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PART - 4

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Continued from last chapter :

Khushi was sobbing hard thinking about Arnav and Akash was consoling her. He knew she was broken. She loves his bhai way too much and because of those two she was on the verge of losing him. Only because of them, she can't even meet him or tell him about herself and their daughter.

She had done all the things she hated. She has to pretend to be an escort to make him remember her as she was an escort when they both met. He knows she hates to do.this but she has to. She has no choice left.

Yes, she was an escort when his bhai first met her. Even though a amature one but still, she was. He still remembers, when first time his bhai told him about her. He was shocked hearing this fact. It was enough shock for him that his bhai had gone to a brothel and then, when he heard that he was in love with an escort and wanted to marry her, was the biggest shock he received in his life.He has gone insane getting shocks aftershocks that day. He rejected the idea out right of his bhai marrying an escort.

But, then he met this girl, whom he grew to love like a small sister. The girl, whose foster mother and aunt sold her, after her father's demise to a lusty bastard named shyam. Why? Only for some paper called money.

After listening about her tragic life and what that bastard did to her after that and then seeing their love, he couldn't help to accept their relationship. She had just started to live her life happily when this tragedy struck them. God knows, from where, his bitch of a sister got to know about them and then everything falls apart.

Sometimes, he thinks, is money so important that some people can stoop so low for this? How can a mother, though a foster one but still she is a mother sell her child only for some money? How can a sister stoop so low, that she tried to kill her own brother, only because of mere property?

He snapped back from his thoughts when Khushi shook him. He looked at her and found her looking at him with a frown, "where were you lost bhai ''? Akash just shrugged his shoulder and said, "nothing bhabi. You tell me"? Khushi looked at him quitelu for some time and then said "I have to go now as Aaru is here" .

Akash's eyes twinkled hearing Arshi's name. He asked happily, "really, bhabi! Arshi is here? How, when, why"? Khushi laughed a little and said,"breath bhai, breath! And now, about your questions, she came here today morning. And about your other question, why? You know na, she doesn't like to stay there but only because I told her to stay there, she is staying. She hates them".

Akash stares at his bhabi irritatingly, "anyone in her place, would have hated them bhabhi for what they did to you. It's only you, who thinks of them even now. Why did you tell Arshi to stay with them? Why are you so good bhabi"? He scolded Khushi making her pout.

Then, she said, "you know na bhai, what happened to them? Their house caught fire. I don't know though, how it happened. But still it happened". She said in confusing tone making Akash looks away, which go unnoticed by her. She continued, "And then, Mrs. Mishra got a paralytic attack . They were literally begging me to take them back. But I couldn't do it bhai, as those horrible days of my life still haunts me. If he didn't come into my life as an angel, then I would have still been in that hell. I also don't want to see their faces. I also want to punish them bhai. But whenever I think of punishing them, babuji's face comes in front of me. What can I do? I know, you and Aru think of me as a fool but aap bata sakte ho mein kya karoo? I am doing this only for babuji! I can't throw a dying man's word into pit bhai that too babuji's. Because of whom me and Aru are living today or else we would have died in our childhood itself".

Akash gazed at her disbelievingly and said, "Are you for real bhabi? I would have still agreed with you, if they had amended themselves and stopped being the bitches they are. But no, they are living on your money and still bad mouthing you and Arshi''. Khushi looks down listening to him. She knows she is doing wrong but what can she do? She promised her babuji to look after them, when he took his last breath. Maybe if babuji got wind of their character, he would have thrown them out of his life when he was alive. But they were such good actresses that they never got, what was their true color.

Akash cursed himself for scolding her. He composed himself and said, 'its ok bhabi. But tell me one thing, why did you tell Arshi to stay with them very well..If they do something with her"?

She shook her head and said, "no bhai, nothing will happened to Aur, I told Khanna to tighten the security around Gupta house and Aru. I will not let anything happen to her. And now, about your answer to why do I let her live with them? Because I want someone whom I trust immensely around them to know, if they are planning something again against me. That's why, I told Aru to live there".

They were sitting in comfortable silence for sometime. Then Khushi asked him, "Bhai, when can I meet him? How unlucky I am, I will have to meet my own husband as an escort". And tears started to fall from her eyes. Akash sat there not knowing what to do? He knows how painful it can be for her but they have no way out. If there is any way, then he didn't tell her to do that.

He got back to reality by Khushi's voice. He looked at her at once hearing her scared voice. "What happen bhabi"? He asked her carefully. Khushi looked at him with all the trust and innocence and asked him in a shaky voice, "bhai! Ky..kya wo sach mein dusri ladkiyon ke sathe woh sab.. mera mat.. matlab". Akash didn't let her complete as he knew how uncomfortable she was feeling to ask this to him. He understood what she wanted to ask and chuckled lightly and nodded his head and said, "no bhabi, don't worry, he is not doing anything which makes him regret after he comes to know the truth. Ok. I can tell you only this now bhabi. I hope you understand what I mean? He is as much yours as you are his. Alright! Don't think so much about all this. You just prepare yourself to meet him. Okay. I will look into this. And you will get his manager's call very soon. Do not worry. Now you go home. My princess is living without her mumma for a long time now. I can't allow that na".

Khushi nods her head and says, "okay. I am waiting for that day eagerly". Saying this she left leaving a sightful Akash behind.

To be continued......


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