I'm Not Letting Her Go

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It's All One Big Lie


Wow, does he know how to hit every point of my body that turns me into a puddle. I came so hard my knees feel weak. I look up at him and smile, he smiles back. Only for a moment though, within the next second he turns his head to the side, and a frown grows on his face. I feel confused on what could have happened.

“I’m going to clean you up, then we need to go upstairs for a moment.” He says as he makes his way to a cupboard. Opening it up he reaches for a wash cloth, and brings it below the water.

Once it’s wet, he makes his way between my legs and cleans the mess that is there. He looks stressed over something. “Is everything okay?”

I don’t want to be one of those annoying girls, the ones that ask a bunch of questions after a sexual encounter. But he isn’t leaving me much of a choice. “Did you not enjoy it?” I cannot help but let a little insecurity in.

He throws the wash cloth behind him with a growl, and brings his hands to the side of my head. He holds me there, in his grasp, so I will look straight into his eyes. “You were amazing baby girl. Amazing.” I can see the honesty in his eyes.

“I loved it, the only thing wrong with it is I didn’t have my cock in you feeling those walls of yours.” He smiles.

His words, although a little dirty brings a smile to my face. “Just making sure. You look worried or something.”

“Yeah, it has nothing to do with what we just did. Everything to do with the adults we need to go see.”

“Oh.” I don’t know what else to say.

“Why do we need to go up to see the adults?” I ask as he helps me down from the vanity and walks us to the door.

He opens it, and immediately music bumbards my ears. He must see the look of confusion on my face because he smiles before moving to my ear. “The bathroom is soundproof. That’s why I said you could be as loud as you want.” He backs up enough to make eye contact.

I look down at the floor, not being able to help my blush. He walks us through the many people on the dance floor, and to the door where the stairs are. He turns back to me, he has a frown line on his forehead. I bring my hand to his cheek and rub him there with my thumb.

He brings his hand up and cradles mine. Closing his eyes, he rubs his cheek along the palm of my hand. When he opens his eyes, he has a new set of determination held within. “Just, when we get there. Please listen closely, and know I am right here always.” He says before turning around and walking us up the stairs.

His words sound ominous, leaving a rock of anxiety weighing in my stomach. I almost feel sick. He leads me down a few halls, and stops in front of a set of double doors. Turning to me, he gives me one last look, before he bends and kisses my forehead.

“Please, don’t be mad at me.” He whispers.

Before I can ask him why I would be mad at him he opens the doors. There in the room, is his father, grandfather, my grandmother, and a few other adults I don’t recognize. My eyes immediately find my grandmother.

The feeling of dread doubles in my veins with the look in her eyes. She looks like she’s holding back tears. Her face is a pale white, and she’s biting her bottom lip. Something is seriously wrong.

“Grandma Bee what is it?” I let go of Declan’s hand and make my way to her.

She’s sitting on a couch, on the opposite wall where all the others stand. Other than Declan’s father of course, he’s sitting on his chair behind his gigantic desk, with a solemn look in his eyes.

“Come here darling, sit with me a minute. We have much to discuss.” Once my hands are placed in hers she pulls me down beside her.

I look from her sad eyes, to the others in the room. No one is saying a word. “Now, but gram if it’s important perhaps we should wait until we get home.”

A growl comes from the door I just walked in. My head swings that way, and Declan is standing there, leaning against said doors. His hands are crossed over his chest. He has a pissed off look on his face. My brows furrow with confusion. He must see it because he says next, “you’re not going anywhere. You need to hear all this, and you need me here with you.”

“What?...” Gram grabs my chin and brings my eyes back to her before I can say another word.

“Sweetie pie, I should have told you this so many years ago.” She pauses and looks down to our joined hands. “Well, I guess your mother should have technically.”

With the mention of my mother, a knot forms in my throat. I have to swallow down the acid that is slowly rising, and take a deep breath before asking, “tell me what exactly?

She takes a deep breath, looks up at me, and with a tear falling down her cheek, the words that I never in a million years would have thought she’d say. “Who you really are.”

I want to say something to that but there are no words. Not that it matters, she continues only seconds later with, “well I suppose what we all really are. You see there is more to this world than you know. So much more. Hell, more than any human knows.”

Her last sentence has me blinking in shock. “What do you mean when you say more than any human knows?” I slide my hands out from within hers, and cross my arms over my chest.

“Everyone in this room, are a special kind of supernatural. Even you.” She dips her chin in my direction.

My mouth drops open. All I can think is it’s official. My grandmother has lost her mind. She has to have. I look around the room, looking at everyone else expecting them to have the same look upon their faces as me. When I see none similar in the slightest to me, I stand from the couch, and turn to face Declan.

His eyes hold everything I truly need to see. He believes in everything my grandmother just said. The longer he stares at me the more I am believing her words. I swallow, doing all I can to clear my throat so the words come out clearly.

“If what you are saying is true what am I?” I’m asking my grandmother this question, but I continue to look at Declan.

I need his strength, otherwise I may break down. In some strange way I know we are connected, and he can help me through this in a way no one else can. Not even Grandma Bee. Then it hits me, she lied to me. Her and my mother my entire life. With that knowledge I whip back around and stare my grandmother down.

“What am I Grandmother.” She looks down to her feet, ashamed with herself. She knows I am beyond mad at her, I never call her anything other than Grandma Bee, unless I am feeling strongly about being betrayed.

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