Darling (MxM) (DDLB)

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Being apart of high society is hard enough, but it’s even worse when Roman’s family dictates he must have a date to his sister’s engagement party. Roman would rather not spend the evening in the company of one of the ‘suitable’ men his family would pick for him. After all, none of those suitable men want a Daddy Dom. Whatever is he to do? The answer comes in the form of a business card left on his desk. “Your Secret, is Our Secret.” Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure ;) (MxM, Sex, DDLB, Romance, Mature Content) [Un-Edited]

Romance / Erotica
16 hours
Age Rating:

1 - Roman


“You can’t put it off any longer, Roman. My party is in 4 days, and I refuse to have my brother show up alone.”

Roman rolled his eyes at the photo on his desk of his younger sister, Lucy, and himself, as her continued chatter filtered through the phone. People often said they looked like twins, what with their jet black hair, olive skin, and gray eyes. But luckily she hadn’t grown a neatly trimmed beard like he had, then they might really have had a problem being told apart.

“Ooo, what about Brant Hayworth?! You two were perfect for eachother, and you know mother adores him!” Roman just barely held back the sound of disgust.

That selfish bore? Hard pass.

Ok, maybe he was being a little harsh. The man wasn’t truly deplorable company. But a part of Roman just knew Brant wasn’t what he was looking for in any way, shape, or form.

It was incredible his judging, appearances are everything, spoiled family barely batted an eye that their son was gay. But the hope that the matchmaking and hints about grandchildren would settle down had been in vain.

“Oh please, Roman! Please, please, please, pleaseeeeee, pleas-.”

Cutting Lucy off, he conceded, “Fine! I’ll bring a date, but I’ll pick who he is on my own.” Just to get her and mother off his back.

He’d already ignored one call from that shrewish woman, and he didn’t exactly relish having this same conversation an hour later with her. Gleeful sounds came from the other side of the phone, and Roman allowed himself a small smile. His family was made up of snobbish rich people who cared more for appearance than happiness, but at least his sister still managed to make him smile every once and awhile.


2 days later

Roman was pulling his hair out. A quick glance at his Rolex reveleved 8 pm. Ever since his father had started preparing to step down, Roman had been juggling the CEO responsibilities. But those were the least of his worries at the moment.

He needed to find a date. The engagement party was in two days, and he was not ready for the tanning he would receive from his mother and sister. Roman had been dragging his heels on the matter, but he couldn’t put it off much longer.

It was just too difficult to find a man he could trust bringing to his sister’s engagement party, especially with how many pictures of them would appear in the press the next day. Not to mention finding a man with which he shared a deep sexual chemistry. Not a lot of guys shared the same…. preferences as him. Sure, sleeping around was fun, but he wanted to find a man he could truly have a relationship with. He was already 30, and not getting any younger. And he refused to align himself publicly with a man his family set up. Been there, done that.

A knock from the wood paneled door reverberated around the empty office before his assistant slipped in silently.

“Is there anything you need before I head out for the night, Mr. Verlaine?”

With a sardonic laugh Roman jokingly replied, “A date to my sister's party this weekend would be great.”

Hayden paused before slipping a business card out of his pocket. “I may actually be able to help you with that.”

“What do you mean?” Roman watched the skinny man place the card face down on his desk in confusion.

As seamlessly as he’d entered, Hayden slipped out the door and left Roman alone once again in his office. With a wrinkle maring his brow, he flipped the card.

Reading the simple font aloud, Roman read, “Your secret, is our secret. 223 Jarvis Street.”


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