I'm Not Letting Her Go

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Get the Girls Attention


My woman comes into class a minute after me, her cheeks are red, and I can see her nipples through her shirt and bra. I love that she’s so turned on by me. Cannot help licking my lips in anticipation as she makes her way to the empty chair beside me.

I kick it out for her, she looks to me and back to the chair. I raise my eyebrow wondering if she will take it or ask someone to switch seats with her. To my amazement she sits, although when she pushes it into the table, she tries to scoot a way away from me. Making me and my friends give off little laughs.

“So, what should we do for this project?” I hear one of the other girls ask, and a discussion starts between everyone in the group.

I don’t bother paying attention. Me and the guys won’t be doing a damn thing. We’ll leave it to the women; we know they know we won’t do much of anything. So, if they want to get a passing grade, they can handle it. I look away from Scarlett for a moment, and sure enough I see Andy and Donny sitting back in their chairs, hats over their eyes. Good possibility they decided to nap.

Something I would normally join in on, but I cannot take my eyes away from Scarlett. I know she feels my stare, she keeps bouncing her leg in a nervous way. I can see every so often she’ll look at me from the corner of her eye. I’m making her nervous, so nervous in fact she’s squirming in her seat. Not sure why but it makes me crack a genuine smile. Turns out I get under her skin just as much as she does mine.

Cannot help what I do next, just want no I need to get a rouse out of her, stretching my legs, I rest my feet on the bottom of her chair. I know it’s taking all herself control not to look my way and shoot daggers at me. Can see it in how taught her body is, and the fact that she’s holding her pencil so tightly her fists are turning white.

Making matters worse, I decide to grab the leg of her chair with my feet and scoot her closer. It makes a loud screeching noise everyone from in the front of the classroom’s heads swing our way, but when they see it’s just me doing whatever I want, they turn their heads back to their desktops quickly. Making it seem that what they have on top and are working on is the most interesting thing ever.

She still just looks down at the table, to her notebook that is now to the side of her. She refuses to acknowledge me, even though I have done all this to get her to swing her head my way. It pisses me off! She must see the look on my face, if her little smirk on the side of her lips is any indication.

My hands turn to fists and my nose flares with my aggravation. What does a guy have to do to get this woman’s attention?! None of my usual tricks are working, and being the ass I am, I decide to kick it up a notch. I scoot her even closer, so close I can wrap my one arm around her, and burry my face into her neck.

She smells like vanilla and lilacs. I love the smell of her. “Do you think you’re funny?” I whisper in her ear.

She drags her neck and hair away from me and reaches for her notebook to doodle on the sides. She’s still going to ignore me! Oh, fuck no! I wrap my hand around her shoulder and bring her arm and side right into my chest. I squeeze, not enough to hurt her only to give her a fair warning. A clear warning of do not move away from me again without my say.

Her hand freezes mid motion, her whole body is like a statue. The only part of her moving is her glorious chest with the deep breaths she’s taking. Deciding I need her eyes on me, one way or another, even if it’s in anger, I place my hand on her thigh.

Finally, it has the effect I crave, her head looks down at my hand then to my eyes. Looking into her eyes I can see all the different shade of colors she has. There is mostly a jade green color, mixed with a grey blue, and brown specks.

“Beautiful,” I didn’t mean to speak the word aloud, but apparently, I had if the widening of her eyes tells me anything.

She is studying me just as thoroughly in return. Cannot bring myself to complain, I love this woman’s attention on me. She can look her fill all day long if she wants to. A voice in the background, has her shaking her head and looking away from me.

Don’t understand it but I don’t enjoy that at all. Her eyes are supposed to be on me right now. She did not have my permission to look away from me. A loud growl works its way up my throat. Making even Andy and Donny sit up in their chairs and look our way.

She goes to answer some question I suppose was asked by another one of the girls of the group, but I can’t seem to make myself care. I pinch her chin and bring her face my way. My actions earn me a glare from her. Making me smile and to make her even more pissed I wink her way.

I am successful because her nostrils flare, and she attempts to move her chin out of my hold. It doesn’t work. Instead, it only makes me hold her head in my hold with both my hands. Someone is trying to speak to me, but I see Andy hold his hand up, making the person shut up completely.

“You think you can spend this entire time ignoring me?” I ask bringing my face so close to hers our breaths intermingle.

My chest is so close to hers I can feel her breasts rubbing on my body with every breath she takes. Being a hot-blooded man, it stirs unknown feelings in me, causing my eyes to close and me to place my forehead along hers.

Not sure what this woman is doing to me. I only just saw her this morning, and the school day is almost over, but for some reason she’s under my skin. Knowing I cannot be made into a fool I pull myself together.

Pulling myself away from her, I drop my hands and say loud enough for the entire class to hear “got news for you sugar, you ain’t nothing special. You want to fuck after last period let me know, I’ll make the right accommodations for you.” I lean back in my chair, legs still stretched and a wicked smile on my face.

All the boys in the class are laughing hysterically, and the girls have different expressions to what I had just said. Some look infuriated I would announce that for everyone to hear, other look pissed and jealous because they want me themselves. Then there’s the two girls in our group that look at Scarlett with saddened eyes. Looking for any sign she may stand up and run out crying at any time.

She’s still looking at me, only now her pencil is held hostage in both her hands, and she’s holding it so tight there’s a good chance she’ll break it in half. She’s breathing heavily now, giving me a perfect view of her breasts. In one minute, she closes her eyes, counts under her breath, and when she opens them, she’s looking at me.

Not with sadness as I expected for me making a fool out of her. No, this woman is looking at me with so much fire and determination in her eyes. If I was anyone else, I may be a little afraid. Instead, I keep my calm, I bring my arms under my head and lay back to relax. All while not breaking eye contact with her. I await to see what she’s going to do.

To my amazement, she does the last thing I would have expected. She gives me a polite smile. Tells me no thanks she has better things to do later and turns back to conversing with the other women at the table. Leaving me dumbfounded, and my friends shocked. I look to both Andy and Donny, they are sitting there looking from her to me with their mouths open.

What is with this female? Is there nothing I can do to get to her in any way? How can she be okay after I said that to her in front of everyone? Any other woman would slap me and storm out, or a few would begin crying and run away. No, she just gives me a smile and turns me down. What the fuck?!

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