Another Mistake

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Sara loved Adam very much. But their relationship didn't last long. Adam got bored and broke up with Sara. Sara could not accept that fact because Sara loved Adam too much. Sara was traumatized by that. All of that makes it difficult for Sara to fall in love again. Will Sara be able to find love again? Will Sara be able to find her happiness? Or will Sara make another mistake?

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Chapter 1

I took out the cellphone from my bag, I heard the notification of incoming messages from my cellphone. I looked at the screen and it turned out that the message from my boss, it turned out that Lidya needed me again for a new project. I don’t think she can live without me.

She always needed me if she wanted her project finished quickly.At that time accidentally when I walked past the bulletin board on campus, there was an opening that Lidya’s company needed freelancers, and I thought that because at that time I had a lot of free time, I sent my application to Lidya’s company.

The first time I met Lidya, my first impression was she was very cold, arrogant, and perfectionist. And as I expected, she underestimated me as much as she underestimated my co-workers because then I was young and still inexperienced.

When the first project was finished, it was much faster than what Lidya thought. Lidya started to pay attention to me. Lidya and I started to get close and it turned out that Lidya was not as bad as I thought. She’s just like that because of the demands of work and I can understand why she’s so demanding when it comes to work.

After that first project, Lidya started to rely on me. She knew that I could work on the project much faster than anyone else. And I also don’t mind if she wants that, I need that job to take my mind off. It’s not that I didn’t need the money, but at that time my father still gave me full financial support, so I didn’t run out of money and I still had to finish my studies. So I considered a job at Lidya’s company to make me divert my mind.

Not many of my colleagues know the story of my life, including Lidya. I’m not an introvert, but I just don’t like them knowing everything about me. I much prefer them to know me without knowing who I really am. Because sometimes society can really judging other people. And it is tiring for me to have to deal with it all the time.

I immediately replied to Lidya’s message. Tomorrow I will come to her office as usual.I put my cellphone into my jeans pocket and walk towards the parking lot. I have to go home, tonight I’ll meet Ray, the plan tonight is to hang out in the usual cafe.

Han will wait for us as usual there. Han is the barista there. Han got to know us because we were there all the time. Sometimes Han often gives us free because Han already knows us. When no visitor on the Cafe, Han often sits with us and chats with us.

My mind drifted, remembering the first time Han knew me and Ray, I could remember the expression on his face, only because when he put coffee on our table and saw that there were lots of cigarette butts in our ashtray.

At that time, Han was really curious about the two of us. At first Han really didn’t think Ray and I were fun. When he got to know us, in the end Han admitted that we were both much better than his female friends he ever had. And I have to admit, today I miss Han’s coffee.

Arriving at the parking lot, I pressed my car alarm and opened my car door. I put my bag in the passenger seat and started my car. I have to go home and change my clothes. The trip home only took about an hour, and luckily the roads weren’t jammed today. I opened my car window and lit my cigarette.

I turned off my car engine, took my bag and got out of the car. I see in front of the house everything is the same as usual. Maybe all are in the house, busy with all their business. When I passed the living room, there was no one. When I arrived in front of my room, I heard my sister’s voice laughing. maybe she was playing with the others. I immediately went into my room.

I put my bag on the bed, and took the cellphone out of my jeans pocket. I had to charge my cellphone battery, I turned on the radio and the sound of my favorite song began to be heard throughout my room.

I looked at my watch, I still have about two hours to get ready. I lay on the bed, I want to relax for a while. While listening to my favorite song, I closed my eyes, my thoughts drifted to Adam. I still can’t forget everything that happened even though it’s been six months.

Adam and I have been in a relationship for more than three years. I knew Adam more than six years ago. Our relationship started from friendship. I never thought that as long as we were friends, Adam liked me. I think at that time Adam really dared himself to tell me his feelings.

At that time I thought I wanted to have a relationship with Adam because I liked him too. Hey, who doesn’t like a handsome guy, especially he chose you to be his girlfriend? I just didn’t think that my relationship with Adam was much more serious than I thought.

At that time Adam really did everything he could to make me fall in love with him. He showered me with all kinds of beautiful things. I fell in love with Adam, not because of his handsome face. But the more I get to know Adam, I know he has a kind heart, even though I know he has a bad temper, but I think everyone has a bad side. I can accept his bad qualities just as he accepts me for who I am.

But I predicted something wrong, that feelings can change. Humans change over time, and so does Adam. The third year of our relationship, Adam began to change. He got busy with music, and his friends. And Amelia, my college friend, it turns out that Adam likes her. When I confronted it all with Adam. He admitted that all of that was true. He’s tired of our relationship. And ended up with us breaking up badly.

All of that clearly hit me, I can’t accept all of that reality. When we broke up, I returned everything Adam had given me. I can still vividly remember the expression on Adam’s face. At that moment I could see that there was no longer Adam’s love for me. How broken my heart was at that time, when I found out that I couldn’t do anything to fix the relationship again.

Tears came out of the corners of my eyes. I quickly wiped and opened my eyes. I took a deep breath and looked at my watch. It turned out that I had memorized all those memories for an hour I got up from my bed, then opened my closet door to take my shirt and jeans. I came out of the room and into the bathroom. I have to take a quick shower. I took off my clothes, and immediately took a shower.

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