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Untitled Love Between Us

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College can be hard for some people. But when he and her are going to live under the same roof...things might be changing and even challenging. Love/hate relationship story In progress WARNING - The story might have sexual actions in the upcoming capters

Romance / Erotica
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I've never been the one to start drama, or involve myself in it by choice. It always just happens, like it's running to me... or even after me. But this time, this was something else. It didn't feel wrong to be at the situation I was in...of course it wasn't easy at first, but I guess I got used to it now.

- Hey! Your going to be late, move your ass

- I'm trying, did you get my lunch, mom?

-Yes, now hurry. Don't want to be late for you first day in college do you?

College... I never planned to go there, I've never been the one to get straight A's at school, never really liked school either. But my mum really wanted me to go, and I would do anything for her. Specially after dad passed and she was all alone.

First day of school and I have no idea how this will go. As I said... drama runs after me...

And I guess I was right

Just as i was saying bye to my mum, getting my bags out of the car and start walking towards the door, suddenly my face was at someone else's back, and we both ended up on the grass

-oh my god, I am so sorry...

I couldn't feel more stupid at this point.

-no big deal.

It was a young mans voice, it was strong, little bit dark and...hot, really hot...
Dark brown hair, almost as it was black but still had some lighter hair pieces. He was tall, and wasn't skinny, but not the most muscular either. He was handsome and was different from the other's. It was some sort of darkness around him, but at the same time I saw the light in him...or really his back...
He never turned around, he just walked away like nothing happened.

With no more of my clumsiness, I got to my room. There was students yelling at each other in the back of the corridor.
CL was my room, I thought I was going to share a room with someone, by apparently it was locked.

I took out my keycard out of one of the bags and slightly touched it on the lock...
A green light popped on the lock and the door opened itself

As I walk in I watch my step, the room was light and had much space, it was a bed right underneath a window and another bed beside a wall. A wall with a picture of a woman.
I walked closer to check it out. She had light brown long hair, her eyes were..-

-that are you doing her?

Without thinking i turned around and saw a tall young man...with dark brown hair almost as it was black...and that's when it hit me, it's him.

-I'm sorry, I was just looking at this picture...

His eyes were blue as a clear sky, so light you would think it's colored lenses. But it was not.

-Your bed will be by the window, hope you don't mind.

-no it's...okey...i..-

I knew I would have a roommate, but a guy? This must have been a mistake. The collage doesn't allow it...or so I thought.

Without saying anything else, he threw his white bag on the bed, turned around and disappeared closing the door after him.

Who is he?

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