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PART - 5

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Khushi's Home :

After meeting Akash, her mind kind of cleared up on everything. She wanted to see her husband, but it wasn't the right time. She can't get to him till it's time. Aur waise bhi let him be agitated for a while longer. Did he not torment her all these days? Was she supposed to hear of his Casanova image? No right! She had to go through it. She was so broken hearing that. Did he ever think of her before spreading such news about himself? And why? Because of those God-awful women! 'He couldn't remember you, though! Neither was he doing what you thought' her heart told her. She sulked and went off from there.

Her cellphone rang again as she started her car. She saw the number, then sighed. "Hello! Yes, Maya speaking". After listening to the other person, she breathed heavily and said with attitude, "No, Mr. Mathur! I can't make it today. I have another appointment. Tell that boss of yours to wait. People wait their whole life for Maya. Got it! If he could wait for me, that's great, if not! Find someone else" and cut the call.

Aman stared into the telephone in his hand with big eyes. "What the... This...this girl had more attitude than Asr! Turned out to be lady Asr. You are gone, Aman Mathur! Aab teri khair nahi. Please, God save me"! He murmured and raised his eyes in prayer for himself.

As he headed towards the den of the Lion, he bumped into someone and looked up to see Akash. Akash glanced at his sweaty form and frowned. "Aman! What happened? What are you so nervous about"?

He swallowed his throat and said, 'Because I'm going to be slaughtered in a few minutes in your brother's hand, that's why! Have you ever seen a goat be happy before it's been butchered? You still want to know why I'm nervous"? He made a crying face.

Akash could not control himself and exploded with laughter. "Ha ha ha ha!!! What? Butchered, slaughtered? What are you talking about and why? What are you, some kind of real goat or what? Haaa haaa haaa"!!! He held his stomach and laughed out loud.

Aman pouted. " are teasing me! Bohot haasi aa rahi hai, right! Toh meri jagah tum chale jao na lion ke muh mein aur mein yaha aram se baith ta hoon "!

"Na ba na! It's your duty to get beaten up every day. Why should I put myself among you and your Asr? You go there and die. I have nothing to do with its brother. Bye... Bye"! And he went his way, leaving behind him a swallowing Aman.

Akash knew why Aman was so afraid to go in front of his bhai. He guessed, his bhabi must've denied coming tonight and meeting bhai. And because of Bhabi's denial, now, he would be reprimanded by the Lion itself. But what to do! Sometimes small sacrifices are necessary to obtain great things. But it was truly hilarious to see Aman acting like a whiny baby.


Arnav Singh Raizada paced like a caged tiger in his cabin and was shouting his heart out at Aman for not getting his Khushi to him tonight itself.

Aman stood there silently, "What have I done wrong to you, DeviMaiya! Couldn't you find any more work for me? Yeh ek akela Asr hi mila tha! I will come to the temple every day, I will offer you coconut every day Devi Maya! But please, save me from this day. Asr has become insane today. He was acting like an insane bull... Please na! I am your child, ain't I? Will you not keep your child safe, Devi Maya"! He was babbling and crying.

He prayed to his favorite God with devotion, when he heard a loud, "MATHURRRR"!

He was frightened when he saw Asr standing before him. He (Asr) stared at him with a steady gaze. Aman gulped. "Uh... Asr"!

"I've asked you to do a simple job Aman Mathur but, YOU couldn't even do that simple thing? You couldn't schedule a meeting with Khushi? You Moron!!! Now, how can..."? A phone call suddenly brought him to a halt. Aman breathed a breath of relief.

Arnav gritted his teeth, seeing the name blinking in his cell phone. He shut it down, but it started ringing over and over again. At last, he received the call.

"What di"!! He snapped at his sister.

Anjali was surprised by the way he sounded. She realized that his mood was not good. But has she ever considered his mood? No. So, she began the drama.

He clenched his fist and closed his eyes to control himself from lashing at his sister. He took a deep breath and said with a sharp voice, "I had forgotten that. You don't have to make a mountain of nothing at all! I'll be there soon. And stop your emotional blackmailing at the drop of your hat" and cut the call without listening to what his sister was saying.

He breathed heavily and looked at Aman who had been sweating until now. "Mr. Mathur! Try harder to arrange a meeting. Understand! If I don't get her na then, YOU Mr. Mathur are fired and let me warn you, this time you are going to be fired for real. Got it. Now, cancel all my meetings. I have to go home". With that, he stormed his cabin and his office.

