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This is a story of an Escort who has dreams like any normal innocent girl . Will HER dreams fulfilled ? Will anyone come in her life as her Shining Armour ? Come And Join Me the journey of An High Society Escort And A Hot Shot Buisness Tycoon .... Cover pic done by @SamairaRajputh

Romance / Drama
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PART - 1

Hello Friends,

Here is the First Chapter of the SS.

Before starting, a short note. Please do read it :

I should've stopped writing this SS, as I didn't get much encouragement to write this one. But some of my friends who wanted me to continue, I wanted to avoid breaking their heart. So, I thought I would give it a try.

• Special Thanks To, AksArshi Starry0502 vannisarun MishtyDoe @ocean_of_happiness



Not Proofread. Please Ignore the Typos and Mistakes.




A sumptuously crafted bedroom and there slept, king of the fashion industry Arnav Singh Raizada as a baby. Sun was looking through the window of his room to wake him up.

Arnav Signh Raizada, the shark of the fashion industry, believed that one had to work hard and play harder until something happened in his life. He had no faith in love or marriage. He was ruthless and ruthless as far as business was concerned. If you mess with him, there'll be nothing for you to do.

Arnav snuggled more into the pillow to sleep some more time, dreaming of a certain black, soft and silky haired girl who robbed his heart and sleep with a mere glance. But the stubborn sun could not let him sleep a wink, and finally, he was forced to wake up rubbing his eyes. He looked at the alarm clock and leaped out of the bed, realizing the time.


Anjali was settling the table when she realized her brother had come running down the stairs. She smiled gently and greeted him.

Everybody went downstairs and began to eat when they heard a throat clearing sound. "How long would you like to live your life like this, chote"? Devyani Raizada asked his grandson. Everyone would see that she was mad at Arnav.

Arnav turned his attention to his nani. His eyes were cold and jaws clenched. He replied in a blunt tone: "What do you mean, nani? Could you please elaborate?"

Nani and Anjali were frustrated with her flippant approach to such a crucial issue.

"Your colorful lifestyle. What else? Have you ever thought of that poor soul who loved you so much and longed to be your wife for so many days? Did you know what that poor soul was going through every day seeing you with another woman"? She reprimanded Arnav, forced everyone at the table to roll their eyes except Anjali.

"We invited them to arrange your marriage tonight,, and you must be here with us to greet them. Understood. I'm not going to take no for an answer.” This time, Anjali said in a taut voice.

Arnav shrugged and began to eat her food without responding to anything. After completing breakfast, he went to his office with Akash totally ignoring their calls.


AR :

After arriving at the office, he called Aman, his Manager, at his cabin and asked for all the details of the woman in the photo he showed. Aman was standing silently and stared down at the picture his boss had given him, confusingly.

He glanced at the confused Aman and barked at him. "What the Mathur! Why are you standing here like a stone? Get back to work and find out all the details I need. Now OUT". Aman went out of there, shaking his head with vehemence.

Arnav leaned over his chair and thought back to last night when he first saw her. He saw her for the first time, but his heart beat as if he had known her all his life…



He was there in the hotel with some random model. As he proceeded toward his suite, he saw a young woman who kept him in his place. His heart was racing as he watched his innocent face and helpless eyes.

It didn't take long to figure out that she was also an escort. But he can bet on his life that she was different from everyone else. There was an aura of nonsense around her. Her posture was firm and meant only for business. Then he did something that he had never done before. He pulled out his phone and clicked some secret pictures of hers.

While clicking her snaps, the ocean of pain in her eyes caught him off guard. It was as if she had been coerced into doing such a thing. He wanted to take away all the pain in his eyes and heart. He wanted to go and take her in his arms,, but she had already gone.

Her trance broke with an alluring touch on his shoulder. He felt repugnant to the touch. He threw her hand so hard that she retreated a few steps. He wanted to avoid being touched by any other girl any longer. He felt sick.

