Darling (MxM) (DDLB)

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4 - Roman & Asher



“Where did you get that picture?” The mentioned picture encapsulated a rather scandalous scene. One his parents had made sure the lawyers removed from anywhere and everywhere.

A scantily clad man and women each hung off one of his arms. The girl was mid laugh with a beer can clutched in her hand, while the man was practically gyrating against Roman’s leg.

“Oh, this one? I found it on one of those delicious underground gossip blogs.” Asher gave a lopsided smirk.

Roman licked his suddenly chapped lips.

Asher flipped to a page in the folder, thankfully pushing the picture out of sight. “Alrighty. So I see here that you require a date to a party?”


Why the hell would this dude need to buy a date? Plainly stated…he was hot! Asher had to stop himself from briefly fanning himself.

After a few jobs, he had gotten his calm facade down pretty good, but this client was really testing his limits. When Asher had been looking for photos to complete his research dossier—because yes, he was a research nerd—he had to take a teeny tiny break.


He scrolled through photo after photo of the dreamy, sexy, Mr. Roman Verlaine. Asher swallowed some drool as he maximised a photo of Roman at a business magazine shoot. His navy suit clung to his body like a glove.

He perched on the edge of his desk, his powerful thighs spread slightly. Asher licked his suddenly chapped lips. What would it be like to be fucked across that desk?

He palmed his swelling cock through his sweats. Asher pushed his chair back, practically running towards the bathroom, locking the door behind him. He didn’t know if his mom or sisters were home, and was not taking the chance they’d overhear him.

Yanking the handle to turn the tap onto full power, he breathed a sigh of relief as he pushed his hand into his sweats. The beauty of no underwear, he thought as he used the perky beads of pre-cum to lubricate his pumps.

He started to pant as he let out a few quiet moans. Soon, the sounds echoed back to him on the walls as he pumped faster and faster. So fucking close. He gritted his teeth as he shot his load into his pants, trying to muffle the sound of ecstasy he wanted to let loose.


Asher hated underwear. Hated. Other people had real nemesis’. Asher had underwear. That’s how much he hated underwear. He rarely wore it, only when he wanted to make a good impression.

People might judge him for the habit, but they didn’t know how much he saved on not having to do loads of underwear every weekend.

But he was thanking God he had worn a pair today. From the moment he had caught a glimpse of Roman, his cock had realized the pictures couldn’t do him justice.

Before standing to go over to greet him, Asher had had to discreetly adjust his length. He couldn’t explain it, but somehow just the sight of this man had him damn near bursting.

Now, Asher sat across from the man of his wet dreams, glancing through the file he had so meticulously made.

“The party is tonight? At 8pm, correct?”

Roman nodded his head. “Yes, uh, yeah. Tonight.”

“I’m hoping you don’t have any pressing engagements this afternoon, because we need to go shopping.”

Roman frowned, and his eyebrows scrunched sun confusion. Asher wanted to awww. It shouldn’t have been, but the expression was pretty cute.


“Well, I can’t exactly show up to the party in my birthday suit,” Asher quipped.

Roman made a choking noise, his face blushing—yes, blushing—bright red. Asher smothered the glee at how easily he could affect this man.


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