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PART - 2

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Khushi came back from her painful thoughts about her life by a shrill ring of a phone call. She saw the caller id and sighed. With a trembling hand she received the call and started to speak to the person, "yes, tell me, ... what? ... really, now what we have to do? .... oh, thik hain! Bu .. but unko pata chal gaya toh? ... oh ok .. I am coming. bye".

Khushi cuts the call with a content look. She feels happy after so long. She never thought that this day will come to her life ever again. But today, she can see a tiny hope. Now she is convinced, like her secret confidant told her that, there is still a hope and chance to bring back what is hers.

This time she will fight. She is not alone anymore. Last time it was different. Then she had no-one alongside her but now she has. She was alive and struggling to survive in this world in the hope of this only.

She got startled when a sweet voice called her, "didz". Her little sister Arshi Gupta. Another reason for her to survive in this world". Then frowned, thinking "how come she is here now"? Then sighed,"this girl will never listen to her, most stubborn girl she has ever seen".

Khushi looked at her and scol her, saying "Aaru, what are you doing here? Didn't I ask you not to come, then? Will you ever listen to me"?

Arshi rolled her eyes to her and asked about her jaanu totally ignoring her questions, "where is my jaanu di? Apka lecture baad mein sun lungi. Ok" making Khushi more irritated than she already is.

"Your Jaanu is in her room sleeping. Go and take care of her. I will get some break fast for you".Saying this Khushi went to the kitchen leaving a teary eyed Arshi.

Arshi Kumari Gupta, younger sister of Khushi. She loves her fi to death and can do anything for her. Still, she is helpless, she can't do anything to bring her happiness back. The situationis not supporting her as well. She cursed herself for feeling so much helpless.

She always gets stunned to see how he hide her pain everytime in the nook of her heart and smiled for them. She never let them feel the heat of pain she is carrying over her heart from so long. First their foster mother and aunt and the the circumstances.

She vowed herself, "one day didz! one day, they will have to pay for their sins. And at that time they will know the taste of their own medicine. And I will make sure about that".

She got back from her revengeful thoughts by Mrs. Breganza ( caretaker of her janu, in the absence of both of her and her di ).

"Arshi bitiya! What are you still doing here? Bitiya said, you were going to see your janu. I was waiting there for you there, but you didn't come. Are you ok? And why are you crying"? She asked all these in one breath.

That's when Arshi realised that, she was weeping, thinking about her di's life. She wiped her tears hastily as she knew if her di sees her like this then she will be very hurt.

She then composed herself and told Mrs. Breganza, "breadth aunty; I was going to but got a call, so... and no, I am not crying, something went into my eyes, that's why the tears. You don't worry". She was looking away while saying all this.

Mrs. Breganza got that, she was trying to hide her pain. She knew Arshi can't see her di in pain. She also can't, but they don't know how to take her pain away.

Khushi became this lifeless from that disastrous night. If only her so-called family supported her when she needed them the most. If only Shashi was alive.

Mrs. Breganza smiled sadly and sighed. She remembers their childhood like it was yesterday. She was their neighbour in lucknow.

Khushi was such an innocent and chirpy soul. She was loved by everyone. But God knows, who casted evil eyes on her. First Shashi left the world leaving both the child alone and shattered. And those Gupta women started to show their true color.

When Khushi needed them and their support, they showed how much people can stoop low for money.

After almost three and half year ago, an angel came to her life to free her from the evil clutches. From that time, Khushi started to live here , in this apartment leaving Gupta house and lucknow for ever. She also came with her.

Shashi was like a brother to her. She loves Khushi and Arshi like her own from childhood itself. So when Khushi came here leaving everything behind in a hope to that now she can get her happiness, she also come with her. She has no one anyways.
But little did she know that, the happiness was for a short span of time.

Mrs. Breganza knew that both the sisters were trying hard to conceal their own pain from another. So she doesn't probe much and tells her, "don't worry bitiya, everything will be fine". Arshi hugged her tightly and sobbed for some time.

Later both of them went to a room, which looks like a baby's room. Seems like a princess room, filled with dolls, teddy bears and cartoon pictures on the wall.

In the middle, there sleeping the most innocent and cute baby of the world. Khushi's princess and Arshi's jaanu Anshika Gupta.

Seeing her sleeping like this, Arshi goes towards her and begun to snuggle her and kissing her everywhere. Because of this cuddling and kissing session our Ashu baby woke up and started to cry for her mumma. "oooooo oo oo , mmmm .. mm .. mmuha"

Khushi came running listening to her baby's crying voice. Khushi knew why, she started to cry. "Aaru, you again started? how many times I have to tell you to not to do this? She don't like this kissing? Why don't you listen to me"? Khushi reprimanded Arshi for waking her up, making Arshi pout.

Khushi started to swing her daughter to calm her down. Arshi held her ears and said, "sorry didz, it's just that , can't control seeing her sleeping like this . You know na ! "

Khushi sighed and nodded her head ; " jah ! Jaake break fast karle ; table has been arranged already ." She said to her sister .
Arshi narrowed her eyes and said ; " aap nahi karoge di ? ( will you not have ?) "

Khushi nodded her head and gestured to her like ; ' you go , I am coming ' . Arshi went away from there leaving the mother daughter alone for some time . Khushi swayed her daughter in her arm " ale ale , na na bachcha , lote nei . Machi ne lula diya , bady bady machi , hain na ! Nahi rote mera bachcha " . Khushi said cooing to her .

