All or Nothing

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Capitolo nove

Dante P.O.V.

"Tell me, how many men should we expect?"

"Thirty from four diferent bosses."

"Who helped us?"

"French and Spanish mafia and some smaller gangs from here."

"Good, we can't forget to repay them after this shit show is over."

While me and Luca were talking about what we should give to the ones who help me, one of my guards came running to my office.

"Don, one of ours warehouses was blown."

"Che cosa?[what?] How and who? How many people died?"

" Yes, they received a box with a note that said 'Russi' i was on the phone with one of them, he said nobody touched the box, and the next thing i hear is a loud explosion, i still don't know how many we lost but there was at least fifteen mans in there."

"Choose twenty men to go with you there, don't touch anything just do some recogn and report to me immediately."

"Si don." He said and ran out of my office.

"Luca call to our tech guys see if he can get anything from the security cameras."

I said and he went to to the tech room, alright think Dante, pensa [think]. If they are sending bombs they must be here in Italy, if it was me what would i do? I would fly here and find a place to hide but a place near my target so i could have clear view. But did they bring the bombs with them? No, that would be to risky, that means that they had to send it early or have some supplier here.

Fanculo tutta questa merda! [Fuck all this shit!]

I took my phone out of my pocket and called Luca to come to my office.

We can't trust them they said t-2 but what is our guarantee? for all we know they might attack today, i know that he made some alliances for himself. There is a lot of people in the underworld that didn't like what i did to Giordani, he was the top man when it came to human trafficking. Even after death this motherfucker won't leave me alone, i just hope that if we win this shit i don't hear that name again.

At least my family is safe, if we didn't have any kids i know that Isabella would be right here next to me, helping me about what to do next. She's the perfect mafia queen, she knows her way with weapons, hand in hand combat and she can work under pressure. But our kids need her, is enough already that they know something is happening and their father isn't there with them.

"What's up?"

"I want our man to search about recent noviment in the area around us. everything since flights or houses and warehouses being bought. go. They wouldn't send a bomb by mail they must be close and or they brought the bombs from Russia or they must have some supplier."

I went to find the rest of my men and told them to be on high alert, tonight there's only thirty five man in the house, our reinforcements only get here tomorrow at sunrise.

What will this motherfuckers do next?

If only he knew.

Iosif P.O.V.

"Тишина, слушай[Silence, listen] we are going tonight, our inside man said that they are expecting help tomorrow so i want fifty men with me, i want Dante Rossi dead or in our dungeons , понимать[understand?]

"Да, начальник [yes boss]

All of us are armed and ready, we got out of the house and i saw all the ten cars waiting for us, the sun was already down, after a twenty minutes ride we parked between some trees, not too close to his house, i decided to wait until one in the morning. Why 1am? Because i fucking want. It's still early to attack so...

"Gianna come with me." I said and the little bitch did what i told her, since she's my wife i got to use that for my benefit, right?

"Yes Iosif?"

"Come let's fuck."

"Here? Now? Aren't you going to attack?"

"Woman you talk too much, I'm not going to attack, yet, and yes you're going to give me that pussy here and now." I said getting annoyed by all her questions, i grabbed her hand and went behind i large tree. My men probably will hear this but ебать это [fuck it].

I bent her over, she put her hands on the tree for support i pull her skirt up her hips and her panties to the side, i rolled down a condom on my dick, cause i don't want a kid from this bitch, once ready i pounded into her hard and fast, i just wanted a quick release so i kept pounding harder and faster, but she was doing so much noise that my dick was going soft.

"Shut the fuck up, if you keep going like that they'll find out we are here."

Finally she started moaning lowly so i once again focused on the task at hand and resumed my rhythm, and pound after pound i finally came, she didn't but i don't care. I threw away the condom full of my cum and dressed, she was looking at me and giving me a 'what the fuck look'. Once again she was annoying me and she didn't even said a word. I got closer to her face, my hand went to her neck.

"Have something to say?" I said through greeted teeth and applying more pressure on her neck, her face started to get red and she gasped for air, quickly she shock her head so i let her go giving a light push and she stumble backwards.

Checking my watch to see the time, 12:51, time to get this show on the road. I gave the order to start our attack.

He's a dead man walking.

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