RM :

Here at RM, the scenario was entirely different. Anjali and her nani were delighted to see their favorite Sheetal and her parents in RM. All they wanted to do was wait for their chote.

"Sheetal bitiya, Today I am so glad. For many days, I had this dream of seeing my Chote's wedding with a cultural and good girl who would love my chote for who he was, not for what he was. And today, my dream was about to become a reality". Devyani Raizada was feeling emotional.

Anjali was smirking evilly. She was delighted today because she would achieve the result of her hard work. What she had not done to see this day.

Anjali's POV :

HarshVardhan Singh Raizada, her grandfather, made a will before his death. He gave his entire property to his beloved chote, Arnav Singh Raizada. And that's not the end of it. No. Even though he has given the entire property to Chote but has not given him the right to transfer it to anyone without consultation or permission from his wife. Why? Because he knew that Anjali grew up as a vicious and manipulative woman, and she would exploit Arnav's love for her and take the entire property in her name and deprive everyone.

Anjali Singh Raizada was unable to bear the insult. She was the eldest in Raizadas, so it's her right to own the whole estate. AR ought to be hers. But only because she was a girl, her grandfather gave everything to Chote.

She tried to instigate Akash and Mami against Arnav but to her misfortune, they loved him too much to trample on him. And they've kept tabs on her ever since. She had to do everything secretly since then.

Sheetal was nothing more than a pawn in his diabolical game. She just used Sheetal's dream of being Mrs. Asr and made the most of it. And being addicted to her dream, she did everything she asked her to do.

She was using Sheetal because if Arnav or anybody ever learned anything, it would be Sheetal who would be trapped. And nobody would suspect an innocent, loving and benevolent Anjali. Sheetal hadn't figured out the real story yet.

Anjali Singh Raizada was an evil woman. She had no qualms about killing her own brother. Then who was Sheetal? She wouldn't even think twice about killing her when her job was done. She only required her (Sheetal) to transfer the entire property to her name. That's it. If Sheetal was Arnav's wife, it could be easier...

End of Anjali's POV

She came out of her wild thoughts by her mami's loud voice.

"Hello hi - bye bye! Arnav bitwa agawa. Humre Arnav bitwa ki aaj engamentwa hain. Hum toh bohot hi happily ebher aphter hain. Hello hi bye bye". Mami spoke with enthusiasm.

Anjali gnashed her teeth as she knew what her pyari mami was trying to do. She knew that her mami tried to make Arnav aware of the situation over here. So, he escaped from this place. Today she wouldn't let him get away from the Roka. No matter what happens. Little did she know.

She looked at Sheetal disbelievingly who was blushing idiotically. She rolled her eyes on her idiocy. She (Sheetal) knew that he disliked her very much, even then she blushed like a mad woman.

"What the"!!! Anjali startled back from her musings.

"What has happened, Chote?" asked her brother sweetly. Mama and Mami rolled their eyes at her overtly fake sweetness.

"What happened? You want ME to tell you what happened"? Arnav got frustrated by his di.

"What did I say in the morning? Didn't I say that, I wasn't going to have any Roka or engagement at all? Didn't I say that, I wanted six months to learn more about her, and then I'll make the decision? Then how can you organize this crap Roka and everything"? He snapped at her.

[Sorry if I hurt anyone about the rituals. Didn't mean to. ]

Anjali fisted his palm because his brother was determined to spoil everything. Sheetal turned pale when he heard her Asr. She started to pretend to cry before Nani. Before Anjali opened her lips, Sheetal's father spoke.

"What do you think of yourself? And what do you think about my child? Was my baby any product here that you wanted to put her through a trial and error process for six months? What's going on here, Maji? You asked us over so your grandson could insult us like that"? Sheetal's dad, Arun Kapoor, yelled at Nani.

"Aree nehi...nehi Kapoor saab! you were misunderstanding". Devyani Raizada tried to deal with the damage.

"Chote! What nonsense was this? What are you doing? How can you insult Sheetal Bitiya and her family like this"? Arnav looked the other way.

He inhaled deeply and said, "See nani! I haven't said anything out of the world. If you agree to my terms, then that's okay, otherwise your guests will go to hell. I don't care about that at all. Alright".. Saying this, he set out from there without paying attention to anybody's call.

Anjali was afraid that her plan would be ruined if this relationship broke off. So, she tried to make her nani and the Kapoors see sense. After many struggles, she had them accept her brother's conditions and took a great respite.


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