"You know , today you'll mochte favlit perchchon called me . Your momma is very happy today . ( You know , today your most favorite person called me . Your momma is very happy today )" She told her daughter and Ashu ( going to address her as Ashu from now on ) nodded her head as if she understands everything her mum told her . ( how cute na ? )

Eventually , after so much cuddling and cooking from her mother, princess Anshika drifts away to her doll-land again .

Khushi joined the rest on the break-fast table and said ; " I will be late tonight , so please
take care of Ashu "! Before Mrs. Breganza said something , Arshi frowned and asked ; " late ! Why ? What happened ? And don't worry about it ; I am going to stay here tonight" . Khushi doesn't answer her, just nods her head a little .

Later ; something clicked in her head and she asked looking at her ; " you are staying here tonight means ? Aren't you going to return to Gupta house ? Aaru , they will again get another reason for taunti..."

Arshi didn't let her complete her sentence and screamed at her ; " I don't care di ! And you also stop caring about what they think or will say .. I am fading . I detest them and hate the fact that I have to remain with them . Only because of you I am staying there . So don't tell me what I have to do and not regarding those vile women ".

Khushi's face fell and eyes got moist listening to her sister's harsh voice . She never talked to her in that voice . But today .... She sighed .

She shouldn't have said that as now her Aaru is not a little baby . She is mature enough to take her decisions . She was about to say sorry to her , when she heard the same word from her baby sister .

Arshi , who saw that , her di's face fell when she hollered at her ,realising her fault and apologized to her immediately ; " sorry di , really very sorry . I didn't mean to hurt you . You know na., I hate them for what they did to you . Please don't talk to me about them . I seriously don't care ".

Khushi smiled a little and kissed her forehead affectionately . " Ok then , stay here and take care of yourself and Ashu ok ? "
Arshi nodded her head vigorously and kissed Khushi's cheek .

Khushi then left from there and got to meet her secret confidant .

Raizada Mansion ( After Arnav went for his Office ) :

After Arnav and Akash left for office , Anjali started to manipulate her nani with her fake tears , " see na nani ! Nowadays , Chote doesn't even talk to me properly . You saw how he refused to come home to meet sheetal and her family on my face , so rudely ? What are we going to tell them nani ? Call him nani , talk to him na " making mami rolled her eyes .

Nani was about to say something , Manoroma beats her and said sternly ; " Anjali bitiya ! You don't have to tell your nanny , what she has to do , samjhiv! hello hi bye bye . And about humre Arnab bitwa ! Leave him alone , letz him dicted what he wants to do . You understand ?"

( Anjali bitiya ! You don't have to tell your nani what she has to do or not , hello hi bye bye . And about Arnav bitwa ! Leave him alone ! Let him decide what he wants )

Then murmer herself ; " waise bhi bohot kar chuki ho , itna jhel bhi nehi payega " .

Nani looked at her daughter-in-law and mentally thanked her for saving her from Anjali's whining . But guess what ! she thanked her a little bit earlier . Just when she thought that , Anjali started her drama again .

" How can you say that mami ? I am his di , his mother , how can I leave him alone ? I can't see him like this , he has to listen to me . Today he has to come and meet them . He avoided this topic enough, not anymore " . Anjali said with tears in her eyes melting her nani's heart .

Devyani thought about what Anjali said , and came to a conclusion that she was right . She only wants her brother's happiness as she loves him a lot . But of course mami knew better .

Nani thought for some time and decided to call her chote as she also wants him to settle down with a good and cultural girl like sheetal . She likes her very much .

She can't let Chote ruin his life like this , she thought sternly . Little did she know that , by forcing Arnav for this marriage with a girl , he despised her the most ; will ruin his life . But in her obsession to get him married to Sheetal , she is not able to see that .

So , she called Arnav and told him sternly to come home but all her efforts went in vain when Arnav snapped at her as soon as she brought the topic of Sheetal .

She just prayed that some miracle would happen and Arnav would come home . She is determined , if today Arnav comes home by devimaiya's grace then she will have their roka today itself . She only prayed for her chote's happiness . If only , she knew that her Chote has already found his happiness and this time he devi maiya is also with him . Her thoughts were broken by Anjali's mobile ring .

Anjali squealed seeing the caller id . She showed mami and nani her phone and said happliy ; " dekha nani /mami ; Sheetal kitna pyar karti hain hum sab se aur especially chote se ? Woh har time phone karti raheti hain humari aur unki khairiyat janne k liye . I have to go and take the call ok " .

( See nani ! How much Sheetal loves us and most importantly Chote ? Everytime calls me to ask about him and us . Such a sweet girl she is . )

Anjali went away from there leaving a smiling nani and contemptuous mami behind . Mami scowled at her mindless and unnecessary happiness and muttered to herself with her twisted lips ; " she doesn't call to askashk about uz hello hi bye bye , she is likeiz like thisthiz only ; chipku . She only vant to chipke rahena to hamre Arnab bitwa ."

( She doesn't call us to ask us hello hi bye bye . She just wants to stick to Arnav bitwa like a glue ) .

Then she furrowed her eyebrows thinking something suspiciously ; " yeh Anjali bitiya kuch zyada hi nehi sheetal sheetal karat hain ? Jamesh Band banne ka padi Manorama , investment karibe ka padi . Hmmm " . Not knowing that her direction of thoughts are going absolutely in right direction ...

( doesn't this Anjali bitiya doing sheetal like this , sheetal that , too much nowadays ? You have to become James Bond Manoroma ? Have to investigate . Hmmm ).....

To be Continued....


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