All or Nothing

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Capitolo Quattrodici

Isabella P.O.V.

"Alright everyone gather around." I said after i got in the warehouse five.

"What's the plan Donna?" Some of the guys asked.

"First of all, i want to thank the guys that came from another gangs and mafias, now for the plan, they got our Don in an abandoned asylum, we are going to separate into teams, the first one will take every Russian outside, second and third will cover the others entries, the rest will come with me, we are going through the front door and show who rule this territory, inside we'll split in groups of ten and go floor by floor until we kill every Russian in sight. Intensa?" [Understood?]

"Sì Donna." They say all together.

"Andiamo."[let's go]

Everyone started to go to the cars, there were more than twenty-five cars, once we were all ready i led the way in my Lamborghini. I was going so fast that i bet i was breaking every speed limit, but the police know better then to stop any of this cars, they probably will check the plaque but once they see it's in Dante's name they won't do shit.

We got to the place in thirty-five minutes, all of us got out of the cars and the guys started to divide in groups.

"So everyone has the coms? Everyone use a silencer on your guns or blades, let's leave the noise to when we got in."

"Sì Donna."

And so we start our plan, slowly and silently they take out the russians outside, now let's go inside. A few explosive blow the door away and we made our big entrace. There was bullets flying everywhere, orders being shouted and screams from pain being heard. But we were winning one by one they were going down.

As i made my way to the upper floor five guys surrounded me, i really wanted to break some necks, so to make thing even i shot two of them between the eyes, i put down my AK and my beretta, i still had another two guns with me beside the blades, but they didn't to know that, ether way I didn't plan on using them.

Some knees in the face, elbows on the neck, throat punches and fingers on the eyes, i took them down in the end cracking their necks, making a sadistic smile on my face appear from the beautiful sound they made. My teams started to report their situation, they killed everyone in here, a few of them were hiding but they found them, they were going to do a last sweep in each floor and then go up to meet with me and the other four i had with me.

When we got to the top floor we went from left to right, opening every door looking for Dante, and killing everyone who crossed our way, there was just three more doors left, me and Angelo went to one and the last three to another, living the other for last. I kicked the door open, and when i saw what was in front of me i wanted to pull my eyes out and burn them. Gianna and Iosif were fucking, they really don't work well from their heads, there was explosions, screams and shots in every direction and this two, what were they doing? Fucking.

I put two fingers in my mouth and reliased a loud whistle, soon enough the room was filled with my men, a few were laughing but i shut them down quickly.

"Tied them and put them on the floor. I'll be back." There was just one more room left so i made my way to it.

When I opened the door the smell of blood filled my nostrils, it was pitch black inside but someone turned the light one. I loud gasp got out from my lips and my face showed nothing but panic, in front of me was Dante with is eyes closed in a pool of blood, his own blood.

"Muoviti, muoviti, portalo in macchina e ora dobbiamo portarlo in ospedale.[move, move, take him in the car and we have to take him to the hospital now.]"

Faster than the flash they picked them up and started going to the car, i was behind them but stopped when i was in front of Gianna and Iosif, i punched so hard in her face she knocked out.

"I won't touch you, for now, but you will beg me to die, te lo prometto[I promise you]. Take them to warehouse five, if you loose them i will kill everyone of you." I said and ran to Dante. I got in the SVU and they laid him in the back seat, his head was on my lap, his breathing was shallow and his heart beat almost nonexistent. Angelo was driving as fast as he could to the nearest hospital.

Once we got there I jumped out of the car and shouted for help, doctors and nurses came running to us, they put Dante in a stretcher and started rolling him inside, i never left his side, i had a tight grip on his bloody hand.

"Signorina[miss] you can't go inside." The nurse said.

"I won't leave him." I said.

"But you can't-" she started to talk again but i really was getting annoyed bu her so i took my gun and pointed to her head.

"You will take me with him and shut the fuck up." I'm i being too harsh? Probably, i will apologize later.

She took me to a room with large sinks and medical equipment, with shaky hands she help me clean the blood from my hands, harms and face, and made me put some scrubs, then we went to the OR. Laying on the table was my husband all bloody and bruised. They took some x-rays, did some exams and called another doctor because he had a shattered shoulder blade, another doctor was on his wrist, the gash was so deep i could see his bone, he had a breathing tube to help him, IVs and cables attached to him, all of this was breaking my heart, and even though he's not dead what the doctor said made me fall to my knees.

"We did everything we could, he's in a coma, we don't know when or IF he is going to wake up."

Should I wake Dante or let him die? 🤔🤔
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