All or Nothing

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Capitolo Deciannove

Isabella P.O.V.

I just pull over in front of the warehouse where Gianna and Iosif are. The thoughts in my mind about what I'll do to him are scaring me.

"Donna." The guards say as i walk in.

"How are the prisoners?"

"Barely alive."

"Good, one of you come with me and another get me all the tools you got there." I said and made my way to their cell.

"Prepare yourself Donna because the smell is really strong." Great! I thought to myself.

Once the door was opened the smell of shit and something rotten filled my nostrils, it was really strong and horrible. I saw both of them with chains around their neck on the cell wall.

"Hello there." I said.

"Help." Gianna whispered.

"Sorry, couldn't hear you, can't you say help louder?" I'm a bitch i know.

"Сука, если бы я мог, я бы убил тебя и всех, кого ты любишь.[Bitch, if I could, I would kill you and everyone you love.] Iosif said.

"Someone please bring google here! Oh and a hose because this two smell worse than shit." I said.

One of the guys, Tony i think came running to me with a hose on one hand and a phone on the other showing google translate, i give him a look like 'are you serious?' and he put it away in a second. With the water open at full pressure i pointed at them, the water was freezing but who cares, they were screaming but i only stop when o saw they were almost drowning.

"Well let's see, lady's first so Tony can you sit Iosif in this chair? And don't tie his wrists, tie his elbows instead." That position will be much more uncomfortable and will make his back stay straight.

When you tie their wrists, when the real pain begins they start to go more and more into fetal position, and their head almost touch their knees, but like this they can't bend. I took a special collar from the table it's called heretic's fork, this was a torture device used in the medieval times, you put this leather collar in the neck but it has a metal piece that looks like a fork that goes under the chin. That thing sticks in the chin and is really painful.

While he's in that position with his head held high, if he puts his head down the fork will go deeper and deeper, i went to Gianna. I picked a small knife, put her hair to the side and chopped her ear off, her screams filled the room.

"You know Gianna, i was thinking about letting you go, but then i remember how you wanted to take Lorenzo to his house and how you must seen Dante being tortured." I said looking to Iosif.

I had anger to release but i didn't want to take too much time, either way this two don't deserve my time, so i picked some brass knuckles and beat Gianna to dead, it didn't take long because they were both weak from lack of food and water. I know I'm being super aggressive, i sometimes scare myself, but this is the job and what they did led them to where we are now.

When Gianna body was lifeless i went again to Iosif, i took the collar of and pick a hammer, with a forceful swing i hit his head and he died but i didn't stopped there, i kept pounding with the hammer into him, his chair fell to the side but i kept going, i was screaming, crying, i didn't care if there was anyone seeing me i had to let all of this out, and i did until Luca came barging inside the room and took the hammer from my hands. I fell to my knees and he hugged me while i cried.

He was talking to the other guys but i could hear nothing besides my thumping heart beat, i cried what if felt like for hours until i didn't had any more tears to shed. Luca without saying a word, helped me getting up and took me to the car, he got in and drove us home. I was feeling numb, i couldn't hear and my vision was foggy.

He took us home, but he had to pick me up bridal style because my legs weren't working. I felt the soft mattress from my bed and when i thought i didn't have more tears to cry, i started to cry again alone in my bedroom, our bedroom. The bedroom i had to chose alone, i cried for my kids, i cried for me, i cried for Dante.

I miss him so fucking much it phisically hurts.

His laugh.

His eyes.

His touch.

His voice, everything about him.

This chapter made me cry 😭
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