Pavitra Pyar

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PART - 3

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RAIZADA MANSION ( Anjali's Room ) :

Anjali went to her room bouncing like she got her favourite candy while talking Sheetal.

Phone Conversation :

Anjali - Hello Sheetal, how are you?

Sheetal - Am fine di! Am so happy that Naniji asked my parents to come over there for mine and Asr's relationship. But will Asr be there di?

Anjali - Of Course he will be here. You don't worry about that at all. I will take care of that.

Sheetal - Di! Am very scared. If anyone comes to know about us then? Leave anyone! If Asr comes to know then? We are finished di.

Anjali - don't be a chicken Sheetal. How will anyone get to know? And about Chote? How will he come to know after what happened with him? And he is still passing through the same phase. Don't you know that? You simply focus on how well you impress Mama and Mami! Nani is already impressed. But you have to be in their good books too. Mainly Chote's. So don't let this opportunity pass. Ok?

Sheetal - Ok di. Now, I have to go as I have to prepare myself for Asr! I have to rush to the parlour. So bye for now , i'll see you in the evening.

End Of Conversation

Saying this they both cut the call and Anjali scowled thinking about Sheetal's useless talks. She muttered; "This girl! Always talking craps! How will anyone know what happened two years ago? Arnav is still and will be in my control till I want. And other than him, no one even has that brain or power to make out about my deeds. Huhhh. What Sheetal thinks that I am doing all this for her? Huhh, dumb girl! I am only doing all this only for myself. She is nothing but a pawn here. Humpff".

Little did she know , if something has written in destiny , then no can have the power to alter it .

She then thinks of something and gets an idea how to bring Arnav back home . She proceeded downstairs and when she was on the last stairs she held her head and pretended to get unconscious .

Devyani Raizada , who was sitting on the couch with her son and daughter-in- law and enjoyed their silly banter, looked at her grand daughter with a horror stricken face and rushed to her screaming, "Anjali bitiyaaaa" !

Manohar and Manorama also rushed to her and Manohar lifted Anjali and took her to her room . In the meantime , Manoroma called their family doctor .

Nani sat beside Anjali and caressed her hair with teary eyes . She looked at her son and asked him "bitwa ! Where is the doctor ? Why isn't he here till now"?

Manoroma rolled her eyes at her Sasuma and said sarcastically ; "sasu maa ! Doctor hai , superman nahi hai ki udte hue chale aye within five minutes traffic se bachke ? Abhi toh phone kiya ! Aa jayenge". " ( Sasuma ! He is not a superman, you know that, within five minutes he will get here. I Called him, he will be here any moment. )

Devyani Raizada, who was focussing on her Anjali bitiya missed the taunt in her daughter in law's tone. She stated in a strangled voice, "See how my Anjali bitiya! She looks so pale ! What happened to her ? She was so happy sometimes back".

Her talk is cut short by Hari Prakash's voice . He fetched the doctor and went away from there. Doctor told them to move out. Manohar and Manorama left immediately but nani went out reluctantly from there.

Sometime later, the doctor came out of the room and nani hurled questions after questions to him . Manohar calmed her down and signaled the doctor to continue.

Finally, the doctor said, "see Mr. Raizada! Your niece got an anxiety attack. Perhaps she is stressed about something and also is not taking her meal properly. That's why she passed out. Don't worry, she is fine as of now". Saying this he left.

Nani called Arnav immediately and waited for him to take it. The minute he lifted the call, she started her ranting. "Chote come home right now. Anjali bitiya fainted sometimes back, and it's all because of you. So get back home immediately. I don't want to listen to any excuses. Understand!" Saying this she cuts the call.

Manohar and Manorama stared at her incredulously. Nani looks at them and asks in irritation, "what?"

"What is Chote's fault in Anjali's health condition Amma?" Manohar asked his mother. Nani looked at him and said; "what do you mean? Everything is Chote's fault. Anjali bitiya always thinks of him but he can't even fulfill her one wish? Does she want any thing for herself? No. She just wants him to get settled. She always gets worried about his life and now sees the result".

Manohar threw his hands in the air in exasperation and Manorama twisted her lips. She got irritated and said, "so? What do you want to say now? Only because Anjali bitiya is little ill, Chote has to sacrifice his life?"

"What's there to sacrifice Manorama! We are telling him to get married and not go into a war field. And why are both of you and Akash always against Anjali? Chote has to present here today and I will do the roka today itself. I don't want to listen to anything." Saying this she went out of the room to get some food for Anjali leaving the annoyed mama, mami behind. They also moved to their room leaving Anjali behind to rest.

After everyone went away leaving her alone, she opened her eyes and smirked seeing her plan being successful. She knew this would happen exactly if nani got to know about her ill-health. Nani will force Arnav to come here and get engaged to Sheetal and that's what she wants. Her thoughts went back to the time when the doctor came to check up on her.

Flashback Starts :

After everyone left, Anjali opened her eyes, startling the doctor a bit. Doctor said, "Arey, you are ok? Then why did your family call me?

Anjali ignored his question and told him what he had to do. But when the doctor denied, she offered him a lump sum money and her work was done.

Flashback Ends

She was fuming inside hearing her mama, mami. She gritted her teeth and thought, "these people are always ready to speak for Arnav and spoil my plan. Arghhh." She took a sigh of relief when nani stood her ground and called Arnav here immediately. She knew her nani loved her too much to let anything happen to her.

She closed her eyes promptly when her nani came with food. After some time, she murmured, "cho..chote, ummgh... chote" . Nani sat beside her and fondled her hair lightly and called her, "bitiya! Anjali bitiya! Chote is coming."

