All or Nothing

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Capitolo Deciotto

3° Person P.O.V.

Meanwhile Dante was in an endless sleep and Isabella was on her way to punish the people responsible for his condition, in a cafe far from the mansion, two people that were supposed be trustworthy were meeting to come up with a plane that would destroy Rossi family beyond repair.

They didn't have all the details yet but that would soon change, they would find out the best way to bring havoc in that family and all for what?
Jealousy? Greed? None of the Rossi's did anything for them to do this, but this two say they want power. Oh how wrong they were, the only thing they will accomplish from this is a poor life and will always be on the run. The girl got a phone call with important information, this information was the missing piece for their terrible plan. Now they just have to work on the details and keep pretending to be friends with Dante and Isabella.

They weren't thinking about the consequences, if they only new this would turn against them in such a way that they will beg for dead they would stop right now.

Yes, they will try but fail, because Isabella and Dante are a power couple and when you mess with their family they will turn everything up side down.

But like always someone in the middle of this will suffer.

I know this chapter is different and superrr short but 😈

Can you guess who this two are?

Or what is their plan?

This book is coming two an end, and don't worry I'll wake up Dante in the most beautiful way.

This will story have an happy ending as the first book?

Read to find out!

(Torture in the next chapter ⚠️)
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