The Gentleman's Gambit

By Michaela Anne Schultz All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


It's easy to meet someone... string them along and spend the night with them and leave without a care in the world... Liam Wayne Mallory was the best man at one night stands, the ultimate bachelor... and how does he show it? By putting out a challenge to the greatest Bachelor's of all time... Only the chosen Elite get to play in The Gentleman's Gambit. Collect a jar filled with a hundred hearts in a year, and Liam Wayne Mallory will give you one of his five mansions. Impossible? You can't break a hundred hearts in a year can you? Well it doesn't stop anyone from trying... This is how you meet Sergio Christopher Braxton. He is a player, a heart breaker and a faker and he is good at it. Gorgeous hair, gorgeous bod, gorgeous eyes that capture a lady's heart without even trying... He's the full package and he knows it. There is a month, an entire month left to go before the competition ends and he surprisingly has successfully collected ninety-nine hearts when his eyes catch his one hundredth heart he wants to break... but little does he know that his target will be the hardest heart to capture and that it will take a lot more then one glance to win her heart so he can break it.

Gentleman's Invitation

Hello Gentleman.

Wondering what this?

Well why don’t you open it and find out? I can tell you but where is the fun in that.

I mean I am the greatest Bachelor in the world selected Invitation holder.

If you do not know me then it is truly very sad.

The name is Liam Wayne Mallory, the richest and most eligible bachelor in the world. If you were to look at magazine covers, I’m the face on them.

Every story is about me and how I am nothing but a heart breaker, life shaker, ruin hearts, ruin people’s beliefs in love and I have been called every bad name in the book... but not before I made women whom I bedded chant my and beg me for more.

I have no shame in who I am. I’m a playboy and I love who I am and I am never going to do what people do these days and fall in love.

People fall in love with me, but I do not do love gentleman.

Love? What is love? I do not care what love is. Never have and never will.

Why you ask?

I snort at your dumb question. Why? Because love is stupid. Love is what people choose to believe in when their life is so pathetically lonely that they so desperately cling for any hope at not being alone.

I honestly do not care about what love means.

I know what it does mean but I do not care and I am honestly tired of people searching longingly for that profound connection with someone and the love that should follow. All it takes to have this connection people yearn for is to just be with people without judgment. In the absence of judgment, love is what remains.

I snort at that. It’s a load of bull crap that makes my ears want to bleed.

I wish people honestly would stop celebrating love and marriage and commitment and babies and happily ever afters. People need to get real. Life is not a bunch of puffy pink clouds that encapsulate a person in happiness and love whilst the sun glows down on them.

Life is cruel and in-kind and very few want love. This cruel life though can be fun for men like you and me.

You see, people do not want love anymore. They want money, fame, popularity and I’m gonna get really real with you brother.

I know you are just like me.

I know you have no desire for love and romance and happily fucking ever after.

Whoops! Forgive my tongue, then again, I do not care if anyone sees me swear or use informal language. I am who I am.

I am a player. But I am a gentleman’s player and every once in a while I like to play a gentleman’s game and make a bet.

A bet, is this what it is? Oh you bet boys.

You see, this is what I call The Gentleman’s Gambit.

Now, you probably are asking me what this game actually is, and I am gonna tell you.

Being a player, I like to keep track of my flings and hook-ups but I like keeping track of the hearts I break. I am a professional at doing it. No one can resist me or my charm.

So I like to put it to the test. See how many hearts I can break in a give time period? My record seems impossible but I have a record of ninety-nine broken hearts in a year. I am sure you saw my list my lovely gentleman at the end of last year and I decided what fun it would be to see if someone can go triple digits.

It wasn’t easy, trust me.

Oh who am I kidding, a lot were easy but what can I say? That’s just how good I am.

But I wanna know if there is actually anyone who can beat me in a numbers game.

Think of it as collecting a Jar of Broken Hearts.

Which is what you have to do?

Rules are simple really.

Rule Number One:
It is the sacred rule that ruins your chances of winning. Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT FALL IN LOVE!!!!! No matter how many hearts you collect, falling in love cancel’s your game.

Rule Number Two:
There will be no fake names. This competition is legitimate and I have the means of finding out every one of these broken heart’s names.

Rule Number Three:
Names of the broken hearts must be written on a piece of paper and added into a jar that will be kept by the Player’s Wing Man. Everyone must have a wing man.

Rule Number Four:
Each broken heart you add to your jar must consist of three things:1. Name of the Broken Heart
2. Phone Number
3. Date of Heart Break

Rule Number Five:
The theft of another man’s jar is not allowed. You gotta break hearts and you gotta bare the wounds and slaps on your cheeks for every heart you break.

Rule Number Six:
No jars can be submitted after the last day of this challenge.

Rule Number Seven:
The moment you open your letter, the 31st of December 2017, the challenge begins and you have to start breaking hearts. You have until midnight of the 31st of December 2018 to break your hearts. Jars must be in by the 1st of January 2019, no exceptions.

Seems easy enough doesn’t it. It actually is so I would you better get your swag on, work that charm and turn on that sex appeal cause boys, The Gentleman’s Gambit has begun.

Have fun breaking hearts.

Yours Truly

~ L.W. Mallory ~

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