All or Nothing

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Capitolo Undici

Dante P.O.V

I knew we were outnumbered by a lot, every time i saw one of my men fall something in me was breaking. I know this people for so long, we are friends, i know their family, and when i saw Luca get shot my thoughts were of Emilia. I look up to the almost unnoticeable camera in the corner of my office and gave a small smile, i knew Isabella was watching if not she would see this the next day.

My men from the warehouse never came back and that didn't help our situation, i think they were ambushed and probably are dead too.

"Получите его.[ Get him]" Iosif said to some of his guys.

Five of them came forward, trying to grab me, i fought them but five against one isn't easy, i was going down but at least they were hurt in the process.

"Where is your family?" Iosif shouted to me.

"Kill me now, because I'll never tell you." I shouted back. And before i could say anything else someone injected me with something.

I woke up in a room, my head was hurting so fucking much, i looked around and saw i was alone and it was empty the only furniture here was the chair i was tied up to, the walls were what looks like steel or something like that, the floor was concrete and there was no windows just some steel door. I know what they will do, they will try to get my family location.

Well like I said try, because i will never tell them, i rather die. If i tell them they will kill all of them, it doesn't matter if it's a woman or a baby, they don't care about any of that. My thoughts were interrupted by the big door opening, Iosif came with a woman, she looks familiar but don't know from where and two other guys. The first one to talk was her.

"Hello Dante." This is the same voice from twelve years ago, and from that call saying she wanted Lorenzo back.

"Gianna is that you? What the fuck happen to you?" I said and let out a laugh.

"What do you mean?" She asked. She's so dumb.

"What do i mean? Last time i saw you was twelve years ago and you were not like that! Did you trade your son for those tits? Or was for the lips? No? Maybe for other plastic."

"You peace of shit." She shouted at me.

"Тишина[silence] tell us were is your family and we let you go. Who am I kidding you won't get out of here alive." He said all smugly.

"You may kill me now then, cause i will never tell you."

"It's that so? We'll see about that. Sit tight we will be back." He said and got out of the room with the others following.

I don't know for how long was i out but my ass is hurting and my arms are numb from being tied up behind my back. Minutes or maybe hours passed until that door open again this time was only Gianna.

"If you tell me where they are i can save at least Lorenzo."

"Why are you doing this? He's your son, don't you care about him? Tell me do you really believe that you can save Lorenzo if i tell you where he is? You're delusional."

"I'm his wife, he'll do what i ask."

"Oh per l'amor di Dio! [ For the love of god] you really are dumb, he will kill you or worst sell you as soon as he get the chance."

"No he won't, he said i could stay with him forever if i had some information about you, so i told him about Lorenzo and he said i could keep him." Keep him? Why is she talking like if he was a pet? I thought.

"Look tell them to start with the torture, so they can understand i won't talk and we can finish all this shit."

"I will get that brat and he'll come live with us and be the next heir to the Russian Mafia." I didn't know how to answer that i just laughing really hard until my stomach hurt. Someone please tell this girl the truth.

Pouting she got out of the room, not long after two buff guys entered the room, they tried to be intimidating but i wasn't scared, i knew what they were going to do, i personally did the same or worst to my enemies. At least i can feel my wedding ring still on my finger, you might be asking how will this help me in anyway, well both mine and Isabella have a track between the gold, and i can bet my life that after my wife see the footage, she will come for me.

Should i rely on her to save me? No of course not, it's dangerous and she can get hurt that's the last thing i want. But i know nothing can stop her. At least she will have or already has help from the other mafias and gangs, meanwhile i will try to get out of here.

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