, I plan to do all the wicked things to her body that I’ve wanted to do since the moment I seen her. First, I need to get to my grandfathers, talk with him, and find out what I should do. How I should handle the fact that my mate doesn’t know what or who she is.

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