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I've always had the strictest life. Strict parents, limited to absolutely no friends. It was always just me and my books. Exactly the way someone would describe a nerd. School finishes College happens Damn.... "Miss... the one with the ponytail, first bench please" "Oops"

Romance / Humor
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"you don't wanna be late for your first day honey!" I hear muffled voice from downstairs. My mind still hung on the theory of parallel universe I was studying last night.

"Berry!! Are you up yet?"
This time the voice gets clearer.
"BERRY! OH MY- Don't tell you just woke up!! Hurry and brush your teeth, get dressed" my mom barges in.

Yep you got it right. No privacy.

I hurry and brush my teeth,take a quick shower and get dressed. I glance myself at the mirror only to find a flawless nest on my head.
Birdies! Plot on sale. Care to lay an egg?
I quickly brushed my hair into a ponytail, grabbed my bag and headed downstairs.
My mom handed me a sandwich and a few dollars with a meaningful look which meant get yourself something to eat when you arrive. She ushered me towards the front door till the car where my dad was already seated, ready to go.
My mom kissed me goodbye and gobbling the sandwich which is not really something I would eat first thing in the morning, we were headed to my college.

Yes!! That's right COLLEGE
I guess that cleared your confusion.

The moment we arrived at the gate my dad hugged me saying "can't believe little Berry's all set to go to college. Have a great day sweet!"

Aww dad!!

" You have a great day too!! Byee " I waved at my dad and started walking towards my college. The one thing I was looking up to all my high school years.


The moment I entered the big gates I was greeted by a fountain presumably made of cast stone. Behind that there was a huge board directing the way to various departments the college offers. I noticed all types of students right at the entry. The nerds, the popular ones, the fashionista chicks and the the group of complete douches. They can be easily noticed from a crowd of people. Being an introvert myself identifying their type was a piece of cake.

This is going one hell of a three year journey

I reported in the office to get my class schedule and a map because good lord this university was HUGE!
I headed towards my class. On my way I was soaking in the whole atmosphere. More like the air of freedom. There was graffiti in one of the classroom walls. There was a signboard directing the routes for natatorium, gymnasium, library and the auditorium

Woah! They even have a gym in here.

My university did not fail to amuse me. Slowly I trudged towards my class as I checked my first class that is physics does not begin in another one hour.

Finally I reached my assigned classroom when my legs gave out and I slumped near the door.
Damn! The air of freedom is too much!

" Umm...are you alright?? " I heard someone say above me. I looked up to find a girl probably my classmate looking down at me with worried eyes.
"Oh! Absolutely not" I got up and dusted my jeans.
Embarassing aaa!!

"Cool shall we go in then?" She replied with a smile.

We both entered the class and seated ourselves. The girl went way behind the class and seated herself while I in the first bench.

Told ya earlier, I was a nerd, it's pretty mormal that I sit here haha!!

I was still feeling pretty embarassed about the earlier encounter when the same girl came and sat beside me and said " Hey I am Kristen, you can call me kris " and held out her hand.

Now now peeps, don't get me wrong but all along my high school years I've never made any friends, basically due to nerdy aura and lack of knowledge in teen stuff. So being greeted like this is basically teaching the fish how to breathe air.(well, outside the water)

"Earth to miss dreamy!!!" Kris waved her hands in front of my eyes. " I'm can ca-..." She tried repeating again when I jumped and shook her hand saying. " HiIamBrendanicetomeetyou " .

"Woah woah woah, you need some air girl, breathe! And now repeat".
I let out a nervous laugh. Calming myself I smiled at her saying " Hi I am Brenda, nice to meet you!! " . " Wow you got a pretty voice " kris beamed. "Thanks kris" I beamed back.
" Okay, Brenda care to sit with me? There? " Kris pointed towards her seat.
I have always bagged the first bench since my elementary years and never ever near the backbench. I always thought there was something dark and bad lurking in the backbenches.
Typical nerd mentality on your platter.

For the first time I felt rebelling the nerd in me and I replied " yeah sure ". We climbed the steps towards the bench and finally seated ourselves.

I don't know why but sitting far from the first bench gave me a mixed sense of rebellion and satisfaction and boy did that feel good.
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