I'm Not Letting Her Go

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Two hours later Stuart and I are in the lunch line, getting our food. He introduced me to all my teachers. Showed me every classroom my classes will be in, and where the Library and Gym are. The day is halfway over, and I’m already mentally exhausted.

I hate to admit it, especially to myself, but I keep looking for Declan. Every time Stuart asks what I’m looking for, I tell him I’m just taking in the atmosphere. I hope he doesn’t know me well enough already to tell I’m lying. I hate it because I know Declan is the player type. A man who thinks he’s God’s gift to women. I really don’t want to be one of those girls.

The ones that throw herself at him. A woman who looks for him, and falsely thinks he may have the slightest feelings for her. When in reality all he wants is an easy piece of ass. I must fight whatever it is I feel towards him, and make sure to avoid him at all costs. When I cannot, I must be sure my body behaves, and my legs stay closed tight.

“Hope you like pizza, that’s what is for lunch today.” Stuart gives me a small smile.

“Who doesn’t?” I make him give a little laugh.

“Well, it’s not the greatest, but at least it’s not horrible.” He tells me.

Once we pay for our lunch, we make our way into the cafeteria. Looking around, you can see all the clicks. There are people laughing all around, and although I really didn’t mean to, instantly I see Declan sitting in the back, with some of the guys I saw conversing with him during his gym class.

“Come on I’ll introduce you to the gang.” Stuart starts walking to the right, near the windows. As we get to the table, I see three girls sitting there. Huh, not quite what I was expecting.

“He girls, I brought the new girl with me. Okay, if she sits with us?” Stuart really doesn’t wait for a reply.

He sits down and makes room for me. All three of the girls are smiling at me, making me a little uncomfortable. “Hi, I’m Leslie.” The girl sitting beside Stuart holds her hand out in front of his tray. I shake her hand and tell her my name.

“Nice to meet you Scarlett, I love your name by the way. This here is Penny and Beth.” She nods in the direction of the other two girls.

They wave politely and introduce themselves. Beth has beautiful brown skin, and hazel eyes. Her hair black as night. She must see me staring at her gorgeous eyes, because she says “I know a black woman with hazel eyes. My father is white, mama is black. I got lucky and got pops straight hair.” She winks at me, making me smile.

Penny doesn’t say too much. She gives a polite smile, tells me she thinks my hair is pretty, then goes back to eating. Her hair is brown, and in a pixie cut. She may be the quiet one from their group, but you can see how smart she is. Her blue eyes give her away. Can see how she studies everyone’s movements, she’s very observant.

“So how are you liking our fine establishment so far?” Leslie asks while she picks up her pizza and takes a bite.

Before I can utter a word Stuart pipes in with, “well she’s already on Declan King’s radar.”

All three drop their pizzas on their plates and look to me. Mouths open and eyes wide. “Yeah, he’s something else I can see that.” I mutter under my breath.

“He’s not one you want to mess with. His family is dangerous. They have so much power and money. They run this town.” Beth whispers.

“So, I’ve heard.” I sigh.

“I mean sure he’s crazy hot, but he’s trouble in so many ways.” Leslie says fanning her face.

“Leslie! I’m telling Aunt Mona that you think that.” Stuart chastises.

“You are better not. Mom will have a conniption.” She glares at him.

“So, you two are related?” I ask them.

“Unfortunately,” they answer in unison. Making me giggle.

“She’s a pain in the ass at the best of times.” Stuart says looking my way.

I open my mouth to say something but am interrupted by a tray sliding across the table. Everyone quiets down and looks over at the new person sitting at the table. They look stunned, while I’m just confused. It’s Declan’s friend, the one he had a silent conversation with.

“Andy,” I say out loud.

“Yup,” He pops the p. “Thought I’d introduce myself since we didn’t really have a chance to earlier. You know since we will be seeing a lot of one another.” He smiles at me as he picks up his pizza and takes a huge bite.

“How will we see a lot of each other, I mean obviously in the halls and possibly class, but that doesn’t mean we will be conversing a lot.” I point out.

Once he chews and swallows, he gives a little laugh. “Keep telling yourself that.” He says ominously.

“What do you mean by that?” Leslie cuts in.

He takes his time opening his soda and taking a sip. We all watch as he swallows down the liquid, “I mean that my boy is interested. Only a matter of time before he claims you. And once he does that, you’ll be his forever.” He answers nonchalantly.

I roll my eyes dramatically, “please, from what I’ve seen of your boy,” I do air quotes around that word because he is anything but a boy, “he doesn’t stick with one woman ever.”

“Besides, the stuffy blonde over there seems to have a claim on him.” I nod my head in the direction of Declan’s table.

Everyone, but Andy turns their head to look. I noticed Declan hasn’t taken his eyes from me since I walked into the cafeteria. Although the whiny girl, Patty, has done nothing but try and get his attention on her the last few minutes. Everyone’s head swings back our way when they hear Andy give off a raucous laugh.

He laughs for a couple of seconds, laughing so hard he must wipe tears out of the corner of his eyes. “That bitch wishes. There is nothing, nor will there ever be anything going on between the two of them.” He looks me dead in the eyes, “you on the other hand are already his.”

He leans closer to me, and whispers for my ears alone “neither of you know it yet.” He sits back, gives me a wink, and picks up his tray and heads back to Declan’s table.

Everyone at our table hasn’t taken their eyes off me. Their eyes are still wide, and mouths agape. I hear them uttering words. Things like “what the hell was that about.” “I cannot believe he sat with us.” and “holy shit.” But my attention isn’t on any of them.

My eyes are solely on the one man I cannot get out of my head no matter how much I want him to be. He’s talking with Andy, but he hasn’t taken his beautiful brown eyes away from me. I am in so much trouble.

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