I'm Not Letting Her Go

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Cornered and Turned On


The group that I have officially declared my friends are good people. They got me to laugh a bit during lunch. I haven’t done that in months. Now we are off to English class. Since I have the rest of my afternoon classes with Leslie, she’s taken over being my tour guide.

“Now Miss Manley, the English teacher she’s pretty cool. For the most part she assigns the books for us to read, and then we either take quizzes, or watch the movie at the end of class. Or we split up into groups, or partners and do a project. She grades easily so for the most part as long as you do the work, you’ll pass no problem.” She gives me the lowdown on English class while we walk down the hall.

“Hey Leslie,” we hear someone shout from behind us. She tenses up and gives me a nervous smile.

Just as I am about to ask her if everything is all right, Cody walks up behind us. Touching her shoulder, he bends down and whispers in her ear. She giggles, and gives me an apologetic look, as she walks off with him still talking in her ear.

Confusion and frustration hit me at once. Some guy makes his way over to her, says something in her ear, and she ditches me. What’s up with that? Shaking my head, I take a deep breath and make a beeline for the restroom. I’ll probably be a little late for class, but being new, and this my first day I know the teacher will let it slide.

I need to get ahold of my bearings. I walk into the girl’s bathroom, look below the stalls, and see no one is in here. A sigh of relief passes my lips, as I make my way to the sink. Turning on the cold water, I splash a bit of water along my face.

Looking up, I study myself in the mirror. The girl looking back at me doesn’t look like me at all. My eyes hold a permanent sadness, I just cannot get away from. I close my eyes not wanting to see myself any longer. I must have been lost in my thoughts for a few seconds because when I open my eyes, there behind me stands none other than Declan himself.

My breath catches in my throat, as my heart rate picks up speed. He’s leaning against one of the stall doors. His arms are crossed over his chest, and one foot is bent at the leg, placed on the door. He looks relaxed, without a care in the world although he is in the girl’s restroom.

“You do know this isn’t the boy’s bathroom, right?” I snidely remark.

Ignoring him completely, I go about making a show of washing my hands. Laser focus on my hands as I swirl them beneath the water. Hoping that if I don’t acknowledge him, he’ll get bored and walk out of the room. Leaving me alone in my sorrow state.

No such luck, one second there’s a coldness behind me. The next, it’s an inferno in this room, as his front makes its way to my back. His body is so close to me I can feel his chest move with the breaths he takes. The hairs on my arms stand at attention, and goose bumps have formed. My body becoming aware of the handsome devil standing behind me.

He’s quiet for a long time, to frighten me, or to force me to soak in his presence I’m not sure. Perhaps both? He bends town to turn of the water, takes my hands in his and brings them to the side of the sink. We stand like that for a few minutes, doing nothing but him holding me in place with his body, and me breathing heavily.

He brings his nose to my hair and takes a whiff of it. Very slowly, he moves from my hair down to my neck, and it must not be enough for him because he releases one of my hands to move my hair away from my neck on one side.

Not knowing what else to do with my forgotten hand, I hold onto the side of the sink. Something tells me I’m going to need it to help keep me steady. He moves along my neck, first breathing me in. Before long, he’s lightly kissing my skin. Making me hold onto the sink tighter.

I feel his lips smile against the skin of my neck. Gradually, he kisses and licks the area. Enjoying himself a little too much if the hardness along my ass is any indication. When he sucks my skin into his mouth, I give off a whimper. Hating myself for my weakness.

He laughs, “Open you’re eyes beautiful and watch what I do to you.”

I hadn’t realized they had closed, with his words they shoot open, and I look at our reflections in the mirror. His arm has made its way around my middle, and the other is still holding my hair to the side. He’s rubbing little circles along the skin below my shirt, that he lifted to get to.

My eyes make their way up our bodies to our faces. Mine is in a state of euphoria, and his is laser focused on me. He’s watching my body with expertise looking for tells of how I’m feeling with his hands and mouth on me.

We make eye contact, and all my breath whooshes out of me. There’s so much fire burning in his eyes as he looks at me, my knees feel like jelly. They go weak, and I almost loose my balance. He moves closer to me, our bodies skintight. There’s no space between us at all in this moment.

He growls at me, and my eyes shoot to him. “Keep them open baby girl.” I guess I must have started to close them again.

I do as he says and watch, as he shoots me a wink in the mirror, and really goes at my neck. Kissing, licking, and sucking so hard I’m sure there will be a mark there later. My hips begin to move against him, and his arm on my middle loosens a bit. Allowing my body to move more against him.

He rubs himself in succession with my movements. Within seconds the area between my legs is so wet, my juices are dripping down my thigh. He must need more because one minute I’m facing the mirror with his body behind me, the next he’s turning me around to face him, lifting me up by my ass and sitting me onto the sink.

His arms are on either side of my hip caging me in. His nostrils are flaring at me, and his body is taunt with sexual tension. “You want me.” He doesn’t ask, no he states it matter-of-factly.

I look down in shame, which is a mistake on my part. His body is a work of art. Can see the outline of his six pack in his shirt. Of course, doesn’t help that my hands have made their way to his front and are rubbing him up and down the area.

He pinches my chin between his thumb and finger, lifting my head so he can look me in the eyes. “It’s okay baby, I know you’re not ready yet.” He kisses my lips. Only a chaste kiss, but I find me following him as he retreats from me.

Stepping back, he helps me down off the sink, and places me onto my feet. Giving me a once over, he fixes my shirt, kisses my forehead, and makes his way to the door. “That’s it?” I ask ignoring the disappointment that takes over my body.

“For now, when I take you, I want you ready and willing. Don’t want you regretting it in the least. You’ll get there, but until that time comes, I’ll enjoy the chase.” He blows me a kiss, tells me to behave, and walks out the door.

Can’t help my little foot stomp and the crossing of my arms. I know it’s childish, but now I’m sexually frustrated with no way to relieve myself. Not only that but I am once again mad at my resolve. I thought I was better than that. Guess not, I really need to work on that. I cannot let that man whore have me in any way.

Looking to myself in the mirror I give myself a stern look. I can do this, just need to keep my legs closed, eyes down, and lips far away from him. Need to be sure from now on when he is near that I am in a group, so I won’t fall his prey ever again.

I am determined to out win him in this game, and to go back to being the stone-cold bitch that feels nothing, who I have been for months. Because when you feel things life hurts too much, and no amount of small pleasure can help. With that thought I straighten my shoulders, and walk out of the room, down the hall to the English.

I apologize for being late, and the teacher tells me its all right. Apparently, she has assigned a group project. She tells me to take my seat with my group. Luckily, I see Leslie and Penny so that’s good. Unfortunately, there’s also Andy, Donny, and you guessed it Declan staring at me. He’s sitting there practically licking his chomps at my discomfort.

My shoulders sag in defeat as I make my way to the group. Sitting next to him I do what I can to ignore his presence. I know it won’t be easy, but I am determined to win this war.

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