All or Nothing

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Capitolo Deciassette

Isabella P.O.V.

It's been more than a month now that Dante is in a coma, and i feel like my life is crumbling down. And to make everything worse yesterday i passed out when i was leaving the hospital, after a few exams they found out what was the cause of it. At home i decided to build a medical wing, yesterday i was talking about moving Dante there. It will have a two bedrooms, one OR just like the hospital and one exam room, i already talked with the doctors from the hospital and they will be working for me.

Once again at 6am I'm on my way to the hospital, in a few days they will bring him home. They took the breathing tube and he his breathing alone, that is good but he didn't woke up. Now more than ever i need him, I'm pregnant, yes i said i didn't want more when i was pregnant with the triplets but we also want a baby girl, a princess, I don't know what it is yet but boy or girl i wish i could tell Dante this news he would be so happy.

The doctors say he as brain activity and that is really really good, i hope he'll wake up soon.


Today is the day finally Dante will come to out medical wing, i told Catarine to take some time off and go on vacation or something like that, she's been doing good work with the kids but i really feel like i want to be alone with my family, i even sent the maids away too.

I shouldn't be feeling like this, it's like mourning but he isn't dead, but i feel so sad, all i want to do is cry and it's like I can't believe that he can't see or talk to any of us. Will he miss the birth of this child? Will he miss the first birthday of the triplets? I want to shout so loud that i will make the earth tremble.

Lorenzo shut everyone out, he's constantly in the office with Luca learning everything he can, i asked him why was he doing this, he didn't answer just shrugged his shoulders and walked away. I should be mad at that but how can i when i know what he is feeling.

Vincenzo is sad and always falls asleep crying and saying he misses his papà and that breaks my heart even more. And the triplets, my angels, they don't even dream about what's going on in the world, and one part of me is glad for that the other knows how much they need a father figure in their life.

I think Emilia is depressed but she won't go to the doctor, Luca tries to be there for her but with the mafia, the company and the hotels Dante bought in the last years is just a lot. So as you can see everything is going crazy because we are missing a big piece, and that is Dante.

Oh and I can't forget the pieces of shit i have locked in the warehouse, no they didn't die yet but that's good for me and bad for them. I would let them die forget them in a hole or something like that but i really need to let all this anger inside of me out so now that Dante is in the house, i will deal with them before i get bigger.

"Emilia can you watch the triplets, i need to go out for a couple of hours." I said as i got in her room, she was under the covers.

"Ask someone else." She said.

"Sorry no can do, i sent Catarine and all the maids out. It's just us and you can't be in here forever the kids miss you so come on." I said pulling the covers off of her.

"What if he doesn't wake up?" She said with teats running down her cheeks. She doesn't know that I'm pregnant maybe this will cheer her.

"He will wake up, i know he will."

"How do you know? Did you see him? He looks dead already." She shouted at me.

"Don't you think i see him? I see him in that fucking bed every day Emilia and with each time my heart only breaks more, but the world didn't stop spinning and Luca needs you, the kids need you, I NEED YOU, I'm pregnant Emilia and just the thought that Dante isn't here with me through this pregnancy like the others makes me want to give up."

"You're pregnant?" She asked in shock.


"Oh dio, I'm so sorry Isabella i-"

"It's alright i know you are suffering too. Now come on go take a shower you stink and watch the kids, sì?"

"Yes, I'm sorry Isabella i love you and I know dante would be thrilled with this news. Give me ten and I'll watch the kids."

"I love you too."

With that i got out the room and went change clothes too, i dressed in all black, i know i will make a mess with them, i send a quick text to Luca saying were I'm going. I saw that Emilia is with the kids already and with a happy face this time. I made my way to the car and drove to my destination. I think i might skin them alive or maybe take their eyes and tongue out? No, that seems to easy.
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