I'm Not Letting Her Go

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Watching It All Unfold


I knew the second the betrayal hit her, knew what she was going to do before she whipped back to her grandmother. I know she’s hurt, but she hasn’t even hit the surface yet. I stand to my full height, getting ready to catch her, when she hears the rest.

Her grandmother’s head pops up, and the woman looks horrid with herself. There are actual tears falling down her cheeks. I can see on Scarlett’s face that there is a part of her that wants to go to her, sit with her, and wrap her in her arms telling her it’s going to be all right. Within the next second her shield is back in place, all she wants anyone to see is how mad she is.

As though she doesn’t care right now. She cannot fool me, I see it all. I know this girl more than I know myself. “Grandmother, you going to answer me.” She practically stomps her little foot.

I have to hold back my smile. Something tells me that if I was to let it out, and laugh here and now at her cute behavior she would turn my way and I’d receive her wrath. So I hold it in, barely.

“You…” Her grandmother clears her throat.

My grandfather walks over to Beatrice handing her a tissue. She looks up at him with so much gratitude in her eyes. “Thank you.” He nods his head at her, before sitting beside her. He places his hand in hers, giving her the strength she needs.

It must work, having him beside her because the older woman wipes her tears away, sits a little straighter. With her shoulders pulled back she looks her granddaughter in the eyes and says it all. “You are a little bit of Elemental Fairy, and a lot of Wolf shifter. Your grandfather, my husband was wolf shifter, and I am part of the royal family in the Fae Realm.”

Scarlett takes a step back, her mouth open in shock. I don’t think she was quite prepared for all the information. Her and her grandmother have a stare down for a few minutes, I’m sensing she’s looking to see if the older woman has gone crazy.

She must see the truth in her eyes, as she gives a slight nod of her head. Within the next moment, she’s turned around to face me. There are tears building within her eyes, but being the stubborn woman she is, she refuses to let them fall.

“What are you?” And with that question, those three little words my world is about to change. Right along with hers.

I lick my lips, she can’t help it. Her eyes fall to my lips and watch the motion. I do it once more, what can I say I love her attention on me. “I’m a wolf shifter.” Once the words are out of her mouth, her eyes shoot back up to look into mine.

“A wolf shifter. Okay, so is everyone here a wolf shifter?” She asks, but before I can answer her question my father speaks up.

“No, these two gentlemen are not wolf shifters.” She turns her head slightly towards my father, so she can see who he is referring to.

“What are the two of you?” She nods her head in their direction as she asks her question.

“We are from the Fae Realm. We have news about your father.” One of them tells her.

“My father?” She whispers so low, if I wasn’t a wolf shifter I wouldn’t have heard it.

“That’s the other thing we need to discuss sweet pea.” Her grandmother says in a low voice from behind her.

Her entire whips around so she’s facing the older woman once more. Her arms fold in front of her chest and her hip flares out to the side. “Please, tell me more about my life. Of all the secrets you have hidden from me grandmother.”

Her grandmother takes a deep breath, before standing up and walking over to her. “You’re hurting. I understand that, but your mother and I did everything to keep you safe. We kept you in the dark for your own good. You can be upset with me, hell furious with me in this moment.” She points in front of her body, to emphasize her words.

“But Scarlett, you will not talk to me in this matter. You were raised better than that. Do I make myself clear.” Beatrice has a look in her eyes. One that must run in the family, for her granddaughter has the same look when she’s beyond mad at a situation.

“Fine,” She nods her head at her grandmother. “I just won’t talk to you right now.” She goes to turn around, to walk herself out the door, but her grandmother grabs her arm.

A growl works its way up my throat. I know that she is her grandmother, her guardian and responsible for her. I know she loves her more than life itself. She wouldn’t hurt her in the slightest, but just the idea of her grabbing my woman has my rage working it’s way through my veins.

My grandfather must see a look on my face that he doesn’t like because he jumps up from his seated position on the couch. Trying to defuse the situation. “Beatrice, Scarlett enough. You come sit back down with me.” He lightly pulls Beatrice by the arm, forcing her to sit along the couch.

He swings his arm around her shoulders, keeping her there. He looks to me and speaks to me telepathically. Calm yourself Declan. She wouldn’t hurt her. You know that.

I look to him and respond with keep her there. I will not allow anyone, grandmother or not to touch her in that way again.

He must see how serious I am because he nods his head and tightens his hold along her shoulders a bit. My body relaxes, but I don’t trust myself. I need to remain calm. With that thought, I walk up so I’m standing right behind Scarlett. She must sense it’s me, for her body relaxes against me. I wrap my arms around her center and hold her in my arms.

“I’m right here baby.” She shivers at my words I whisper into her ear.

“Just breathe. It’ll be okay. I’m not going anywhere.” She slightly nods her head, letting me know she heard every word.

After a moment, she speaks with her grandmother again. “Fine, I’m listening. Please, what about my father?”

With those words I bring my body even closer. There isn’t a sliver of space between us. She’s going to need me now more than ever. I tighten my hold on her, and to my surprise her hand finds mine and she squeezes it. I place hers beneath mine, over her belly, as we listen intently to what her grandmother has to say.

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