I'm Not Letting Her Go

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We drive up to the gate outside of the King mansion. I can just see their estate through it, and it’s humongous. The driver is talking to the guard at the gate, while I am studying every crevice of the estate in front of us. My mouth must be hanging open because my grandmother is laughing beside me. I slant my eyes over to her.

“You been here before?” I inquire.

“Not exactly, but I have been to Eric’s estate.” Her eyebrow raises, as she looks ahead.

We watch the gate open, and we slowly drive up to the front of the estate. Once we are parked I make my way out of the vehicle. I stand there for a moment, as I hear the vehicle drive away. “Is Eric’s estate as big as this one?” I have to ask. My eyes can barely believe the expanse of this one.

“No.” Her one word surprises me so much my eyes shoot to her. To see if she’s being honest or not.

She smiles her devilish smile, “his is way bigger.” She laughs at my facial expression. “Come on darling, we are already late. They are probably antsy for our arrival.”

She grabs my arm and walks us up to the door. Before we can knock it’s opened up by none other than Eric himself. “Here you are. We’ve been waiting.” He smiles at my grandmother.

He opens the door fully and steps to the side. Allowing us to walk just inside. Once the door closes behind me I feel as though I have walked into an ultimate universe. The room is so spacious, the ceilings so high that a persons voice can carry. Jumping off the walls and echo back to you.

There’s a grand, wrap around staircase a few steps in front of us, that leads to the next floor of the house. The entire hallway is wrapped in balcony form, with a railing around it so you can see downstairs from up top. The room is the color of gold and silver. Its exquisite.

I must have zoned out while looking around, because I hear my name being called from a few paces away. Shaking my head, I focus ahead. My grandmother is looking at me smiling, “Come sweetheart. We will take you to where the teens are having a good time.” She has her hand outstretched waiting for me to take it.

When I do we walk down the many hallways, passing by more exquisite rooms. I don’t have any time to really study them, as she and Eric seem to be in a hurry. We make our way down a set of stairs, and I can hear loud music playing from below.

“Just make your way down there, and you will find your friends.” Eric tells me with a smile.

Feeling a little out of place I don’t say a word, I just open the door, and listen to the loud music, along with the beat of my heart. I don’t know why but I feel nervous. It must be the anticipation of seeing Declan again. My palms are now sweaty, and my chest is rising and falling with each breath I take.

Closing my eyes, I try to calm down. Of course, wearing this extravagant dress with a corset top doesn’t help. I knew I wanted to be sexy, so I found the dress from last Halloween, that I was supposed to wear with a group of girlfriends. Plans changed rather quickly and I never wore it.

The dress is a dark forest green color, it has a corset top that shows off my assets, and it flares out a little at the bottom. We were supposed to go as sexy, devious versions of the Disney Princess’ but instead a fight broke out before we even changed at the party, and the cops showed up. That was a rough night between my mother and I.

I shake my head to disregard those thoughts. I will not be sad tonight, no I will have fun with my new friends and flirt a bit if I happen to see Declan. With a new determination, I make my way down the stairs, and open up the next door. I’m surprised with what I see.

I thought this was going to be just a run of the mill basement, nope it’s just as fancy as upstairs. There are so many of my peers here, I’m a little intimidated. I stand there taking it all in. I see across the room there are three long tables with beverages, and food for us to devour throughout the night.

There’s music coming from the speakers to my right, damn they are just as tall as me. No wonder the music is so loud. “Yea well they are loaded, so they go all out every Halloween.” The sound of Leslie’s voice has me turning my head.

She stands to my left, with Beth and Penny beside her. They look like they are dressed up as vampires, and witches. “I can see that, this house is huge.” I say, since I hadn’t realized I spoke my thoughts out loud before.

“Tell me about it.” Leslie snarls with an eye roll.

I know there is a history between her family and Declan’s. Although I have no idea what it is. I do plan on finding out soon, she always seems on edge, and dare I say a little bitchy when we discuss their money and power over this town.

“How long have you all been here?” I ask trying to change the subject.

We walk away from the door and more into the room. I cannot help myself but to look around the room for Declan. Although in some way I already know he isn’t in this room at the moment. I can somehow sense him when he is in the same area as me. Right now my body is dormant.

No hairs standing up on the back of my neck. There isn’t a goosebump in sight on my skin. My pussy isn’t weeping for attention, although I have to say that last one is a good thing. I really don’t want to have to clean myself up in the privacy of one of the many immaculate bathrooms I’ve seen throughout my walk here.

“Scarlett,” I look up when I hear my name, only to find Leslie looking annoyed. A small smirk is placed on Pennies lips, and Beth is flat out smiling away at me.

“I’m sorry I guess I was distracted with my thoughts.”

“Uh huh, sure whatever you say.” Beth says with a hind of sarcasm in her tone.

“I asked would you like a drink?” Leslie says a little more forceful than warranted.

“No, I’m good. Thanks though.”

She rolls her eyes, mutters something under her breath, and walks away from our group. “What is her problem tonight?” I ask aloud.

“Don’t take it personally. Has nothing to do with you, she’s always this way when we are at the King’s estate. She has a real problem with their family.” Beth hollers over the loud music.

“You guys want to dance?” I nod my head to the dance floor. I’ve never been one to sit out. I love to dance, even if I’m the only one on the floor, I still make it my prerogative to have a good time.

They shrug their shoulders, following me out to the dance floor. I close my eyes and raise my arms. Swaying my hips to the beat. The one time I feel the most alive, is when I’m dancing. When I open my eyes, I see Beth getting into it, but Penny keeps looking around.

“Don’t think Pen, just feel.” I tell her close to her ear.

She smiles at me, nods her head, and closes her eyes. I must hand it to her when she releases her inhibitions the girl can move. “That’s it, have some fun with it.” I holler.

“You go girl, damn.” Beth joins in with a laugh.

We dance like that, the three of us, letting loose, and having fun for a good ten minutes. Going through the songs, never once leaving the floor. Before suddenly, my hips are grabbed from behind.

I don’t need to look back to know who has their hands on me. I would know his touch anywhere, even if my body hadn’t already alerted me to his arrival. “Who are you dancing for?” He purrs into my ear.

“No one, just having a good time.” I circle my hips close to his manhood. Making him groan aloud.

“Careful baby, I’ve had one hell of a night already. I’m not in the mood for gentle.” He tells me.

His words leave me breathless. Do I want him to be gentle? Fuck no! I want him to ravish me like I’m the last slice of cake at dessert. For now, we both have fun dancing on the floor. Undulating our bodies against one another. Every time I roll my hips, I feel him getting harder with need.

He makes sure to tease me just as much as I tease him. He kisses my neck, bites my shoulder, and nibbles my ear. All the sexual tension I have been feeling the last couple of weeks needs a release. If I don’t get one soon, I’m afraid of what I may do.

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