Anjali opened her eyes and looked here and there and said, " nani! Hum yaha kya kar rahe hain? Hum toh neeche jaa rahe the, par hamara sar.." she held her head as if it's paining till now. Nani nodded her head and told her, "bitiya!u have passed out. By devi maiya's grace, we all were there. Else, what would have happened?" She shuddered.

"where is chote nani?" Anjali asked in a fake tired voice. Before nani answered Arnav stormed into the room. And asked "what was so important nani, that you had to call me here in the midst of my important meeting." He didn't even notice Anjali or asked about her once making Anjali grit her teeth and fumed.

Nani scoffed at him and said in a reprimanding tone, "what kind of behaviour is this chote? I told you about Anjali right! Even then, you are asking why I called you?Don't you have an ounce of guilt that, your sister is in this condition today, is only because of you? And you are more worried about your damn meeting than Anjali?"

Arnav who was already irritated by his nani's intervening call in between his million dollar meeting, scowled at her and said, "see nani! Mami already told me everything. Nothing happened here like you are portraying ok. And most importantly, I am not at all the guilty one here. Hence, don't even try to manipulate me in doing something I don't want to. And let me tell you nani, you won't get successful."

Hearing Arnav's voice, mama and mami also came and stood beside Arnav. Nani glared seeing Manorama. She looked at Arnav sternly, "Chote! I don't want to hear anything. Doctor said, Anjali bitiya shouldn't take stress, and I will not allow you to give her more than she already is. She didn't want anything that you cannot give her. She only wanted to see you to get settled with a good girl. Is it wrong?"

Before Arnav opened his mouth to say something, Anjali called him in a faint voice.
"Chote!" Arnav looked at Anjali finally and sat beside her and asked about her health.

After some talking on her health condition, Anjali cupped his face gently and said, "Chote, don't feel bad about nani's word hmm! You know na! She loves both of us immensely. If something happens to any of us then she gets worried easily." Manorama sneered at that.

"But that love doesn't give her the right to manipulate and dictate my life. I know you guys love me but that doesn't mean, you can force your decisions, like and dislike on me. I am not going to tolerate it. Most importantly, don't take stress because of me. I will get married for sure but when I want, not according to you. Take care". Arnav said all this without any emotions, making his Mama, mami sighed in relief. But nani stared at his grandson disbelievingly.

Anjali, who was seething inside listening to all this from her brother and thought worriedly, "how could he not worry about me? He is behaving like before. Am I losing my control over him?, it's not a good sign at all. Have to talk to the doctor. But right now, anyhow I have to convince him for the roka at least. Rest, will manage later."

Thinking this, she said, "Chote! You don't have to marry Sheetal if you don't want to, ok." But before she said anything, Nani intervened between them and said, "Anjali bitiya! What are you saying?"

Anjali looks at her nani reassuringly and again says to Arnav in her fake sugary tone, "Yes, Chote! You don't have to marry her if you don't want to. But will you please keep my one request at least. Give her a chance at least. Date her for six months. If you don't want her even after that, then we will call it off. Is it okay with you?Please!" She put on her best puppy dog face.

Arnav thought for some time and then agreed to this. He wanted out of the forced relationship and if agreeing to his di's deal made that happen then why not. In the meantime he will find his Khushi as well. Later he went away from there promising them to be here in the evening.

At The Same Time ( Back Side Of devi maiya's temple )

A man is sitting on a bench with a girl. They are sitting there in silence for sometime. After some time, he asked the girl, "how are you bhabhi? And how is my gudiya?" The girl smiled at him softly. Her eyes become teary listening to the endearing word, 'bhabi' from him after so long.

She said, "I am fine Akash. And your gudiya is as usual like you saw her last time. But she is getting naughtier day by day." Akash smiled proudly hearing his gudiya's naughtiness.

Then he got serious and asked her in a worried tone, "what do you decide bhabi? Will you go to meet bhai tonight? You know, he was asking Aman for your details. Luckily, I heard them and manipulated the reports a bit, so he doesn't know anything yet. But he is Asr bhabi and you know, upto what extent he can go to get the thing he wants".

Khushi stared at him sadly and started to sob "Akash! Why did all this happen to me? If that day you didn't come, then I would have died after what Anjali and Sheetal did to me" ...

Akash got stiff. He tightened his fist remembering the past. But got himself relaxed for his bhabhi and hugged her. "No bhabi, don't think about all this. I did nothing big . I did what a brother should do. And don't worry about them. They will have to pay for what they did to my bhai and you." Akash said in a cold voice.

Then he looked at Khushi and to calm her down, he said biting his cheeks, "you just stick to our plan. First phase of the plan was successful. He has seen you and started looking for you. Now, we have to plan for your meeting. That's it. Rest he will manage." Khushi blushed at his comment.

Akash laughs at his bhabi's innocence. Khushi slapped his hands for making fun of her. But then asked him seriously, "what should I do Akki? I mean, should I accept his offer to meet him tonight or decline it?".

Akash said mischievously, "deny him. Let him wait for you a bit." But gets serious when he sees his bhabi's face fall. He cursed himself to hurt her. She is already so much in pain and he gave her some more. She was radiating when she talked about this on call but now he snatched that also.

But he knows, tonight his bhai won't be able to meet her because of their grandmother and bitch of a sister's stubbornness. So he denied her. He knew if bhai didn't come there, she would again get hurt . And this is something he doesn't want.

So, he said, "please bhabi, try to understand, we have to make him remember you. We can't force him directly. It will affect his health but indirectly we can right. So we have to trigger his memory. The more he will think of you , his brain will start to kick his memory. And for this, we have to make him desperate for you".

Khushi nodded her head and sobbed. Akash cursed Anjali and Sheetal and vowed himself that he will not spare them for what they did to this innocent soul.

To be Continued.....


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