All or Nothing

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Capitolo Dodici

Isabella P.O.V.

I finally took my much needed shower, all the guys are still breathing and two of them wake up already, it's 8am and i have a lot of calls to do, starting with the cleaners, other mafia and gang bosses, i have to buy a new house because we need to get out of here before they think about come back again. I'm putting some shoes on when i dialled my first number.

"Alfonso, i need you, we had a big attack during the night you need a big team this time"

~"On my way Donna." He said and i hang up, now i don't have time to be friendly. I do a few more calls to our allies who lent us some man, all of them should get to warehouse until 10am. Next o call to the rest of our men to come get us, for now we will stay in a hotel at least for this night, and we have to send the injured ones to the medic clinic to get better treatment.

I finished getting ready and went to the living room, all of them are awake, i told Lorenzo what happened and he didn't say anything, he just nodded and put and emotionless expression. I promised him i would get Dante back and i will, i asked him to stay in the room with the others and Catarine and Emilia. At this moment the living room is the war room.

"Hey Luca how are you felling?"

"Emilia told us you went out and got all of us, is it true?"

"Yes, i had to see if there was anyone alive."

"You shouldn't do that they could be waiting for something like that to happen and then get you." Fernando, one the ones i drag here said .

"Look guys what is done is done, i don't want any of you to thank me or anything if it was me you would go and get me right?"

"Yes but you are our Donna." Luca said.

"And you guys are part of our family so let's move on to more important things, any of you know Leandro number, i don't have it don't know why." Leandro is the third in command but he's never here in the house only Luca and our most trusted man. Even though we can trust him or at least Dante and Luca trust, he has a family and lives with them, he also is the one who supervises our shipments, and our stock.

"I have it." I dialled his number and after a few rings he answered.

~"Who's this?"

"Your donna, where are you?"

~"Drug warehouse Donna."

"I need you to leave that place, because now that is the last of our worries. We need to get Dante." There's something shady with this man, i mean our house was ambushed, man were killed and he's around drugs, to be honest i never liked him.

~"Where are you?" He asked.

"We will meet in warehouse five. Be there at ten." And i hung up. Now i need to buy a house but first Dante's location. I opened my laptop, inserted the codes to have access to our wedding rings track device and after five minutes i had the location, it was an old asylum. for fuck sake, this people don't watch those shows about ghosts?

It's forty five minutes ride there so i better get ready.

"Alright, i have his location so this is what is going to happen."

"We are going." Luca said getting up.

"Sit the fuck down now." I said to him, maybe a little too harsh but they aren't in any way capable of going, i rescued them to live not to the next day go out and die.

"We are going Isabella."

"No you're not, do you know what took me to drag the five of you here? I didn't did that so you could die in the next day, so like i was starting to say. Luca you get my laptop, in a few minuts Alfonso will be here to clean upstairs, a few of our men are on their way to get us, you five will go to the clinic and get a real doctor to look at your wounds, if any one of you die until i come back i will personally resurrect you and kill you with my bare hands, understood?"

"Yes Donna." They say at the same time.

"Buona![good] now i have to talk with the girls." I said and went to call Emilia and Catarine they both got out of the room so we could talk without the kids.

"Get everything you need in a bag pack we will leave this place in a few, i ordered some men to get us, today you and the kids will stay at a hotel i already booked a room."

"And you?" Emilia asked.

"You already know that i can't let your fratello[brother] there."

"Just be careful Isabella." Catarine said.

"Both of you take care of my babies, and never, but never leave them alone also always carry a gun please at least until this is all over. Emilia don't worry about Luca he and the others will get medical attention."

"Va bené isabella." [alright]

I went to my room and opened my special cabinet that is full with all kinds of guns i took a few to give the guys, and armed myself, i got two berettas in my waistband, a small revolver in each boot, i got blads in every place i could put them and i took a AK-47 with a shoulder strap, i filled my pockets with ammunition and went to the living room. Luca told me Alfonso was already starting the cleaning and our man were parking the cars so i went help with the kids. Yeah i know I'm full of guns, that way i would take Vin an Lorenzo and the girls woul carry Alex, Xander and Alexi.

I opened the safe room door and we started our way outside, Luca and Fernando were ahead of us and the other three behind us. The poor guys could barely stand, we passed Alfonso and we both nodded to each other, once outside the rest of the man came help the wounded ones and took them to the SUVs. I took the kids to another one and started to strap them.

"Alright my big boys, I'm going to get your father and then we will come back to you alright? mamma loves you." I said and kissed them.

I talked with the guys and told them the hotel, and the rest to meet me at warehouse five.

I went to the garage and chose a car, Lamborghini veneno, in matte black, i put my gloves on and drove away.

This bitch is going to war.

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