Snake Love

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This short story is how a snake brought together a great love story. Hope you enjoy.

Romance / Fantasy
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Snake Love

In 1934 there was this lovely, sweet woman named Emily who was 16 years old and she was riding her purple bike along this long quiet path in the woods, and she tripped over a little rock and fell next to a slithery garden snake and the snake slithered up her arm as she was frozen with fear. Emily was dripping with sweat with the feeling of the sliminess going down her back that she jumped up and screamed at the top of her lungs!! On the same trail, there was this named Michael who was just turning 18 hiking in the same trail as she was, and he heard the frightful scream and came sprinting for her and immediately, saw the snake and whacked it with his shoe. She was so relieved. They felt each other's warmness through their hearts, it felt calming. They immediately felt a connection. They didn't know why, but it was just love at first sight. They both stared down at the snake that was dead and thought, what if that snake was a person? They weren't kidding. They had the feelings to express as if the snake had its own. Why was that? They walked together for hours and hours laughing and giggling and having a blast! They got to know each other so well and could talk about each other in an instant. Michael asked Emily out for a date that day. Why would she say no? Later that day, they went to this beautiful restaurant called Que Lle. Michael ordered a steak; Emily ordered a mango salad. Somehow, they just know they were the one. As Michael reached over the table and grabbed Emily's hand, he said I will love you forever and ever. As Emily softly stream Michael's cheek, she felt butterflies. After dinner, they went back to Emily's place and had some chocolate mousse cake. Emily and Michael were smiling from ear to ear. They lived happily and spent 60 years married. As a lovely couple. Somehow the snake brought them together......The end
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