I'm Not Letting Her Go

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To Grandfather's House I Go


Once I’m at my grandfather’s estate, the guard at the gate takes one look at me and opens it with no hesitation. I speed through until I reach the front of his mansion. Once I throw my truck in park, I open my door so fast, with so much force, I am almost afraid I’ll break the damn thing off.

My grandfather’s butler, Mr. Edwards, comes out the front door, trying to console me, “Now Declan you must calm down, you know it’s never good for you to be in the state you’re in.”

The only thing he gets from me is a growl, making him back up against the opposite side of the door. Without hesitation, I barge into the old man’s home. “Grandfather!” I shout so loud my voice carries and echoes back to me against the walls.

When I get no answer in return I begin pacing, trying my hardest to calm down. If I don’t there’s a very good chance I’ll wolf out here and now, then she will be in trouble. “Where the fuck are you, I know you’re here.”

“Watch your language when you talk to me boy.” He comes out from the shadows.

He has always kept his mansion dark and cold. It doesn’t even feel like a home most of the time. Looking at the man that I have idolized my entire existence, I know he’s right. I should not disrespect him in such a way. I tell him so, he gives me a nod, to show he accepts my apology.

He walks away from me down the hall towards his study. He doesn’t say another word to me, but I know him well enough to know I need to follow him. Once we reach the room, he tells me to close the door, as he walks to the small bar he has by his desk.

Pouring two drinks he places one in the front of his desk and carries his with him to sit down behind it. Once he is seated, he looks at me expectantly. Letting out an aggravated sigh, I make my way to the chair in front of his desk, sitting down I reach for the drink, and down it in once gulp.

The liquid burns as it makes its way down my throat. “So, I hear you had a discussion with Bee.”

“Yeah, I did.” I simply say as I place the cup back on his desk and sit back in the chair getting myself comfortable. I know this is going to be a long discussion, may as well settle in.

“Did you know we grew up together since birth?” He asks.

“That’s what she said.”

He goes to open his mouth again, but I interrupt him, “we going to talk about your past with Beatrice or can we talk about the reason I am here?” He raises an eyebrow at me. Showing he doesn’t appreciate my tone, but he will let it slide being they hid things from me.

“What would you like me to say?” He asks as he sits back in his own chair to stare me down.

“Did you know who her granddaughter is to me? Because I know you’ve met her before.” I stare him down daring him to lie to me.

“I had my suspicions. Really, I wouldn’t know until you two officially met, nobody would, but we had a feeling she was the one.”

“Is that why you allowed for her son to keep her away?” I sit up, placing my elbows atop my knees, my chin resting on the palm of my hand awaiting his answer.

He’s quiet for what feels like hours but could only be minutes. Before he takes a deep breath, copies my stance, and says “no, I knew he wanted her to be normal, his wife and him were adamant on it. She wasn’t showing any early signs as a baby that she would change, nor as a toddler, so I allowed for them to leave.”

“When did you know she was mine?”

“She had to be about twelve or thirteen when I met her for the first time since she was young. The fire I saw in her matched your own. The red hair, green eyes, I knew she was right up your alley.”

He turns his head away from me, to look outside his window, “to be honest there was something about her. I could tell that one day she would be a part of my family. A big part.” He looks back to me.

“That’s when I knew. In the end of everything she would become yours.” He says as he nods in my direction.

I sit back with a huff; I groan into the silence of the room. Covering my face with my hand I think of all the things she doesn’t know. The things she will have to know. Soon.

Her eighteenth birthday is the next full moon, with happens to be in a week. That’s when wolf shifters are at their most powerful, when they receive their entire powers. She will need me that night, but the thing is I won’t be able to control my wolf. Hell, she may not either.

“I’m scared.” I say in barely a whisper.

I lift my hand slightly to see if my grandfather even heard me. To see if he is looking at me in disappointment. Waiting for him to tell me “King’s are afraid of nothing” like my father would be saying right at this moment. When I make eye contact with him it’s not disappointment, I see at all. It’s utter sadness in his eyes.

“I know. Falling in love can be a scary thing.”

I’m astounded by his words. I expected him to tell me I’m a man, a King, to not be afraid. Don’t show my weakness. To grow up, not to say anything remotely close to that.

I’m so shocked I cannot bring my body to respond. No need anyway, he continues with “Unfortunately, we have made this even more difficult for the both of you. Not telling her what she is, her not knowing exactly who you are to her and what she is to you.”

He sighs with grief. Standing from his chair he walks to the front of his desk. Once he’s standing in front of me, he places his hand atop my head, looking deep into my eyes he says, “I’m so sorry grandson, for I have failed you when it is most important not to.”

I reach for his hand and squeeze it letting him know all is forgiven. “I need your help. I don’t trust father to know any of this. I need it to be you.”

He nods his head at me, “anything.”

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