I'm Not Letting Her Go

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The New Girl


Driving down main street I’m going way over the speed limit. Instead of pulling me over, the cops hiding along the alley just wave at me. I smile to myself, sometimes it’s so good to be me. I have never had a ticket in my life. My family is well known, not just here, but many big cities along the U.S.

The things I can get away with would make a mother’s head shake. Of course, I’d make anyone’s mother feel better bent over in front of me. Done it a few times before, just so I could get away with having their daughters out late at night. What can I say I’m an equal opportunist? I look to make everyone’s life, moms and their gorgeous daughters, an amazing experience.

As I turn into the school, I see everyone is already here. However, my parking spot is still free. Everyone knows better than to try and take what’s mine. Even things as mundane as a parking spot. The last kid that parked here, well let’s just say he wound up in the hospital for a week.

Guess you can say I have a bit of a temper, but the ladies all find it hot. So why change? Making my way into the school I take my time getting to the office for a late slip. I don’t need to be in any hurry. They know I am never on time, but what will they do about it? Absolutely nothing, the principal is on my fathers pay raise. If I’m being honest, I think he owes my father a few grand. So, I know I won’t be getting into any trouble.

Opening the door, the receptionist gives me her bright smile. “Late again Mr. King.” She says in a sultry voice. She makes a show of crossing her long legs under her desk. Her skirt is so short I can almost see her panties.

I give her my best bad boy smile, “well you know me Connie I always like to make an entrance.”

She giggles as she opens her desk drawer, receiving the late slips. She fiddles with her hair and gives me a pointed look. Now don’t get me wrong the woman is fine as hell, but I would get bored with her after one good fuck. Then, things would be awkward for the rest of senior year, and I don’t need the hassle.

So instead of taking her up on her many offers, that she hints in my direction. I simply flirt with her a bit, still making her feel worthwhile, and then I’m on my way. Leaving her wanting for more. What can I say, I’m not the relationship type. Never have been. I’m the kind of guy that gives you the night of your life, one go around, no seconds, and then we are through.

Most girls and women get it. They crave the one time with me because I know how to make a girl come so hard multiple times, she won’t be able to walk for a week. Unfortunately, I cannot bring myself to do any teachers. That’s my one rule. No faculty in the school. Things will get too complicated, and my father always taught me don’t shit where you eat. Since I have the rest of this year here, I cannot afford the drama and trouble that would follow with that.

Just as she hands me the slip, the principals door opens and the first thing I see, as I’m looking down are blue flip flops, leading up to the nicest pair of legs I’ve seen in a long time. This girls’ ass is fine as hell, and I can see a cascade of red hair flowing to the middle of her back.

I find myself begging for whoever this girl is to turn around so I can see if the front is as good as the back. Principal Warner says something to her I can’t quite make out, and then he’s walking her out the office door. She stumbles, as she comes face to face with me.

I give her my best panty melting smile, usually that has the girls swooning. This gorgeous girl seems unaffected somehow. She gives me a sad smile and walks right by me to the nerd Stuart I believe his name is. The one that gives all the new kids a tour of our school.

He’s talking to her, but I notice she isn’t paying attention. She seems to be in deep thought. I turn my body around and lean against the desk. Crossing my legs, and my arms over my chest I study her. She has the most luscious lips I’ve seen thus far. They make me want to grab her and kiss her senseless.

She has a slim body, and I noticed there’s a nervous habit of putting her hair behind her ears when she feels out of place. Not quite sure how I know this, just looking at her eyes it’s as though I can read what she’s feeling.

Strange, there’s something about this girl. Just can’t put my finger on it. Someone clearing their throat interrupts my thoughts.

“Your slip.” Connie says with a bit of attitude.

Her voice causes the new girl to face our direction. I find I cannot be annoyed at Connie for the way she just spoke to me because of her I am now looking into the most gorgeous jade green eyes I have ever seen. Sending a wink, the new girl’s way, I twist my body to Connie.

