I'm Not Letting Her Go

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Little Bit of Fun


With every roll of her hips against my body, has me wanting to bite into her delectable skin here and now. Fuck the consequences. I know she doesn’t know what we all are yet, but I know she’s about to find out soon. The elders are talking to her grandmother at this moment.

Meaning soon they will call for her, I will walk her to my father’s office. We will tell her the truth and she will look at me differently. She will feel betrayed that I didn’t tell her myself. I only wish I could have.

Knowing all this I decide to take matters into my own hands. I know I only have a few minutes with her in this moment, I’m not going to waste them. I take her hand and walk her off the dance floor. I take her down the hallway, to where the bathroom is down here.

Once I have her in the room with me, I close the door. I lean my back against the it and study her. She looks good enough to lick, with the dress she has on right now. The color green works wonders with her eyes, and her breasts are begging for my attention.

Who am I to say no? I step away from the door, walking her backwards until she hits the vanity with her ass. Deciding I need her closer to my mouth, my hands reach down, grab a handful of her delectable ass, and lift her up onto the vanity. She has her arms wrapped around me, the look in her eyes a mix of wonder and arousal.

When she bites her bottom lip, I move my face into her hair and moan. She’s killing me with looking innocent, but I know the truth. I know she wants me to ravish her. Can feel it in my bones, but I also know I need to take it slow. If I go after her body like I really want to I’ll scare her for sure.

Taking a deep breath, I release it, blowing air onto her neck. She squirms against me; with every deep breath I take. I’ve noticed that her neck is one of her hot points, when the time comes, I will be using that to my full advantage. For now, I take her hair, and move it over her one shoulder.

My eyes meet her pressure point, her pulse is beating fast. She’s just as excited as I am about what I will do to her. I burry my face into her neck, kissing her along, close to her ear. My hands make their way to the top of her thighs, I can feel skin on skin. I take advantage of that and rub her there back and forth. Each time, making my way a little bit more beneath her dress.

The little noises she’s making are driving me crazy. If I was a lesser man, I would take her here and now. I know she wants it, but she hasn’t offered herself up to me, I’m not one to take what isn’t given. So, for now I’ll make her as crazy as I feel with the need to have her beneath me.

Her hands move to my shoulders and hold me there, when my hands reach the ends of her panties. If that’s what you want to call them. They have very little material, if I’d have to guess I’d say she’s wearing a thong. The feel of how wet she is, makes me growl along her neck.

Her entire body shakes with each light touch of my finger. “More. Oh, Declan please more.”

She doesn’t have to say another word, my hand moves her panties to the side, and I feel for the first time how tight she is. My finger slides right into her sweet canal. She’s soaked, tight, and squeezing the hell out of my finger with the walls of her canal. I can only imagine how sweet she tastes. How she will suck my cock between both of her sweet lips.

She buries her face into the spot between my shoulder and neck, biting down a little to hold in her screams.

“No,” my other hand grabs her by the hair, and I lightly drag her face back.

She’s looking up at me, with so much heat in her eyes I may just start on fire. “I want to hear you. Be as loud as you want baby girl. I don’t care who the fuck hears, but you will scream my name.” I tell her.

She’s looking between my eyes, before she nods her head. Adding another finger, makes her head fall back and her eyes roll into her head. She’s mumbling incoherent words, while moaning and screaming for more. I oblige by bringing my thumb to her clit and rubbing the little nub.

Her hips begin moving with each thrust of my hand. “Yes. Oh, Declan don’t stop, please. Right there.” She screams.

“That’s its baby girl. You are so tight, can only imagine how good you’ll feel wrapped around my cock.”

She must like my dirty talk because her walls just spasmed. I can feel her getting closer, so I add a third finger. Curling them in a come here motion to hit the spot I know will drive her crazy. It works.

She’s moving so fast, chasing after her orgasm. Her hands are tightly holding onto my shoulders. Her knuckles are turning white. She doesn’t give a shit; she only holds on tighter as she gets closer to coming. I can see in her eyes she’s worried she may be hurting me.

“You’re fine baby. Leave marks on me, for everyone to see. I don’t mind.” I seal with a wink and a devilish smile.

She closes her eyes, to concentrate on the good feeling I’m giving her. “That’s its baby. Come on give it to me. You know you want to.”

She’s fighting it, I just know it. Her brows are scrunched up above her eyes. I move down to her neck, and kiss and suck that sweet spot. “Uh…” She screams.

Making my way to her ear I suck it into my mouth, before I nip the top with my teeth. “Come baby. Let go. It’s all right I’ll hold you through it.”

A few seconds pass, and I feel her walls tightening around my three fingers. “Come.” I scream.

She lets go. She explodes, soaking my hand with her juices. I watch her face the entire time. She is marvelous.

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