Grayson’s cold heart

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21 year old Ashley and her best friend Ava decided to move from London to America to get a new start in life. Grayson, Hudson and Jasper have lived in New York their whole lives! What happens when they seem to keep bumping into each other around the city?? Will they become friends and lovers or will they keep their distance?

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Ashley's POV

"Ashley, we need to go out for our last day in London!" My best friend Ava exclaims while we're sitting on my bed.

"Do we though?" I ask.

You see, my best friend Ava is big on going out to get drunk. Me, no, not my type of scene. Ava does manage to weave her way into my mind and convinces me to go out with her. Let just say, the last time that happened, I woke up on a bench in the middle of a park with a ripped dress. Not fun!

"I know you don't like going out Ash, but please? It's our last night here in England and I want to make the most of it before we get our last things packed and leave!" Ava explains.

I do see her point, and I do want to make the most of our last day here! So, like usual, I cave in and agree.

"Fine! We'll go out to have some fun. But we are not getting drunk, I don't want to wake up on a park bench again." I say while cringing at the memory.

"Yes!" She cheers while throwing a fist into the air. "You always end up caving, why even bother trying to fight me on things?"

"I don't always cave in Ava!" I defend myself. She just gives me a look as if to say 'are you sure?'

"Anyway! We better start getting ready, it's already 7:30!" She rushes around the room trying to find herself an outfit.

I shuffle through my clothes in my suitcases that are packed and ready for us to leave tomorrow. In the end, I go with a pair of blue denim shorts and a black crop top. My hair is naturally straight so I leave it laying down my back. I do minimal make up, just adding a bit of mascara and lipgloss as I’m not big on makeup and I'm done.

When I look over at Ava, she has multiple outfits laid out in front of her on my bed.

"Ava, why aren't you dressed yet?" I exclaim!

"I can't pick an outfit! Help me!" She stresses.

I go over to the bed where her outfits are laid out. I look and them and eventually decide on a tight black dress. She takes the dress from hands and starts to change.

While waiting for her, I pick up my phone and make my way downstairs. My parents are in the front room sitting on the sofa. I go in and join them when they notice my outfit.

"Where are you girls off to?" My mother asks.

"We're going out for a bit to make the most of our last night in London. Is that ok with you guys?" I ask them.

"Of course it's alright darling, you don't need to ask all the time, your an adult just don’t make any silly decisions and don’t end up on a park bench again.” My father reassures me. And yes, my parents know about the park bench incident. They were the ones I called when I woke up, I knew there was no point calling Ava, she was probably passed in bed.

I cringe at the mention of the park bench. AGAIN! "Thanks guys!" I thank them.

I continue to talk to my parent about anything and everything while I wait for Ava. Ava is the type of person that will go all out. She will curl her hair to perfection and cake her face in makeup. She will end up looking absolutely stunning when she's done. Me, however, I end up looking average!

I hear footsteps coming down the stairs in the middle of my conversation with my parents. We look over to the stairs where an all done up Ava comes down.

She's wearing the black dress I picked for her. Her hair is curled to perfection like I mentioned and her make up is also done to perfection. Overall, she look absolutely amazing, as usual.

"Aww, look at you two. Your both looking absolutely gorgeous. Let me get a photo of both of you so I can remember your last night here!" My mum gushes.

"Do you really need to take pictures mum?" I whine.

"Oh shush Ashley, of course I need a picture." She exclaims. "Or 10." She whispers a few seconds later.

"Quit your whining Ash, let you mum take the picture because we are looking hot!" Ava exclaims.

"Fine, but make it quick mum, because we have places we need to be!" I tell her.

"Okay okay, I will be quick, now stand next to each other!" She orders.

We do as she says and pose for a few pictures before we leave for wherever Ava is taking us.

10 minutes later we arrive at a bar. The bar isn't too packed so we're able to make it into the place and to a table.

"Now for the drinks." Ava exclaims excitedly. "I'm going to go and order the drinks, you stay here and wait." She orders

I do as she say and wait. A couple of minutes later, she comes back carrying a tray with 2 cocktails and 6 shots.

"So, we both have a sex on the beach cocktail and 3 shots each. First, we're taking a shot, so cheers!" She tell me while holding up a shot.

I pick up a shot glass and hit my glass against hers lightly. We tip the shots back at the same time and cringe as it burns on the way down

"Let the night begin!" She exclaims.

And that was the start to our last night in London.
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