Jesus Take the Wheel by alex gonalez

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when David's 23 years old life is going good because he is thankful to God everything is fine by his parents doesn't know that he's attracted to men he doesn't really need to worry about his sexual orientation starts with him a secret sex life. and david he meets a gay guy named Jesus 25 years old but that's not his real name a dominant athletic sexy short long brown hair men Taylor. By Jesus might have feelings to david this is a gay Romance between David and Jesus I am number one from very hot and I hope it keeps that way by the way book is very hot if you love Jesus you love this book

Romance / Erotica
Alex Gonalez
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Chapter 1get closer to God by day by day

chapter 1. My name is david King and I am proudly announcing my faith publicly. I am a true believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and I love the Lord, despite the fact that I'm human and I fail him daily. I believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God, He was crucified on the cross where he died for my sins. He then rose on the 3rd day to give me salvation. He loves me dearly, and forgives my sins. His Word (The Holy Bible) says, if I deny him before men He will deny me before His Father in Heaven.
This is the best challenge I've ever seen on Facebook. So if you love him and you're not ashamed, just copy and replace my name with yours and make this your status update.
Can I get an Amen for being a Christian and a follower of The Lord Jesus Christ?
I'm truly Blessed, and may you be blessed as well!
#FaithChallenge⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ God loves everyone. God's love is so great that He gave His only Son to die for our sins and be resurrected. This bold fact, alone, is very important evidence of God's love for his children. Believable jesus Christ amen I am living with American dream which Jesus Christ is over around the world everything is just fine what up, I am nothing Jesus is around me in my hold life
I didn't want to tell anything when I'm hiding out that I'm gay and keeping it a secret okay. Trust in God have faith everything will be alright. We can get more peace if we are able to accept and believe the assurances of God that everything will be alright. Be strong during the difficult times, remember the good times, have faith in almighty everything will be alright in the end. I would never walk alone with Jesus for my boyfriend if I have one I just got to get away from here I wish I can fly please god help me I can't do this on my own I did wish me want a gay man to be in love
Please Heal My Love Wounds

Calm the need in me that makes unwise choices. Sooth the soreness in my soul that makes me crave love. Restore my faith in love and divine timing. Bring true love to me, in the right time, for the right reasons. Sometimes I cry about Jesus Christ for me on that cross it's like he's actually saying that he's love me it feels like to god change when I could never alone with him
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