Darling (MxM) (DDLB)

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2 - Roman


The next day, Roman found himself hunting for the address on the card. Now he stood in front of a large, nondescript building, smack dab downtown. There only seemed to be one entrance to the place, a back door. The front only contained windows, no doors.

Unsure what to do, he knocked on the smooth door. A section of the door slid aside silently, causing Roman to jump in surprise. A pair of eyes peered out at him.

“Card,” a gruff voice stated.

Card? Did he mean the business card?

Assuming it was either that, or something he didn’t have, Roman handed the card to a few fingers peeping out of the slit.

As soon as the hand disappeared, the panel slid shut. Roman blinked at the door, wondering if something was supposed to happen.

Finally, something did happen. The door swung open on silent hinges. After a beat of hesitation, Roman stepped inside. His jaw dropped when the door shut behind him and he got his first good look at the interior.

Unlike the outside, the inside spoke of prestige. Large and airy, the foyer where he stood was illuminated by multiple chandeliers. A reception desk stood to the side of the room, manned by a meticulously put together woman. The floors were a beautiful tile, the walls painted a serene blue. Roman marveled at what the outside was hiding inside it’s depths.

He made his way over to the desk.

“How may I help you today, sir?” She smiled sweetly at him.

“Um, well, this is going to sound weird but…I was given a business card for this address and was told you would be able to help me with a problem I have.”

She nodded her head, smile still firmly in place. “It’s more common than you think, sir.”

She rifled through a few papers, before passing him a sheet. “If you wouldn’t mind filling this out, we’ll be one step closer to solving your dilemma.”

He grasped the paper, mildly baffled, but nonetheless followed her directions to a sitting area around the corner. Swiping a pen from the holder near the door, he sunk down into one of the armchairs.

Clicking the pen on, he scanned the page.

What reason do you require our services today?

He tapped the pen to his lips. Did he say ‘I need a date to my sister's engagement party’? Or would they think him crazy?

His assistant had directed him hear for a reason, so might as well try. He shrugged. Not like anyone he saw here today was likely to cross his path again.

He continued on to the next question.

What are your preferences when it comes to a date?

Along that theme the questions went, and he diligently filled in every box and empty line that required filling.

Finally, he clicked the pen shut and shook out his hand. He didn’t write nearly as much as he typed, and was clearly out of practice with a pen.

With a sigh of relief to be done, that seconded as a fortifying breath to truly see this through, he stood up and left the singular occupant who had come in after him, in the room.

He had to wait a moment for the receptionist to finish with an extremely tall woman, so he entertained himself with a study of an extremely…colourful painting. Of what looked to be…flowers…or maybe an elephant…the painting wasn’t great, that’s all he could conclude.

Finally it was his turn. With a smile as wide as before, the receptionist took the offered questionnaire, before pressing a button on the side of her desk.

“Someone will be by shortly to direct you to the next step of the process,” she chirpily said.

He jumped slightly when a well groomed, middle aged man appeared out of nowhere and beckoned Roman to follow.

The hallways were much the same to what one would expect in an upscale office building, and all were similar and terribly hard to tell apart. If someone asked Roman how to get out of there, he’d be more lost than Amelia Earhart.

“Have a seat here, sir. We have refreshments on the table over there,” he pointed to a table loaded with so many different types of fruit, cheese, and crackers that Roman was surprised the table did not just snap under the wait. “Someone will be around to collect you in time.”

Roman turned back to thank the man, only to discover him gone. Geez, the man was a ghost. A waiting room similar to the first stood before him. He found a plush armchair in a corner, selected one of the books off the bookcase, and settled in.

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