Darling (MxM) (DDLB)

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5 - Roman


Roman stepped out of the vehicle, looking around in confusion. He knew this city pretty well, but was surprised there was a shopping center here. A rather crowded one at that, he thought as someone jostled on their way through the parking lot.

“I never knew this place existed.”

Asher chuckled as he stepped out of his own car, parked beside Roman’s. He tried not to look too closely at Asher’s beat up Volvo. Roman had learned a long time ago people felt judged, or embarrassed when placed next to something that pronounced the Verlaine family wealth.

The last thing he would want to do is make things weird between them, or embarrass Asher. Things had been going well so far, and Roman was optimistically hopeful tonight would go off without a hitch.

Asher stepped around Roman’s Mercedes until he was by Roman’s side. “Yes. One could say it’s almost a well kept…secret.”

Roman snorted, rolling his eyes. “How many puns for the word ‘secret’ have you got stashed in your head?”

Asher shrugged with a twinkle in his eye. “Wouldn’t you like to know.”

He started towards the building, and Roman hastened to catch up.

Once in the shopping complex, Roman casually flipped through a photo album of elaborate to simplistic styles of every type of clothing. He had never expected Secrets to have their own tailor…but you learn something new everyday.

Roman felt edgy, almost fidgety as Asher's arm brushed over his, seemingly by accident. As usual, Asher was his same unaffected self as he flipped through a magazine as they sat waiting for Asher’s suit. Apparently the clothes had been ordered the day Roman submitted the application to Secret.

Roman became engrossed in examining one photo of a suit. A dark black, growing vines twisted and turned to cover the arms, torso, back, and every other piece. Little blossoms of purple and pink peppered the branches.

“See anything you like?”

Roman nearly jumped a foot in the air when Asher spoke beside him. He spun around, a hand fluttering up to his chest.

‘You’ came to Romans mind as he thought of an answer to Asher’s question. But he couldn’t exactly say that out loud.

“Shit, don’t scare me like that,” Roman gasped out, taking a deep breath, using the moments to compose himself and get his thoughts under control.

Asher cocked his head and smirked playfully. He held up the black garment bag in his hand.

“Ready to go?”

Roman simply nodded, following Asher out into the hallway. Roman didn’t trust himself yet to say something that wouldn’t get him into trouble.

Walking down the corridor, Roman admired Asher out of the corner of his eye. The sunlight streaming through the skylight hit his hair at just the right angle to give it a heavenly glow. Which was funny, considering what he knew of the man so far showed him more of a mischievous temperament better suited to a devil, not an angel.

Asher’s eyes flickered to a window as they passed. It was quick, but Roman noticed it. He shrugged it off as something that just caught Asher’s attention, when he noticed the blonde's eyes flickered back to the curtained window, and paused on it.

Curious, Roman took a better look. In a loopy, golden font was written the word ‘Darling’. The interior of the store was hidden by dusky purple, velvet drapes.

Well, now he was really curious.

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