He only wanted HIS girl's touch. His thoughts shocked him. With a jolt, he realized that, he was trapped on the web of the same emotion, from which he was running away these days, called 'Love'. He fell for her at first glance. He drove this girl away and for the first time since his accident, he went alone in her suite to spend the night.

He was tossing and turning in his sleep, thinking of her with someone else. He felt more possessive for her, but for some strange reason, he thought she wasn't going to be with anyone. He suddenly felt at ease. Finally, he gave up his sleep and moved away, thinking of the ways to make her HIS.


He came back from his contemplation by the high-pitched phone call. He picked it up without looking at the caller ID. "Yes, ASR speaking". Then he rolled his eyes as she heard her nani speak of Sheetal and his marriage.

He cut it in the middle and said in a cold voice: "I'm mature enough to decide for myself. Alright! And let me get this straight. I'll get married whenever I want and whomever I want. Then please stop all this nonsense at once. I am not coming anywhere'', saying this he cuts the call.

He became frustrated and began to review some files. Sometimes later, he heard knocking on the door and raised his eyes to see that Aman was waiting for his permission.

Aman came and put the much-needed file before him and said, "Sir, this file contains all the information you wanted. Only this much information we could obtain about her".

Arnav started reading the file but stopped when he saw Aman standing there confused. He saw the confusion on Aman's face and asked briefly, "You want to say anything, Aman"? He shook his head and said, "No, sir".

Arnav looked at him with amusement and asked, "ask what you want, Aman"?

"Sir! Why would you need to know about an escort"? He stopped and swallowed his throat when he saw the dangerous dazzle from his boss. Arnav sent him back, saying, "It's none of your concern, Aman Mathur. Now leave". Aman scurried away from there.

He gazed at the file with earnest. It's the first time he's felt this way. His heart pounded so fast that he could hear his rhythm. He opened the folder with a beating heart.

Name :

Khushi Kumari Gupta. Known as Maya in Escort business.

Address :

Laxmi Nagar, Block S-1 Nanakpura, New Delhi — 110092

Contact No. —


Father (Adopted) —

Lt. Shashi Kant Gupta

Mother (Adopted) —

Mrs. Garima Gupta

Aunt (Adopted) —

Mrs. Madhumati Mishra

Sibling —

One Sister (Arshi Gupta, studying LLB)

Boyfriend — None

Job — High Class and high-rated Escort

Past —

She was an innocent and naive girl like any other simple girl from Lucknow. Wanted to be a fashion designer but got into this escort business.

Reason for becoming an Escort — Unknown

Tariff — 100000 per night

# Apart from this, no information is available on Log.

Arnav closed the file and leaned on his chair with closed eyes. The phrase 'reason unknown' is repeated in his mind over and over again. He thought, "what might be the reason behind this''.

He then called Aman in his cabin and said, "Aman, I want Khushi tonight at any cost tonight. Do what is necessary and I don't want to listen to any lame excuses. Understand!"

Aman called someone and told him to do all the arrangements his boss wanted tonight.

Arnav again opens the file and saw her photo again. Again he saw the same pain which attracted him the most. Seeing her, his eyes twinkled and lit a naughty smile on his sexy lips. He was feeling excited like a child. No one can say that he was the same ruthless monster. He was mumbling under his breath mischievously, "Khushi Kumari Gupta! Get ready to be Khushi Singh Raizada".


Will he get his Khushi so easily?

Will his Orthodox and 'obsessed with Sheetal' family accept an Escort as their Daughter-in-law so easily?

Will an Escort get her happily ever after?

Time will tell what has written in their fate.


To be continued .....

That's it for today ;

Hope You will like it. If not, then forgive me for disappointing you ;

Do Not Forget To Hit The 'Button' and comments (if you like it) .....

Word Counts — 1406

Stay safe and Stay Healthy

Thank you and love you all,

Your Narrator ;

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