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I'm gay

Romance / Mystery
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Red pov.

I walk down the hallway looking for Kill... I plan to kill pink but she ran away.... I need to kill her she knows to much....

Green pov.

I fixed a lot of things hopefully we can find the imposter soon! I don't want to die! :( I'm looking for orange now he said they are people on the cameras but something was off about them idk what thought he hasn't told me :(

Orange pov.

I swear I saw purple kill their also not around and always fine the bodys! It's weird! Ok? I don't know... I mean I am talk to myself... In a camera office watching people run thought the halfway... Maybe I'm the creepy one? Nuh uh brown more creepy away not showing his face and always not there

Pink pov.

Me and purple walked down the hallway holding hands I mean they are my partner! We keep walking down a log hallway it didn't seem to felt like... Home.. Nvm... We enter the launch room no one to be found.. This place is oh most away dead... It feels... Dark.... Or... Something bads going to happen if you stay to long....

Purple pov.

I hit pink arm a little she had zoned out she looked dead for what felt like 30 minute or a hour she zoned back in "hey what was that for! " she yelled she sounded hurt... "I'm sorry love you just zoned out I was scared you looked sad and upset... " I responded she smiled a little and hugged me " I'm sorry... It just hurt a little " I hugged back "I'm sorry still! " I said with a big smile

Dark blue pov.

I walked around the ship not having anything to do I had around finished all of my task everything was quite the nice space sky looking at it is so beautiful... I feel a pain start in my chest I look up finding red he had stabbed me.... I fell to my knees.. I slowly lose breathing and I went limp... Everything hurt only for a little...

Purple: they/them/vamp
Pink: she/her/bun
Orange: he/they/frog
Green: he/him/moon
Red: he/they/it
Dark blue: they/he/bug

Purple and pink are lesbian and that is the only ship I'll tell you so far 🧤😄🤌
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