All or Nothing

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Capitolo Venti

Isabella P.O.V.

Months go by and he still hasn't woken up, I already know what I'm going to have. Can you guess? It's a girl. Everyone at home is happy, I just wish he was awake, I wish I had seen his reaction. A princess at last. Maybe she's what he needs to wake up, every day i go see him and i put his hand on my belly, sometimes i swear i feel him move his fingers but the doctors say that it's just his muscles.

The triplets had their first birthday and he didn't saw it, it was a happy and sad day at the same time, we spent all day next to Dante. Since my break down at the warehouse, i have been feeling better, as better as i can considering the situation. Emilia has been better too and helps me a lot specially know with this big belly. Luca has been doing a good work, and everything is going fine with the business.

Lorenzo is, i don't know what to say about him, he's different, he looks like his dad when i first met him. It's like he just turned off all his emotions. He wants to go to the warehouses, check the inventory of guns and drugs.

I'm wabbling to his room right to talk to him about this, because i think he's too young. I knocked on the door and got in when he answered. He doesn't give kisses or hugs anymore i miss my baby, my caring, timid boy. He's growing up to fast.

"What do you need mom?" He asks in a bored tone.

"Why are you talking like that to me?" I ask as i sit on the edge of his bed, my belly is so big, that it's hard to stand.

"Because i have things to do."

"Like what?"

"I have to go to one of the warehouse with Luca."

"No you don't." I say.

"Yes i do, what the guys are saying it isn't the same that's on the papers."

"But that is not your job Enzo. Luca is the one who has to take care of that."

"No i have to go too, i have to learn."

"Learn what? Why?"

"I have to learn everything because when he die i have to step up." He shouts to me.

" He's not going to die Lorenzo."

"Are you sure about that, it's been months and he's still the same, nothing is changing. Sooner or later he's going to stop breathing and i have to take care of the family."

"Is really that what you think?" I said sadly.

"Yes." He looks at me and i can see his eyes full of tears.

"That won't happen baby, you don't need to step anything up. You have time and people to help you."

" No, i have to go."

"Lorenzo Xander Rossi, you aren't going anywhere near guns and drugs any time soon."

"Why do you care, you aren't even my real mother." He said. To say i was shocked would be an understatement.

"Lorenzo i-" I started to say but was interrupted by a sharp pain in my lower back and my water breaking. Perfect time! Note the sarcasm.

Another wave of pain hit me and i let a scream escape my lips.

"Lorenzo you're right I'm not your real mother-" And another wave came, this isn't supposed to be so fast, right?

Lorenzo saw me with pain and came running to me.

"No mom, I'm sorry i didn't mean to, you're my real mamma. I'm sorry, what is happening to you?" He said after hearing me groan with pain.

"I think your sister wants to meet you." I said and his face lit up with happiness.

"Let's go then, we have to go the doctors." He said and we started to go to the medical wing. I wanted to have this baby next to Dante so everything was ready and we had doctors here too.

"You know i love you Lorenzo, to me it doesn't matter if i birthed you or not, i see you as my son."

"I know mamma, I'm sorry i was angry, i really didn't mean to say that, i love you too. And you are my real mamma."

We made our way downstairs, stopping when another contraction hit, there was a bed in the same room with Dante ready for me. Lorenzo went outside calling the others while i changed from clothes into a gown. I looked at Dante's bed and said.

"I wish you were here to see this." With a tear rolling down my cheek. Yeah I've been crying a lot lately that and getting pregnant.

When i was fully clothed two doctors and two nurses came to the room, one of them examined me, and i was 6cm dilated, this birth was going way too fast, but i guess it's normal after 4 kids, no?

"Signorina [miss] do you want an epidural?"

"No, thank you." I'm crazy i know, but the only time i had to take drugs was to the triplets C-section, Vincenzo was a natural birth so i already know what to expect and i know i can take it.

"Isabella how are you feeling?" Emilia asked once she was by my side."

"Like someone is ripping me apart. Who's with the kids?"

"Luca will stay with them, don't worry."

"When are you going to get pregnant too?" I asked her while groaning pain.

"If you keep doing that face, never. It looks like it hurts."

"No shit, Sherlock." I said sarcastically, the pain is getting worse so i might not be too friendly right now.

"9cm Mrs. Rossi." The doctor said cheerfully, i wanted to rip his face off.

I think i might be getting alucinations from the pain because i can hear grunts and they aren't mine.

"I have to push." I said.

"Alright, you already know how this works, when the contraction hit you push." The doctor sat between my legs and said. I still can hear the grunts, i really must be going crazy.

"Push, keep going, just a little bit more, good take deep breaths and when the next comes we'll do it again." The doctors said, the pain is so much, it's unbelievable, it's like I'm on fire down there.

I looked to Dante, he had his eyes closed, another contraction hit and when i turning my head i think i saw him moving, but that's probably nothing.

"Come on Isabella pop that girl out." Emilia said. I pushed and pushed and i felt her head coming out.

"Well done, just one more and she's out." The doctor said, the nurse was already with a blanket waiting for my baby girl, once again a looked at Dante and this time i really saw him move.

"Dante." I shouted as another contraction came and i pushed my baby out, soon enough the sound of her beautiful cries filled the room.

And that's when the miracolo [miracle] happen.

Dante opened his eyes.
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