All or Nothing

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Capitolo tredici

Dante P.O.V.

I don't know for how long I've been here, but it wasn't more than a day, my head arms and ass still hurts and I'm tired as fuck, but every time i try closing my eyes someone comes in and pour ice cold water in my head. Now in front of me i have two guys, they never talk, not even to each other, each one of them brought a case, when they opened i saw that it was full of torture devices. I have high pain tolerance so let's see how this go.

One of them grabbed a pliers, he went behind me, grabbed my hand and started to pull my nails, one by one i could feel them unsticking from my flesh, did it hurt? Yes a lot, but i just closed my eyes, took a deep breath and went to my safe place in my head. My family, this is for them, that's what I said to myself through the whole thing. I could feel the blood dripping through my fingers, did they stopped there? no. The other guy grabbed a small box, i couldn't see what was inside.

He too went behind me and i could feel what looks like to be needles in the spot where my nails should be, he poked them so deep i almost could feel them in my fingertips bones. I don't know how but i caught one the needles, i think that maybe with it i can poke the tape around my wrists until it snap, i balled my hand into a fist, now i just have to wait until they get out of here and discreetly put my plan to work.

I mean is not a big plan cause i don't know what i will do once i have my hands free, but is a start, right? Iosif decided to make his presence known and walked to the room.

"We are only starting, but don't you want to tell us were they are?"


"Sooner or later i will find them and let me tell you what I'm going to do to them. Your wife is really hot even after she birthed all your kids, i bet she can make me really good money, maybe even millions, the kids? Some i can sell their organs or something like that."

I was seeing red, i started to poke the tape with the needle, it's wasn't long until it snapped, Iosif kept talking and talking about what he would do, my blood was boiling with rage, so i didn't waste any minute to tackle him, i was exhausted and everything hurts but with the adrenaline i was numb to it all. I threw punch after punch to his face until the other two grabbed me and started beating the shit out of me. Iosif was groaning in pain on the floor, when he got up he had his nose crooked and bleeding, one eye was closed because it was swollen, and his cheeks were bruised.

"Сукин сын,[ son of a bitch] you will pay for this. Cut one of his wrist and let him bleed slowly." He ordered.

One of the guys picked a rusted scalpel and cut deep my left wrist, i was bleeding pretty bad and for sure know that i can't escape like this, they left me on the floor, i think I might have a dislocated shoulder or is broken, the pain send shocks through my whole body it's like a panic alarm, i tried to sit, after a couple of tries i did it, i ripped a piece of cloth from my shirt and put it around my wrist, trying to stop the bleeding, it wasn't working, now the cloth is crimson from all the blood.

I'm not sorry that i beat his face into a pulp, nobody can talk about about my family like that, he was lucky that the had his guys in the room or i would kill him with my bare hands. I wasted my chance to get out of here, but anyone in they right mind would just sit and hear that?

I know i will lose conscious very soon, the gash on my wrist is really deep and i can't stop the bleeding no matter how many pressure i apply. I just hope that my family is safe.

What do you think about this vulnerable state of Dante?

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