My entire body language changes, and Connie must see it. She Looks down to her desk with the slip still in her hand. Outstretched my way, I snatch it from her, and lift her chin. When she looks at me, I convey to her using just my eyes to watch her tone the next time she talks to me. Giving me a nod, she waits for me to release her. When I do, she makes her way out of her chair mumbling about having to use the restroom.

When I turn to make my way out the door, I notice the new girl is glowering at me. Her nostrils are flaring so hard you would think you’d see steam coming out. Not one to miss an opportunity I walk right up to her. Once our feet are practically touching, I lean into her. Surprisingly, she doesn’t back down.

“You got something to say there baby doll?” I smile at her. Hoping to the Gods that she will indeed have something to say.

She opens her mouth to say something, but Stewart touches her arm. Gaining her attention, something I don’t like at all. A growl works its way up my throat before I can stop it. When her eyes meet mine again, I say “don’t touch her again you hear me?”

The new girl looks confused for a moment because my eyes are still focused on hers. However, Stewart knows for sure who I was talking to. Can see from the corner of my eye that his once tan skin is now almost completely white. I know if he didn’t have to take her around the school he would run and run fast from this room right now. Instead, he moves a couple steps away from her. Smart kid.

“Yeah, I have something to say. Who in the fuck do you think you are?” Her hands make her way to her waist. Her hip pops out, and this girl has not broken eye contact with me at all.

I have to say I’m impressed not many people would talk to me this way. Man, or female, the men are afraid of my family, and the female population is usually too accommodating. They want my cock in their sweet pussies, so they let me treat them and talk to them any way I like.

Not sure what it is with this girl, but I’m intrigued. Which probably doesn’t bode well for her. Once something has my interest I go after it until it’s mine. This girl seems stubborn as hell. Don’t think she’d just give it up to me. No, she would make me work for it.

“What’s your name?” I ask her. Completely ignoring her question.

She looks stunned for a second, then her arms make their way to her chest. I know she’s trying to look pissed off right now, but all that’s doing is making her very well developed I’m guessing C cup chest, stand out even more. Got to say I am loving this stance.

“Who wants to know?”

Cannot help myself, I hold my stomach as I laugh. Finding myself laughing so hard, I have a tear in my eye. Once I calm down, I wipe it away and look at her. Don’t know what it is but I am rock hard. Have been since she entered the room. It’s weird I never get this hard over just looking at a girl. Usually, I have them give me a blow job before the real fucking begins.

Her, I could take right here and now against the wall. No foreplay needed. Which is different for me? Being the asshole I am, I decide to have a little fun. I move my body right into her. Which she doesn’t seem to appreciate, since she takes a step back. Noticing that the wall is only a few steps behind her, I continue her way until her back is against it.

I bring my arms on each side of her body caging her in. Leaning my face down by her ear, I sniff her hair. Her body tightens with fear or arousal I’m not sure.

“I won’t hurt you baby doll. Not that way anyway, but if you want it rough sometime all you have to do is ask.”

I hear her intake of breath, and when I move my face back in front of hers, I see one pissed off female. I smile at her, which turns out to be the wrong move. Before I know it, her hand is heading right for my face. I catch it just before the slap, and we both look to her hand. Her looking afraid and shocked. As though she can’t believe she just did that. Me I feel euphoric. A woman with spunk, I love it.

“I’ll let this little temper of yours slide.” When her eyes look directly into mine, I move my face so close to hers our noses are touching.

“This time baby, the only time I will let this slide. You try that again I will spank that sweet as hell ass of yours so hard you won’t be able to sit for a week.”

She huffs and pulls her hand out of mine. Knowing I made my point crystal clear I back away from her. Everyone in the office is watching us, and I know they are all high in anticipation. They aren’t sure what I am going to do.

Which is why they must be surprised when the only thing I do is make my way to the door. Opening it, I look back at her. “The name is Declan King, welcome to my school.” I wink at her and make my way down the hall to third period.

Just woke up not even an hour ago and already my day is turning out well. I can say it’s the most fun I have had in a while. I think the new girl and I will be getting along famously. She doesn’t know it yet, but she just captured my interest. Which isn’t entirely good for her. Because if I want, I can make her mine, and no one touches what’s mine.

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