I'm Not Letting Her Go

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Acting Strange


I watch as Declan pulls out of the driveway and cannot help but feel happy, he was still here once I got out of my shower. I hope he saw just what he’d done to me, how he made me feel. I know he knew what I did in the shower, how I pictured his hands where mine were.

Although, I do wonder what took him a little while to leave, as I’m looking out the window, I see Grandma Bee walk off the porch, and watch as his truck drives down the road. My brows furrow with confusion. What were they talking about? Was she threatening him about what’ll happen if he hurts me?

Knowing my grandmother that is probably, exactly what she was doing. The thought of her standing in front of him giving him a lecture about not breaking my heart makes me laugh out loud. Shaking my head, I walk over to my closet to get dressed. Since my little obsession has already left, I don’t really care what I wear.

Once I pick out a plain green long sleeve shirt, and a pair of comfortable sweats I make my way downstairs. Benji is in the living room, playing with his puppy. “Hey still trying to teach him some knew tricks?”

“Nah, just the basics.” He shakes his head at his pup.

“The basics still. He must be stubborn.”

“That he is. Plus, he’s a hand full, but I love him. He’s my best friend.” He shrugs his shoulders as he bends down and loves up on the puppy.

I can’t help but feel a little happy for the kid. I have known him his entire life, and never seen him as happy as he is with that dog. I’m glad my grandma allowed that fluff ball to stay at her house. She’s always loved dogs, but since her favorite German Shepherd Buddy died a few years back, she hasn’t made any connection with another.

“You two hungry?” Gram breaks into our conversation, as she walks back into the house.

“Starved.” I roll my eyes at Benji. Of course, he’s hungry. He always is. Comes with a growing boy.

“So, what were you talking to Declan about? Telling him he best not breaks my heart, or you’ll have his head.” I laugh at my own joke.

Grandma’s shoulders go taught with tension. “I was thinking perhaps pizza tonight.” She says as she picks up the phone and dials to order.

That’s strange the woman never once dodges a conversation. Normally, she’s all about honesty, and answering as much as she can when someone has a question. Which brings me back to what the hell is going on?

When she hangs up the line and faces me, I cross my arms over my chest. Tapping my foot, I show her I’m waiting for her to answer my previous question.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I was telling him.” She gives me a tight smile.

I know that smile, “you’re lying.”

“Of course, I’m not. What are you talking about?” She waves her hand in the air as though I’m going crazy.

“Grandma, you only lie to me about one thing in this world. That’s any time I ask you where my father is now. You dodge the question and give me a tight smile just as you are now. What is going on?” My hands have moved to my hips now.

I’m feeling aggravated as all hell. Why would the woman that I trust most in this world hide something as mundane as this? “Well, you going to tell me or what?”

“It’s nothing. I was just telling him that I am very close with his grandfather. How I’ve known him our entire lives, and I know all about his family. That’s all.” She looks me right in the eyes. Trying to show me she isn’t lying.

I can see that she’s not, but I know that she’s hiding something. Judging by the look in her eye it’s something big. “All right, but I’m watching you.” I make a point of pointing my finger at her.

She smiles, “Of course you are, I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

She walks out of the kitchen, right past me to her room. To shower before the food arrives. I watch as she closes her bedroom door, giving me one last look over her shoulder before she does. Something tells me a big event is coming. What it is I have no idea.

“That was weird.” Benji says from the living room.

“Right? So, it’s not just me then.”

“Nope, she’s hiding something for sure.” I look over at him.

His words are awfully odd coming from him. He looks as though he wants to tell me something, but once my eyes hit his he looks down and continues playing with the dog. “There anything you want to tell me.”

He shakes his head and decides to run outside, his big pile of fluff right behind him. Well, this entire situation is strange. They both know something. Both hiding something from me, and I intend to figure it out.

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