I'm Not Letting Her Go

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I haven’t heard one word from Declan, I’m trying not to let it get to me. We just saw one another yesterday. For some reason I expected some sort of text or phone call at least, so I know he hadn’t forgotten about me already.

Oh, for crying aloud. I think to myself as I burry my face in my hands. I’m sounding like a total nut case. I wouldn’t blame him if he doesn’t want to talk to me with how I’m acting right now.

“Scar, can you come down here please sweetie?” Grandma Bee yells from downstairs.

“Coming.” I shake my head, trying to rid my mind of these clingy thoughts.

I’ll see him tomorrow at his parent’s mansion for crying aloud. For the Halloween Ball. I can wait until then. I don’t know who I’m trying to convince. My raging hormones.

I make my way downstairs, and once I get there, I’m a little confused on what’s going on. There is an older man sitting beside my grandmother. I recognize him, seen him year ago when I was only a young girl. At the age of twelve or thirteen.

The man standing beside my grandmother’s fireplace, with his leg crossed, and arms folded over his chest, him I have no idea who he is. “What’s going on gram?” I move my eyes in her direction.

The look on her face is something I haven’t seen before. She looks almost panicked. “Honey, this is Eric King, and his oldest son Damien.” She waves her hand in the direction of the older gentleman and the brooding man standing next to the fireplace.

“This is Declan’s grandfather and father.” She purses her lips.

It takes a moment, but once her words register, I feel my chest tighten with anxiety. What could they be doing here? Taking a deep breath, swallowing down the question that is killing me to ask, I raise my head to both. Putting on my best fake smile, I say “Hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you both.”

Declan’s grandfather smiles at me, making a small true smile form along my lips. His father on the other hand is cold as ice. No wonder Declan is so serious a lot of the time. Growing up with this man I would be too. You’d have to be to survive your upbringing.

“Why don’t you sit with us and have a chat.” Gram nods her head towards the other couch across from the one her and Declan’s grandfather are presently sitting.

“Okay,” I make my way over, sitting down, I’m nervous. Having no idea what to do with my hands I place them on my lap. Fiddling my fingers.

“What’s this about exactly?” I ask.


“You have been spending an awful amount of time with my son.” Declan’s father cuts my grandmother’s words off.

“I’m sorry is that not allowed?” I raise my eyes to him.

“It’s not that, just we figured we would need to get to know you more if you’re going to be important in my son’s life.” He grudgingly says.

“I don’t know about important. I mean more than half the time he’s ignoring me. The other half…” I remember who is in this room with us and cut my own words off.

Don’t think any of them want to hear about how he turns my legs to liquid or starts a fire in my body that only he has the power to put out. Not that he has, we haven’t made it that far. I don’t even know if we will. Like I said it’s all very confusing.

“Heck, he’s confusing.” I whisper.

“Yes, my grandson can be very confusing.”

My head shoots up, realizing I spoke that sentiment rather than thinking them in my head. Mortified, I stay just like that. Not moving an inch. Must look like a deer trapped in headlights.

His grandfather has a twinkle in his eyes. If I didn’t know any better, I would say he’s laughing at me. Enjoying my mortification, a little more than I’d like. “I didn’t mean to say that out loud.” I squeak.

He laughs out right, waving his hand in the air, “no need to apologize. That boy can be very confusing. My name is Eric not sure if I properly introduced myself, or if my friend here had the time.” He elbows my grandmother playfully, while looking over to his son with what looks to be a reprimand in his eyes.

Which makes his oldest son roll his, “and the stubborn mule over there is Damien.” He gives me a smile.

“I figured that. No offense but you look my grandmother’s age. So, when she said your names, I put two and two together.” I tell him with my own smile.

“Yes, yes of course. I forgot she did mention our names didn’t she.”

“Yes, I did your old coot, I think you owe me an apology.” My grandmother said while looking him in the eye.

“Sorry, my love. I misheard apparently. Could you find it in your heart to forgive me?” He asks her playfully.

She rolls her eyes, showing that she hasn’t quite forgiven him by moving her body away from his. “I’ll think about it.”

There banter makes me laugh. You can tell they have been friends a long time. It’s cute to watch. I cannot help but wonder if I’ll ever have someone who clearly cares for me when I’m older, like he does her.

“You will.” Eric says aloud looking at me.


Instead of answering my question he just smiles at me. A full blown, straight white teeth mesmerizing smile. Did I say my thoughts aloud again? I had to have right? I mean that’s the only way he could have answered that question.

“Scarlett honey,” shaking my head I look towards my grandmother to see she’s studying me. She looks a little worried.

“I’m sorry what did you say? I was kind of in my own head, with my own thoughts for a moment.” I shrug my shoulders and give her my best puppy dog face. Hoping she’ll forgive me for ignoring her.

She raises her eyebrow at me, but lets my discretion go. “I was saying they just wanted to introduce themselves and meet you before we go to the Halloween Ball at their mansion tomorrow night.”

“Oh, well I’m glad you did. I have been wondering a little about Declan’s family. He doesn’t tell me much.”

“He will. Very soon.” Those words sounded ominous coming from Damian.

I don’t face him head on, too afraid for some reason he’ll be able to read every look on my face. He’ll know I’m feeling wary of him, even a little afraid. Don’t get me wrong Declan frightens me, but in an effective way. The type where I look forward to seeing him and seeing what else he will do to my body.

His father just makes me plain old nervous. Studying him out of the corner of my eye, I can see his head is tilt to one side. He too is studying me. What for I have no idea. “Is there anything I need to know about tomorrow night? I mean we are definitely going right?” I look to my grandmother for confirmation.

“Yes, I never miss this event. Your teens will be having fun dancing in the basement having your own little party, while us grownups are upstairs discussing matters.” She’s very vague with what they’ll be discussing.

There’s an inkling in the back of my head about it, but I decide to let it go. If I truly needed to know she would tell me. My grandmother never keeps anything from me, she’s always been honest with me. The only person I trust with my life in this world.

“I have to get going for now. Need to help my wife prepare for tomorrow.” Damian walks right by me without a second glance.

“You are coming?” His words startle me, and I jump in my seat. Until I look up and see he’s looking at his father.

“No, I think I’ll visit Beatrice a little longer.” His son shrugs and makes his way outside.

After a few minutes I hear a car start and pull out of the driveway. I feel like I can breathe again with him being gone. “Well, I best go upstairs and figure out how I want to dress for tomorrow.” I tell them both, not that they are paying me any attention now.

I slowly make my way out of the living room, and upstairs to my bedroom. Once the door is closed, I take a deep breath and let it out. That was intense. Declan’s father had to be the most ominous human being I have ever met. No matter, I just need to focus that I’ll be seeing him tomorrow night. With that thought, butterflies erupt in my belly. I go to my closet to put something together that’ll bring him to his knees.

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