All or Nothing

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Capitolo Dieci

Isabella P.O.V.

Dante just now closed the door and i'm already freaking out, i'm not claustrophobic, but i don't know what's going to happen, and the unknown makes me nervous. Our safe room is comfortable, it's the size of the mansion, it's like an appartement but without windows, reenforced walls and door, but has all the luxury and comfort we would have upstairs. But my biggest comfort it's on the other side of the door, Dante.

I'm glad that all of us are safe but, i just wish he could be too. This safe room, or safe house, whatever, has four bedrooms, the triplets got one, Enzo got another one, i told Emilia she could stay with me but she said she would sleep with Vin, Catarine has another and i got one too. The babies are already sleeping, Vin and Emilia are both cuddling in bed sleeping too, i opened Lorenzo's room and saw him awake on his bed looking at the ceiling.

"What's on your mind baby?" I asked him after i went to his side.

"Papà." Was his only response.

"Everything is going to be alright."

"Is it? How do you know?"

"Because i know your father, he's a teddy bear with us but he doesn't take shit from anybody speacialy the russians, he's the rutheless Dante Rossi."

"Mamma tell me the truth do you really think everything is going to be fine?" He asks, i took i deep breath and said.

"i have to believe it will baby, now come on cuddle with your mamma and let's sleep."

Il giorno successivo [the next day].

I woke up to the sound of my favorite trio crying, i went to their room and changed their diapers, dressed and fed them, after that i took them to the living room and put them on the floor. I wet to the kitchen and started doing our breakfast. Once everything was ready a took my laptop and sat on the sofa, i accesed our surveillance cameras. I can see that Dante didn't slept on our bed, probably on his office. Luca looks equally tired, both of them are talking, i took a look outside the house and everything looks quiet, maybe too quiet, i have a bad feeling about today. Also i noticed that there's less guards, what's going on? With one quick text to Dante, i find out about the warehouse explosion and that he sent people to see what happened.

One by one the girls and kids started to wake up, together we ate breakfast, everyone's mood was gloomy.

"Let's watch some movies today sì?"

"I want to be in my room." Enzo said and went to his room.

"Don't worry he's just sad with the situation." Emilia said about Enzo.

"Yeah i know it's just... never mind let's clean this and get through this day." I said and got up to start to clean.

It was now night, the kids are all in bed, Catarine and Emilia are too, there's just me and Adonis who is almost climbing the walls to get out of here and i am pacing the living room, i can feel something is wrong, my laptop is on and i can see what's happening upstairs, Dante is in his office, again, Luca in his bedroom, also the guards that left earlier aren't back yet. I look at the time, 1:20. suddenly there's a big red light blinking in the screen, that means that there is moviment close to the gates.

The few man that are in the house started running and picking guns, Dante is giving orders to everyone and Luca is what i assume trying to find how many there are in his laptop. Our man are dropping like flies there's at least forty to fifty men firing and killing us. Dante orders everyone to his office he and Luca stand behind the desk and five other men stand in front of the door with their guns raised waiting for the intruder. I just want to go there and kill them all.

The office door is blown open making the five man fall and before they can get up, the russians start to fire, killing them. There's now Dante, Luca and ten men against them, one man comes to the front, Iosif. He raised his gun and shot Luca, i couldn't hold anymore and a scream escaped my mouth, making Emilia and Catarine run to me, when Emilia saw Luca bleeding on the floor she started to cry. I tried to read their lips cause this shit doesn't have sound, but i couldn't understand anything.

I saw Dante put his gun down, he looked to the camera, like he knew i was watching and gave me a small smile. Five man went to surround him and started to grab him, he fought until one of them injected him with something and he passed out. They dragged him outside and threw him inside a van, Iosif gave the men some orders and they went inside the mansion and started to look for something, probably us, they went through every room in the house, it was almost five in the morning when all the cars disappear and the only ones in the house were the dead bodies of our fallen men. That includes Luca on the office floor.

Emilia was still crying her eyes out, Catarine was trying to calm her down but failing.

"I'm going out." i said.

"What? No, you can't we don't know if there's anyone there? What if they're hidden waiting for you?" Emilia said between sobs.

"The house is empty, i have to see if anyone is alive, don't you want to know if Luca is alive?"

"Yes, but is too risky."

"I'll go, you stay here and watch if you want."

I put the codes to open the door, and made my way outside, unfortunately i couldn't go outside see if anyone was alive because that's way too risky, i only could check the people inside, one by one i checked for pulse, dead, dead, dead, dead, alive. Now i just have to find the strength to drag him to the safe room, taking a deep breath i put my arms under his armpits and started to drag him to the safe room door, once there a unlocked and called Emilia and Catarine. They pulled him inside and i went again to the house.

I dragged three more bodies to the saferoom until i finally got to Luca, there was pulse but it was very weak, to be honest i don't know if i can get to there I'm really tired but i know i can't just let him here to die so, i counted to ten, took a few deep breaths and draged him all the way there, with the help of the girls i was finally inside.

We had 5 guys fighting for their lives and it was up to us to save them, the thing is we aren't doctors. Checking once again their pulse, the weaker one was Luca so we have to treat him first. Getting all the medical things we had in here we got to work. IVs, tourniquets, scissors, forceps, clamps, bandages, stitches, we did everything one by one we tried our best, I'm very proud to say that no one died, we had one of the guys in cardiac arrest but we did CPR and for now he is breathing.

"Alright, Catarine and Emilia go take a shower it's 6am the kids will wake up soon, I'll clean what i can and keep watch on them."

"What are we going to do about Dante?" Emilia asked.

"I'm going to find him.

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