Grayson’s cold heart

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3
Ashley's POV

The next morning I wake up with a groan. My head is absolutely killing me. I hear the sound of gagging and lift my head up so fast that it feels like a hammer is hitting my head.

I look around trying to get my bearing before realising I'm back at home in my bed and not on a random park bench again. And today is the day me and Ava are moving to America!

I hear the sound of gagging and the emptying of a stomach again. I jump out of bed and to my bathroom to see if Ava is okay. Of course she's not because she is kneeling over the toilet puking her guts up.

I go over to her much to my dismay, as I absolutely have vomit, and hold her hair back while rubbing her back.

"Your okay. Get it all out. Better now than later." I try to reassure her, but I don't think it's going too well.

Once she is done empty the contents of her stomach, she sits up, flushes the toilet and goes to rinse her mouth out before brushing her teeth.

When her teeth are brushed, she turns and walks out the bathroom before face planting the bed with a groan.

"Ugh, I'm never drinking again Ash! Please stop me from drinking that much next time!" She complains.

"You say that every time Ava and still drink the same as the last time, even with my warnings."

She turns to glare at me before stuffing her face in the pillow and falling back to sleep.

I sigh and walk out the room to let her sleep her hangover off. I walk down the stairs and into the kitchen to have some breakfast.

As I walk into the kitchen I seen my mum at the oven cooking some pancakes and bacon. My dad is probably at work. He wasn’t able to get today off which was quite upsetting.

"Morning mum." I say.

"Morning love. How was your night." Mum asks cheerfully. How she has so much energy this early in the morning, I have no idea. I look down at my phone to see that it is actually 10:30am. Oops.

"It was good, but we are not drinking that much ever again. I feel like a train ran over my head!" I exclaim.

Mum finished cooking and slides a plate of bacon and pancakes over to me. "Eat this and have some aspirin." She tell me.

I thank her before drizzling some maple syrup over my food and digging in. It was heavenly, as usual. Mum is the best when it comes to cooking pancakes. I never know how she makes them so soft and fluffy. Whenever I make them, they end up flat, horrible and burnt.

I stuff the last mouthful in my mouth and stand up, picking up my plate, knife and fork to put in the sink.

I turn to the cupboard that has the glasses and take one out. I put the cup on the counter and get the milk out the fridge. I pour some milk into the glass and take out 2 aspirin. I gulp them down with the glass of milk to help me.

I go back over to the sink to wash up my things before I get a glass of orange juice and aspirin to take up to Ava. Once she wakes up, she will definitely need them. Before I leave the kitchen, I plate up some left over pancakes and bacon my mum cooked for her to eat after having the aspirin.

Walking up the stairs with everything I need, I walk into my room and place the plate, glass and aspirin on the side table.

I grab my earbuds and pop them in to listen to a bit of music while I pack my last minute things.

An hour goes by and I have nearly everything packed apart from my toiletries, when there is movement from the bed. Ava sits herself up, takes the aspirin and orange juice I left on the side before gulping it down. She takes the plate and cutlery I bought up and starts to stuff her face like I did earlier.

"Morning Ava." I say as I take out my earbuds putting them away.

She looks up at me with sleep in her eyes.

"How are you so cheery this early?" She questions me. I look down at my phone.

"Well, it is currently 12:30pm Ava!" I exclaim. "And I hope you do remember what today is!"

Ava looks around to think about what I'm talking about. Once she sees the boxes, suitcases and mess all over the floor, she jumps up from the bed and screams excitedly.

"ASHLEY!! WE'RE MOVING TO AMERICA TODAY!!!" She screams in my face.

"Yeah, today is the day we move, now, get a move on, we need to get everything packed and ready to leave. We're taking what we can today and mum will send the rest of the stuff over when the moving truck arrives in a few days." I explain.

"Okay, okay, what do I need to pack?" Ava asks herself while looking around the room.

I grab myself an outfit to wear and walk into the bathroom. I have quick shower and then change into the outfit I picked for myself, before packing up the last few items I need from the bathroom.

"Right, I'm ready to go whenever you are Ava. I'm taking my stuff downstairs, I will see you down there." I tell her.

"Okay, I'm just going to get cleaned up and changed, I will be right down."

I walk out of my room and down the stairs to find my mum sitting on the sofa. She sees me come down and walks out to meet me at the bottom of the stairs.

"Are you both ready to go then?" She asks.

"Ava is just getting her last few bits together and then we will be ready to go!" I tell her.

"Okay, let's start putting your stuff in the car, I'm driving you to the airport."

"Thanks mum."

Just then, Ava walks down the stairs carrying bags full of god knows what. We walk out to mums car with everything we need and make our way to the airport.

We grab our bags and put them on one of the luggage trolleys. We get into the check in line and wait for what feels like forever. We get to the front, give our passports and paperwork over and get ourselves checked in. We walk through the airport and to the terminal where we sit and wait for our flight to be called.

"Right, girls, be good, don't go home with strangers, don't get into trouble and make sure you call me." Mum says with tears in her eyes.

"No mum, please don't cry, if you cry, I will cry too!" I cry.

I hug my mum with tears streaming down both our faces. Ava joins in the hug with tears streaming down her face too.

"I'm not crying, my eyes are just sweating!" Ava dramatises.

We continue to embrace and enjoy each other's company until our flight is called out. We have one last hug until we really have to go.

"By mum. I'm going to miss you so much. I love you!" I tell her crying.

"By baby, bye Ava, I'm going to miss you two so much, I love you both loads!" Mum cried.

We hug one last time before Ava and I turn to walk onto the plane. We find our seats, put our luggage in the over head compartment and sit down.

I zone out during the start of the taxi ride onto the runway until I feel Ava grab my hand.

"Well, this is the start of a new life. We will face difficult times, we will struggle, we will cry, we will laugh, but most of all, we will meet new friend and have the most amazing time ever." Ava says with tears streaming down her face and a huge smile on her face.

I smile back at her and squeeze her hand as a response just as the plane starts to move down the runway. The plane lifts into the air and we're off, moving to a new country, to have new experiences, make new friends and face challenges in our friendship. I wouldn't be able to do this without my best friend by my side.

The last thing on my mind once the plane is in the air and before I fall asleep, is 'bye mum, I will come and visit you and dad very soon.' My eyes shut and I'm fast asleep.
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